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Tiffinbox Etc. | Bandra Kurla Complex Mumbai | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Having already been to and liked my experience at Tiffinbox Etc. Saki Naka branch some months ago with my office colleagues, a visit to its Bandra Kurla Complex branch was on my wishlist and voila, the Biryani & Curry Festival beckoned my favorite bloggers gang here for a review :) Located in a plush corporate area in Mumbai, this should be at the top of any foodie wanting to try good Indian food. In this age of food wizardry whether it be fusion, progressive, experimental or molecular, Tiffinbox Etc. is carving a niche for itself by providing something that binds us sentimentally while still being modern :)

Tiffinbox Etc Food Review

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Beautiful Decor

BKC is a confusing place,at least every road in this complex looks the same to me,but Google Maps has got the location bang on,so not difficult to reach here :D The ambiance is warm, inviting, casual, a bit funky and comfortable. Lends a corporate canteen kinda look which is cool enough for hangout with friends too. Quite spacious, there is inherent Indian-ness in decor,with Tiffin Dabbas used inventively as lamps. A special word for the staff, they are wonderful. Extremely attentive, polite, efficient and helpful. 5 stars for the service.


Punjabi Lassi

Homemade Ginger Lemon

The menu here has A LOT of options with dishes from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore (and surrounding areas). I suggest pick anything because it is all delicious :) They have a Thoda Hatke section of menu which is innovative without diluting the original taste of the dishes. We started with a warm herbal drink, perfect for digestion, followed by refreshing Jal Jeera, extremely dense and delicious Punjabi Lassi, extraordinary Homemade Ginger Lemon and decent Green Apple Mint Frappe.

 Indian Cuisine
 Vegetarian Cuisine

Mirchiwaale Aloo stuffed with Paneer,served in Papad Cones was the standout star among the starters, soft and perfectly spiced followed by Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Sabz Makhmali, it was like velvet on our tongues.

Paneer Tikka


Ajwaini Paneer Tikka with Cilantro Chutney was just like how Paneer Tikka should be,melt in mouth and perfectly marinated while Achari Mushrooms would be loved by every pickle loving mom & grandmom out there, what a kick of true pickle spice this was! I suggest those who are not into spicy sourness or mushrooms stay away from this but others,do dig in :D


For those looking for something heavier than starters, go for the snacky section, especially recommended are Ricotta Cheese Vada Pav Slider, this is perhaps the BEST version of Vada Pav we have ever had, the perfect proportion of crunchy vada, mildly spicy chutney, gooey cheese and soft vada. Instant foodie heaven. 

Indian streetside Food

Sev Puri is also quite good, especially the sweet curd spheres on top. I love sweet things so those who want their Sev Puri fiery, do tell the chef beforehand to make it so :)


Indian cuisine

Moving on to the main course, Paneer Kadhai with Garlic Naan won our hearts with mildly spicy Paneer gravy and succulent Naans fabulously complimenting each other while Mirchi ka Salan became just the accompaniment to take it to another level. I am coming back with my family to have this again.

Vegetarian Biryani

Biryani in Mumbai

We tried 2 Biryanis from the special ongoing festival - Nizami Tarkari Biryani and Navratan Biryani, the difference being that Navratan had more dry fruits and was a bit lighter than Nizami which was a bit spicier. When it comes to Biryani, I go back to the ones I have had at my friend's house on Eid which is traditional spicy Biryani made by his mom,recipe passed down over generations. Most restaurants serve glorified Pulao in the name of Biryani,especially vegetarian, a point I have brought up repeatedly. Here, it wasn't Pulao but of course, not like my friend's house either. It was among the better Biryanis we have had in the city and any foodie would be happy to make a trip here for the same which is served with great Raita (not sour!) and special curry (tastes brilliant with Biryani)

Desserts section had us so confused that we called for everything :D First up was Gulab Jamun Cheesecake which was decent enough, not too heavy, not too light, good enough for Cheesecake lovers.

Fried Ice Cream was a novelty, I had only heard of this dish and this was the first time I (and my sister) had it and quite liked it, but we would rather have ice cream on its own than with the fried batter outside! So if you have had this dish elsewhere, do try it out here,they make a pretty mean version,that too with Sutarfeni :)

Innovative Desserts

The star desserts would be creamy Angoori Rasmalai and Kulfi Falooda Sundae. Have a mental image of what these dishes would look and taste like? Tiffinbox Etc. takes all our hopes and elevates them to another level, so lip-smacking and full of calories :D

Tiffinbox Etc. is a place to visit if one loves good food, served in a way that makes warm memories. It is our unanimous recommendation and we will be back for sure :)

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