Friday 12 August 2016

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm | Iconic Brand | Beauty Review

The last in the series of Clarins products I received in a beauty gift box from a friend last year, this is also the best and most iconic Clarins beauty product I have used :) Clarins Beauty Flash Balm has constantly been one of the most talked about beauty product gracing the 'Best of Beauty' lists in renowned fashion magazines as well as being used by celebrities and stylists all over the globe! Let's see why!

Clarins Iconic Beauty Flash Balm Review

Available in exclusive Clarins stores and websites,it is also available at Amazon,, Nykaa etc. at price of Rs. 1600 for 5 ml! Yes this is a luxury beauty brand that demands splurge from us :D

Claims to instantly brighten,freshen and moisturize skin to look well-rested with Ingredients like Glycerine, Rice Starch, Olive Leaf Extract, Witch Hazel leaf Extract, Algae Extract and loads of chemicals I can't pronounce :P Packaging is standard tube and Quantity is enough to last a month when used twice a week as a face mask,which is how I use it.

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I do not use makeup so I have never used it as a makeup base which is how all the celebrities use it. It has a faint delicious smell like all Clarins products and the moment I put in on,it kind of sinks it yet it kind of stays on the face! Maybe on very dry skin it will sink it completely but on my oily-combination-sensitive-acne prone skin it stays on feeling a bit greasy for the first 15 minutes and then the feeling vanishes. It is velvety smooth in texture and instantly transforms skin into baby soft canvas so I understand why it is a great makeup base. This is the easiest way to look like a model, with well sculpted cheekbones, glowing and absolutely smooth skin without any imperfections. So it works like a primer as well as a foundation at the same time!

However, I leave a thick layer on for an hour and then wash it off to reveal soft,smooth and glowing skin underneath. I feel that it cools my skin and even tiny pimples are smoothened when I use this! It supplies hydration to my parched skin and I do not need to use any moisturizer even after washing this off. The luxurious feel stays for quite some time and it feels like a cloud enveloped my skin :) It does brighten the skin too but that effect is temporary,I have not seen my skin tone lighten or acne marks vanish like a miracle on using this,but just the general feel of having healthy plump skin is more than enough. Moreover, this is perfect to use before a party. Just put on, leave for an hour, wash off, put on some basic lipstick and eyeliner and walk out of the door looking dewy fresh! How cool is that! In a nutshell,Clarins Beauty Flash Balm does everything that it promises, the only catch being that most of the effects are temporary, but even that is enough for us,isn't it :)

  • Does everything it claims-hydrates, brightens, moisturizes, tightens, cools
  • Great delicate smell
  • Perfect makeup base
  • Perfect for use before going for an event or on a date
  • Easiest way to look like a supermodel
  • Instantly hides all imperfections
  • Multi-talented i.e. can be used successfully as a primer/foundation/shimmer or as a face mask
  • Dry skinned beauties can even use it as a face mask all through the night as it completely sinks in!
  • Did not react adversely with my super sensitive skin
  • Luxurious feel on applying, soothes pimples too!

  • Cocktail list of chemicals
  • No miracles, most of the brightening effects are temporary
  • Too expensive for the quantity
Recommended -YES! Even though it is so expensive, there is something other-worldly luxurious about this particular product that has made me its fan. I have a feeling of being cared for when I apply this on my face! No wonder it is said that a tube of this is sold every 20 minutes somewhere in the world! Rating is 4.5/5 :)


  1. Even for me when the products gives me plump healthy skin i am more than happy. This sounds wonderful. Loved the review :)

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    1. It is! I am usually not impressed with exorbitantly priced products, but this one is definitely worth it :)

  2. Wish it was not pricey..For me any brightening and glowing effect is just temporary...Like it overall.. :)

    1. Same here, too pricey so I am actually thinking of whether to buy it or not..will buy it when I am feeling extra luxurious :D


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