Wednesday 31 August 2016

Wok In The Box | Wokking Is Fun | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Chinese Food is perhaps the most popular in India, primarily propelled forward by all the insane sauces combination we can play with. My sister is crazy about Indian Chinese food and thanks to her, I have been to way too many noodles and sauces places and yet myself never been crazy about it. Have never been to China so I don't really know about 'authentic' Chinese cuisine but one thing I have developed a taste for in recent times is the concept of Wok!  
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Delicious Vegetarian Chinese Cuisine

Choose your favorite noodles, sauces, vegetables and Voila! A perfect personalized Chinese feast is ready! Somehow I prefer a Wok box over any other option in Chinese cuisine as available in India. It's purely a personal preference though, as somehow I feel this is a bit healthier than just having bowl full of oily noodles or sauce full of veggies. Lucky enough to have had some amazing Wok at Five Fat Monks, Wok This Way and Loco Chino, it was time to try out the same at Wok In The Box Fort outlet :)
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My sister had been to their outlet at R City Ghatkopar some time last year and loved it mainly because (a)-There is no limit to the amount of veggies, sauces one can choose and (b) They let you taste the wok once it is finished so you can add something else if you want to make it spicier/mild :)  
 Strawberry BlackCurrant Iced Teas
We walked in on a rainy Friday evening to pretty roomy 2-floor outlet of Wok In The Box with upper dining area and ground LIVE kitchen welcoming us warmly. There are books and board games here to pass the time folks! Bright and vibrant with staff quick to assist us when it came to choosing our Woks + accompaniments and nobody to bother us when we decided to spend the next hour just lazying around :)  
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Delicious Chinese Momo
Started with Blackcurrant and Strawberry Iced Teas, pretty decent, refreshing enough, the strawberry one was on the too sweeter side though. Spinach and Cheese Momos were very good, a bit thicker on the outside but still flavorful and soft inside. Veg Spicy Momos were extremely spicy, I mean, fire truck level spicy, so be careful :D  
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We had fun choosing bowl full of veggies like Corn, Carrots, Bell Peppers, Red Cabbage, Sprouts, Mushrooms and while I like my food a bit on the blander/sweetish side, I chose Hakka Noodles + Flat Noodles with Paneer in Kung Pao + Hunan sauce, my sister just asked them to make Flat Noodles with Paneer really spicy and tangy,they took care of it. Both Woks turned out perfectly like we wanted, flavorful, saucy, crunchy, fresh. In fact, we are really impressed how they made my sister's wok so perfect,I liked it even more than my own choices of sauces :D Trust the staff here, they know all the flavors inside out! They also lay out Fried Noodles, Garlic & Onions as garnishes as well as a plethora of sauces (tomato ketchup, mustard sauce) to be used as per personal preference. 
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It doesn't get any better than this, make food the way you want, enjoy it as you like!  If they had some dessert options on the menu,it would be perfect :D But then again, their core strength is making fresh & flavorful Woks which they are excelling in, so no complaints on any front :) We shall be keeping an eye out for Wok In The Box everywhere we go now for sure!

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