Thursday 25 April 2019

Maffy's Pan Arabian Bistro | Refreshing Arabian Culinary Treat | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Maffy's - the way Alladin found Genie hidden away in the desserts but found it to be a true treasure, is how I found this place and was blown away with its awesomeness.

With food from the Middle East (Greece, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt), their menu is vast with 23- pages of deliciousness spread across it, all oh-so-enticing. Right from their beverages, to starters (cold plates, hot plate, bastille, char grills, sandwiches and more) to their mains (pizzas, rice and more) to the variety of their beverages and desserts, each section of their menu appears super authentic and drool-worthy. What I really loved was how each dish had its original local name with details of what goes into it and how it is prepared. This way, they have ensured that each foodie, as per their taste buds, can decide what they would like to have and how. 

Coming to ambiance, it was very Turkish, welcoming, cozy and spacious. There are three seating areas, one overlooking the sea, one AC section and one outdoors, with a huge screen for matches. Delightful.

The staff was very courteous and when asked for, gave apt recommendations according to our taste, and we had splendid service.

On my review visit here, they were very kind to agree to give me very small portions of each item (except soup and main course, because I knew I would want to binge on them) and this way I could taste a whole lot more than I would usually eat. Here is a list of all that my friend and I had: 


1. Smokey Cauliflower Hummus

2. Green Pearl Avocado Hummus

Both hummus were smooth, creamy, flavorful, would rate them as among the best I have ever tried. Served alongside pita bread.

3. Once in Damascus – Rocket Leaves with Mixed Berries Salad, very refreshing and must-have for salad lovers,

4. Imam Bayildi (aubergine shells stuffed with veggies and herbs), if you love aubergine surely go for this, just the right kind of flavors,

5. Mushroom Koupes (stuffed with broken wheat and cheese), really tasty, the dense mushroom flavor was tempered with broken wheat,


1. Cauliflower & Broccoli Soup with roasted Almond, this was my absolute favorite, lip-smacking, filling, looked beautiful too,

2. Three Mushroom Soup, my friend liked this, if you love mushrooms, go for this because it is pure dense heavy dose of mushrooms all the way.


1. Fiery mushroom Pide (Turkish Pizza), LOVED it, thick crust wholesome cheesy but not heavy at all, marvellous.

2. The Green Tagine (exotic veggies in plum tomato sauce with saffron rice), very fragrant and delicious, a bit tangy, a bit spicy, perfect pick for very filling lunch or supper.


1. Blue Lavender Lemonade

2. Watermelon & Basil Lemonade

3. Strawberry Laban Shake (Fresh Yogurt based)

All the beverages are MUST-HAVE, each one cooling and refreshing to the core and flavors are very natural, not artificial at all.


Chocolate Hummus - It tastes better than it sounds, I actually did not expect to like it much but ended up thoroughly loving it and licking the plate clean. Try it for sure :)

All in all, a brilliant Friday evening spent here and I am sure to visit here again!