Wednesday 30 September 2015

Prakriti Herbals Papaya Aloe Vera Olive Oil Conditioning Hair Mask Review

Hair today, Gone tomorrow *Shudder* This IS my biggest nightmare. 

Okay Okay you got me, my biggest nightmare is actually starving to death :P

BUT this one comes pretty close!

Add to it the fact that the older I get,the lesser the hair on my scalp seems to get. Some kind of weird inversely proportional thing going on here! Me not likey it I try to take as much care of my tresses as possible. Oil it, shampoo it, condition it, nurture it..well, so far I have only managed to keep it intact in its dry, husky state of existence and not get it any worse but ever since my Jaundice bout last year,I have started taking extra care to make up for all the damage that it had to go through.

Yeah, so I have used a ton of products that have promised exemplary results in repairing and nourishing hair as dry and damaged as mine. Some have been good,some not so good, let's see how has this one been :)

Got it at Flipkart  for Rs. 250 for 120 ml. Seemed quite steep but I have made my peace with the fact that natural, organic, chemicals-free stuff comes at a steeper price point. And some of my friends had been singing praises of Prakriti Herbals brand for providing really awesome products,so had to try this out :) Fair enough.

 It Claims 'Get a hair spa at home and soften your dry damaged frizzy hair with a ready to use excellent conditioning and softening Papaya aloevera olive oil hairmask made from fresh papaya pulp, aloevera gel, herbal hair oil and olive oil.' Ingredients are pure natural,no chemicals or preservatives (because of which it is supposed to be refrigerated and used within a month!) and it is not tested on animals either,hurray :)

Quantity is enough for just 4 washes, for thick,shoulder-length hair like mine. The texture is not at all creamy like most conditioners or hair masks are and is actually liquid-y,just like pulp of papaya mixed with aloe vera would really feel like if we made it at home. It has a weird smell too-not bad, but quite strong. Not chemical-y at all. I have a very sensitive nose which did not like the smell a lot, but I sat through it just because I am desperate to use anything on my hair as long as it works! I think the combination of papaya with olive oil might have led to that :P

It is supposed to be kept on hair for 20 minutes to nourish it and then washed off. But since I hated the smell as well as the liquid-y texture is not my favorite,I kept it only for 10 minutes or so. Also, my hair is too dry so it dried up quickly and I had to wrestle a bit to take it off. At first,I did not think it did any good to my hair at all. But after using it 2 times, I found that my hairfall decreased a bit. It also became a little easier to comb after my hair dried. BUT it did not really miraculously soften my hair or made it more manageable in general or nourish it. I think it might work on someone whose hair is less dry and dehydrated than mine as my hair needs something really creamy and deeply nourishing. What I would really give full marks to is that it is truly purely natural and does not harm hair in any way.

  • 100% Natural, NO chemicals, NO preservatives, NOT tested on animals :)
  • Softens hair a little bit,makes it easier to comb
  • No side effects
  • Can be used on colored, permed or otherwise chemically treated hair too
  • Available easily on Flipkart , Amazon etc.
  • Quantity is enough for 4 washes for thick hair,maybe go for 6-7 washes for thin hair
  • Not very useful for extremely dry hair like mine
  • Does not have a creamy texture which is what helps lock in moisture when we get hair spa done
  • Very strong smell, maybe unbearable for very sensitive noses

Recommended- I would not buy it again, BUT I would advise you to try it once if you do not have unbearably dry hair like mine and you want to support a brand that is trying to promote natural beauty :) My personal rating is 2.5/5.

YC Whitening Cherry Facial Scrub Review

Yes, sometimes I go crazy and buy stuff with 'whitening' written over them :P I know it is not really going to whiten me, but in India,even deep cleansing/brightening/ glowing is written as 'whitening' so I have learnt to ignore these labels & use whatever piques my fancy :D

I have been on a scrub buying spree recently. Actually,I have been on a 'use as many products as possible and review them all and become the best beauty blogger ever' spree recently :P

So yeah, got this from Flipkart for Rs. 250 for 175 ml. It was something a college friend of mine had mentioned some time ago and I had some flipkart vouchers lying around and I was in a mood to shop for something beautiful and it looked beautiful and I had never used a cherry scrub and you know how we just buy things implusively sometimes :D

Claims include gentle exfoliation, softening and brightening skin and smoother complexion. Apparently cherry decreases the production of melanin! Packaging is standard tube that is the trademark of most exfoliators that we have been using for ages :D Ingredients list is again standard one that we have seen in most scrubs, it has apricot powder, cherry extract, rosemary leaf extract but by and large it is just a big list of this or that chemical. Well, at least it is not tested on animals :)

Quantity is good enough to last for a good 2 months if one uses this 2-3 times a week (only on face). The thing is when I used it,I did not find it satisfactory as a scrub. It is TOO gentle for me and seemed to do nothing great on my skin.There are very little scrub granules so there is not feel of that grittiness that I like to wash off all the dirt on my face that is exposed to pollution every day. It is not very creamy,so it did not lead to any blocked pores on my face, it gave a little moisture and my skin did not feel stripped off all its moisture so that is a good thing. But also it did nothing against my blackheads and whiteheads which is essential for me in any scrub. So in the end I used it as a body wash and finished it off within a month :D


  • Not abrasive, very gentle on skin
  • Does not strip off moisture and leave skin dehydrated
  • Leaves a little softness behind
  • Lasts a really long time
  • Pretty and sturdy packaging
  • Available easily on Flipkart 
  • Does not give that feeling of a 'scrub' that I love :P Tooooooo gentle!
  • Does not work on blackheads or whiteheads at all (especially on my skin where they are very stubborn)
  • No whitening or brightening effects seen

Recommended- I don't think this is good scrub for anybody except for someone with very sensitive skin. It could be a better moisture mask. I will not buy it again and my rating is 2/5.

Inatur Herbals Sandal Fairness Body Scrub

I love experimenting with new scrubs, as I feel that only scrubs can get rid of all the pollution that my skin faces everyday and I am obsessed with buffing away all the dead skin cells :D So I am always using new brands of scrubs,on face as well as body.

I had read about Inatur Herbals in one article on good herbal/ natural/ organic beauty brands in India and wanted to try out some of their products, so decided to start with this Sandal Fairness Body Scrub. Bought it from Flipkart for Rs. 210 for 150 gm (now it is Rs. 270) which is very value for money.  

It Claims to be a natural exfoliating treatment for healing and toning the body and looking at its Ingredients list,one does feel inspired :) It has Almond Shell powder, Orange Peel powder, Turmeric, Sandalwood, Liquorice, Fenugreek, Mulberry Extract, Saffron -all amazing natural gifts for keeping our skin clean, glowing, soft and smooth. Even in our homes,we use most of these ingredients to take care of our skin,don't we? Thus I quite liked the product from first glance only :) It is based on Ayurveda and not tested on animals. There are chemicals too,but a little bit is always needed in any packaged product (common sense :D) and there aren't harmful parabens or sulfates there so I am happy :D

Quantity is ample and will last easily for 2 months even on using twice-thrice a week on face. Packaging is very sturdy and it is a very travel friendly tube too.

On opening the tube, this wonderfully pleasing aroma of sandalwood and turmeric envelopes us :) It really reinforces that this is a pure product with real ingredients as mentioned,not chemicals. The fragrance lingers on for about half hour and then disappears. It is not a creamy scrub at all so no danger of it leading to pimples or any breakouts even on sensitive skin. There are many granules noticeable (see above) but they are all very gentle and did not scratch my skin at all. I would put it on and leave it for 5 minutes, then gently massage it and wash off. It leads to immediate softness and glow. I think it gives a little golden tinge (maybe due to turmeric's presence). Overall, I quite liked it.

  • Natural product,not laced with many chemicals
  • Huge quantity
  • Pleasing fragrance
  • Very gentle on skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin too, not abrasive or leading to breakouts
  • Immediate glow and softness
  • Available on Flipkart :)
  • There really is no 'fairness' :P
  • Can lead to a golden tinge (not very noticeable) but some people hate that :P
  • It says it is 'body scrub' but it is quite gentle for body,I like it for face only :D
Recommended - Maybe :) I liked it for face not for body. It would be wonderful for oily, sensitive skin. My rating is 3.5 on 5.

VLCC Indian Berberry Face Scrub Review

One of my most favorite scrubs ever, that I keep buying again and again. Over the years however my skin has become a bit more sensitive and now I have turned towards gentler scrubs but this still remains a fond product :)

A college friend of mine has done beautician's course and keeps recommending products to me now and then, this one was her first recommendation to me about 3-4 years ago. I loved Everyuth Apricot Scrub and Himalaya Walnut Scrub back then, she asked me to try this one and it became one of my favorites soon after!

Over the years, I have bought it from Flipkart for about Rs. 200 for 80 gms as well as from Big Bazaar and other supermarket stores too. VLCC is a reputed brand for beauty products (and slimming solutions, but I have not tried that :P) The products are based on natural ingredients and this scrub is no different. It Claims to 'naturally exfoliate and refresh the skin, remove blackheads and give a porcelain clear complexion'. Ingredients list include Indian Berberry, Mango seed powder, Banana pulp, Kaolin Clay,Zinc Oxide and such items that really have a host of benefit when it comes to cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing and protecting our skin. Packaging is very sturdy and travel friendly. Quantity is enough to last 2 months easily even on using twice a week on face as only a little is needed.


I really like to have gritty,granular scrubs that give me the satisfaction of scrubbing vigorously and taking out deep seated dirt that gets in with all the pollution of living in this big city. On that count alone,this scrub is a winner. The granules are gritty and grainy but not very abrasive by themselves, though sensitive skin must take care to not use too much pressure while applying it or the skin will get scratched! What I do is apply like a face mask for 5 minutes and then softly scrub it and wash off. It immediately gives a soft,clean feeling to my skin and a glow that lasts for at least a day. It works on blackheads too,but not miraculously, a bit of patience is needed :D

  • Gritty,Grainy granules to scrub away and reveal soft skin
  • Skin is smooth, it really opens up the pores and cleans them
  • Leaves my skin feeling moisturized and pampered
  • Gives good facial-like glow that lasts for 24-30 hours
  • A little is needed each time and lasts a long time
  • Not only face, perfect to use on elbows, back of the neck, knees and ankles too to soften them!
  • Very value for money considering the quality
  • Pleasant fragrance that lingers for some time
  • Easily available online on Flipkart, Amazon and offline at most stores
  • Sensitive skin people should not use it to scrub vigorously or it will lead to read patches and cuts on skin!
  • Blackheads is not removed magically :P Takes time and patience
  • No ‘porcelain complexion’ is achieved, but it is a very good scrub and a favourite of many for good reason :)

Recommended –YESOne of the best scrubs and budget beauty buys ever. It is perfect for all skin types too, unless you have extremely sensitive skin (like I am having nowadays!) Rating is 4.5/5

Ayur Anti-Sun Tan Face Pack Review

One of the most classic beauty products I have been using for over a decade!

Till Class 10th,I was actually not at all into beauty or anything :D The maximum I would do is wash my face and put on some dreamflower talc :D Oh,also mom used to put a litre of oil on my hair every second day! It was only after I went to High School that I started putting some efforts into all this beauty thingy :D That too only because I had to travel 2 hours everyday to and fro the high school and I am very allergic to pollution and dirt. So that is when I started searching for and started using some scrubs, face packs etc. Ayur was actually the first brand I was introduced to,by my mom  :) She had been using Ayur cleansing milk, rose toner and aloe vera cream since forever. In fact,once or twice I had been to some beauty parlors with her and there also they used some Ayur products,so I knew that it has been a trustworthy brand for years. I chose Ayur Sandal Face Pack and Ayur Anti-Sun Tan Face Pack for starters and they became my staple for next decade! I LOVE these 2 so much. Sadly, now the company that makes Ayur has probably shut down and these are no longer available :( But still, on a hope that someday I might get these back..okay,here goes the review.

I used to buy them from Big Bazaar for a long time. In past 2 years,I also bought them from Flipkart and Amazon now and then. Sadly enough, some other Ayur products are available in the market but the face packs seem to have vanished now. And now I have got Forest Essentials Ubtan to replace these :D

Extremely value for money,these have been available for Rs. 35-40 per packet that easily lasts 15 days even if used everyday,generously. Claims include cleansing, toning the skin and nourishing/ softening it plus removing the tan. There are no big ‘miracle’ claims which is perfect. Ingredients include Multani Mitti as base + Turmeric + Pudina + Starch (God knows why and what is that :D) and in sandalwood face pack, also sandalwood powder :D It is all natural, available in powder form which needs to be mixed with rose water/ milk/ curd and make a paste to apply on face.


Packaging is a standard sachet which needs to be transferred into an air tight container for proper storage. The whole process might seem a bit messy and cumbersome for someone but honestly, this much has to be done for good skin :P Our dadi and nani used to do just this,right? They would make all these pastes in their kitchen using ingredients like haldi and besan and mulethi and multani mitti and without any cosmetics,they used to glow! So I am fine with this much work.

For years, I used only Ayur Face Packs everyday and my skin has always been clean, moisturized, glowing, no blemishes, no problems at all! My body has a lot of heat and I always have the danger of small pimples erupting without any warning but Ayur Face Packs (both Sandal PLUS Anti Sun-Tan) have always kept my face cool. Even when I have pimples, I have used them to cool down and shrink the pimples. I have never had any reaction or breakouts on using these face packs and in fact,sometimes when I have tried to switch over some new brand,I have invariably gotten some pimples so I have always come back to Ayur! I honestly have not found a better face pack brand (except Forest Essentials very recently :D)

  • Pure, No chemicals, No adverse reactions on my ultra-sensitive skin
  • Completely fulfils all the claims. No miracles, but makes skin moisturized, clean, soft, glowing
  • Keeps skin problems away for long term
  • Perfect for Sensitive, dry, dehydrated, Problematic, Acne-Prone skin! It is PERFECT for ALL KINDS OF SKIN *Happy Dance*
  • Shrinks the pimples, cools down skin
  • It is All-In-One for me-> Cleanser, Toner, Face Mask, Nourisher :)
  • Leads to brightening and little ‘fairness’ over the years (very slow but permanent results!)
  • Truly takes care of tanning and other side-effects of pollution
  • Most value for money, lasts for a long time
  • Effective as face pack PLUS as body ubtan too :D Just mix with Yoghurt and scrub all over the body. Instant soft skin!

NOTHING! Except that I have no idea why these are no longer available anywhere :( Somebody says they have shut down,but nobody has any concrete idea.

Recommended- YES! Rating is 5/5. If these come back in the market,I will buy enough to stock for next 50 years :D

Just Herbs Sanface Sandal Glow Pack Review

Ever since my favourite Ayur face packs went out of market (about 2 years ago), I have been searching for new ones to replace them. I won this product in a contest and it actually led me to learn more about Just Herbs and use their other products too! On social media,a lot of people had been going ga-ga over this brand and how natural and effective their products are. I am glad I got a chance to try them out too!

These products are available on their website as well as on Flipkart, Amazon etc. I have always bought my Just Herbs products from Flipkart. This is available for about Rs. 375 for 150 gms.

Packaging is sturdy and travel friendly too. It is simple and functional. Nothing fancy and that is good-we get to see how much product is still left inside. Quantity is very good and it lasted me nearly a month even when I used it liberally every 2nd day! Claims include Skin tightening and Glow obviously. Ingredients are impressive and contain Fennel, Vetiver, Sandalwood powder, Sandalwood oil, China clay, Aloe Vera leaf juice and so on. All Just Herbs products are based on Ayurveda, certified Organic, completely devoid of chemicals, contain pure effective ingredients, pure vegetarian, not tested on animals! Wow :)


I simply mixed it with a little bit of yoghurt to make it little more liquid-y and covered my face in it. It dries up in about 10 minutes and then I would splash cold water on it and massage a bit. It gave a little stretchy feeling afterwards but nothing that can’t be solved by putting a little bit of moisturizer. The fragrance of sandalwood is divine! Gives instant tightening and glow. I would say this is perfect for oily skin people. It also shrank some little pimples I had,so extra points for that.

  • Pure,Natural,Organic, Ayurvedic!
  • No side effects or allergy observed on my super-sensitive skin
  • Cools skin, calms down angry pimples and eruptions
  • Amazing fragrance, pure sandal comes through which is divine!
  • Gives skin tightening, softening and glowing effect that lasts for at least 24 hours-so 100% performs every claim that it makes!
  • Good quantity which makes it value for money

  • Gives a little stretchy feeling on dry skin, it is better for oily skin-I think all sandalwood products are, right? :)
  • Availability seems to be an issue with many Just Herbs products,I think it is because they are freshly made in batches which seem to get over soon-just another testament to how good these products really are! Buy it at Flipkart or Amazon :)

Recommended- YES! I would give a rating of 3.75/5 and for oily skin,I think it would be perfect. I am using other Just Herbs products and they are all great! This is one brand that is here to stay for a long time.

Friday 25 September 2015

Just Herbs Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Face Wash Review

After using Just Herbs Sanface Face Pack sometime last year,I was intrigued to try more of Just Herbs products and this is my MOST FAVORITE one from the haul :) It is actually one of my most favourite face washes ever! I am not big on face wash and would actually use a mixture of haldi+besan or haldi+chandan to scrub away at the end of a tiring day. But with passage of time, that ritual has become little cumbersome :D Also, in past couple of years my skin has become more sensitive and more prone to problems like Blackheads, Whiteheads, Clogged Pores, unexpected Pimples, Acne Marks and what not. It could be stress, it could be the back to back bout of Jaundice that I had which lasted for a year! In any case,I am now extra careful about what I use on my face.

Just Herbs gives ‘Pure,Bespoke,Ayurvedic’ remedies to all skin problems and I got this from Flipkart for Rs 325 for 100 ml. It is very value for money and lasts a long time.

I like the packaging of Just Herbs where we can see the amount of product left behind. Quantity is very good and this lasted me 2 months even on using every single day! But I do not think this particular pack is very travel friendly. I could be wrong though,I did not travel with it anywhere :D


Claims to deeply cleanse and give a sheen on face, Ingredients list is very impressive and choc-a-bloc with sandalwood water, orange blossom water, neem extract, bitter orange peel, aloe vera leaf juice, Honey, Calendula, Cucumber and so on. Certified Organic, NO Parabens or Sulphates, Not tested on animals. Wow :)


In the beginning I was worried since I have such problematic skin. If I use something for dry skin,it gives me pimples :( If I use something for oily skin,it sucks out all the moisture from my face and leaves it feeling like Sahara Desert :( Also, it is so sensitive that I often get red rashes and angry eruptions on my cheeks on using anything new. It is a nightmare for me to find anything that works perfectly on my face. So obviously,I had no idea how this one will be. Reading about neem,orange in ingredients list,I thought it might be ultra drying for my skin. BUT when I used it,I was pleasantly surprised! Yes,it is a cleanser and YES,I do think that it is best for oily skin but it did not suck out all the moisture from my skin. It cleanses while keeping some moisture intact,I have no idea how it does so. I do have to follow up by using a moisturizer but that I have to do no matter what I use :D The important thing is,the results of Just Herbs Silksplash are visible from first time use only. It cleanses deeply, nourishes, cools down pimples, works on acne marks and I visibly saw my acne marks lightening within a week! This has NOT happened with any other product (except Forest Essentials Ubtans :D) AND there is a glow on my face too. My skin feels healthy and plump. What more could I want :)

Just to show you how effective Silksplash is on old acne marks & blemishes, above is the pic of my left cheek AFTER using it for a week. A week ago,this whole area was covered with angry red marks which I got due to Jaundice last year :( Just 1 week of using Silksplash & I could see 75% reduction,couldn't help but click a pic :D

  • 100% true claims
  • Perfect for sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, oily skin-and would NOT strip off moisture even from dry skin!
  • Pure,Organic, Ayurvedic ingredients that really work from first use only
  • Works potently to make pimples and even old acne marks disappear within weeks!
  • Makes skin healthy, feel plump, soft, clean, refreshed, smooth
  • Takes care of clogged pores, eruptions too

  • Nothing except Just Herbs products are made fresh in batches and are often unavailable :P Buy them from Flipkart or Amazon as soon as they are available :D

RECOMMENDED-YES! This is one of the only two face washes I ever use (the other one is Himalaya Neem Face Wash) and I will continue to use them till the end of time. Rating is 5/5

Biotique Bio Musk Root Fresh Growth Nourishing Treatment Review

I have used many Biotique products over the years and mostly,they have been winners but somehow I keep falling out of love with them and then re-discover it sometime later and the circle continues in this weird relationship of ours :D This hair treatment pack is something I had used almost 5 years earlier and quite liked it but then somehow stopped using it, and remembered it again when I was searching for remedies for my hair damaged by Jaundice last year.

Biotique was,I think, one of the first brands in India to promote pure, natural, botanical approach to beauty instead of relying on just a chemical cocktail (that most world-famous brands provide!). And so Biotique is quite easily available offline as well as online. I bought this from Flipkart in about Rs. 600 for 900 gms. Seems expensive but Biotique products always seem to deserve it as they have some really effective ingredients for every beauty problem of ours :)


Packaging is sturdy and good for travel too,in my opinion, even though I did not really travel anywhere with it. Claims that it would nourish the hair and scalp, lead to new hair growth, make hair darker, smoother, shinier and healthier. Ingredients include Musk Root and Bael extracts, Liquorice, Nutmeg,Jatamansi and Neem -a treasure of great Ayurvedic miracle workers!


The texture is the weirdest as it looks like Chyawanprash :D It is actually very thick and needs to be liberally mixed with yoghurt (or egg) to make it spread easily on scalp and hair. The quantity is enough to last for 5-6 washes on shoulder length, thick head of hair. It also smells of a mixture of all the herbs that are present in it, not bad at all, not very strong either. The only bothersome thing is,it is messy to apply and then to wait for half an hour after that it little annoying :D But then,we have to sacrifice something to get something na? I have only ever managed to leave it on for 15 minutes before washing it off. It stains my fingernails black too and so I recommend using gloves while applying it. It does not make my hair softer or detangles it much,BUT it does make it shinier and darker! I have noticed no new hair growth but it miraculously helped me with hairfall.

  • Pure and natural
  • Makes hair darker, a little healthier, shinier
  • Hairfall is reduced drastically
  • Easily available. Buy it from Flipkart or Amazon

  • Did not detangle my hair or make it smooth
  • Did not find any new hair growth either but that might take some months, miracles don’t happen overnight
  • Cumbersome process to apply and wait for half hour :P Creates a mess in the bathroom :P Lazy bums will not like it AND it looks like Chyawanprash :P
  • Expensive, but quality is good,so I am not very adamant on this being a bad point :D

RECOMMENDED-YES. I would say everyone should try this once and see the effects for themselves. My rating is 3.75 on 5 and I will definitely repurchase it sometime soon :)

Aaranyaa Hair Spa Argan Oil Hair Pack Review

I had such beautiful hair when I was a child, and now *sob sob*

I think this is the story of every person nowadays, the modern lifestyle has robbed us of little pleasures in life,including our crowning glory!

So,like every person out there I am also searching for ways to regain and protect that lush head of hair. Hair spa is what everyone recommends but come on,I am not Bollywood Actress who can spend every week in a premium salon getting high-end treatments to look like a million bucks :P I can’t have a 1000 bucks hair spa every week and my hair is so dry and damaged (especially since I had Jaundice last year) that having a hair spa once a month makes almost no difference. Well, I have been oiling my hair and started using natural shampoos. Now I have also found a few good natural conditioners and this Aaranyaa hair spa has been my best discovery when it comes to hair mask!

Got it from Flipkart in Rs. 445 for 250 ml. It is quite expensive but wait till you see the results (and we all know that Argan Oil is expensive)! Comes in a nice tub which could be travel friendly too. Claims that it is a blend of Argan oil with traditional Indian herbs that is a boon for dry,damaged hair and makes them soft,nourished,strong,shiny. Ingredients list does have an impressive inclusion of Shikakai, Green Tea, Amla, Bhringraj and Vitamin E along with the world-famous Argan Oil. There are a few chemicals too but they can be overlooked :P


The texture is very thick and creamy just like all those Loreal/ Wella and other big brands’ hair spa creams. A little goes a long way and it lasts easily for 8-10 washes on shoulder length,thick hair. Now it says to use it on hair AND scalp, but I have this persistent problem of light dandruff and so I do not use ANY PRODUCT on my scalp ever! I just apply this on my hair and leave it for 10 minutes and wash it off. It gives a slippery feeling and instantly detangles hair. On air drying hair, it does become as soft as a ‘feather’ (as they claim :P) and shiny (again,as they claim). Additionally, I found less hairfall within 3 uses and the effect lasts for a good 2 days which is truly a boon for hair as dry and damaged as mine! In fact,this is the only product that made a friend of my sister’s exclaim, ‘Didi have you got any treatment done for your hair? It is looking fabulous! What are you using?!’ After getting a compliment like this,nothing else needs to be said na? :) In fact,this is only by leaving it on hair for 10 minutes.Now I am going to leave it for at least 20-25 minutes to see if the results get even better :D

  • Perfect hair spa at home-gives the same results as an expensive spa at salon,at 1/10th the price!
  • Gives us a world-famous ingredient like Argan Oil in such value for money product,nothing beats that! Add to that ingredients like Amla, Bhringraj, Shikakai etc. and it is a must have.
  • Lasts for 8-10 washes as very little quantity is needed every time
  • Claims are 100% correct-gives soft,shiny,strong hair
  • Get ready for compliments from strangers :D

  • Presence of some chemicals-in my opinion, this much is essential and we can’t do anything about it :)
  • Availability-I have not seen it in Big Bazaar or anywhere. Get it from Flipkart or Amazon.

RECOMMENDED- YES,YES,YES. The BEST hair pack I have used and will continue to use. Rating is 4.75/5 (only because it has certain chemicals in the ingredients list :P)

TBC by Nature Aloepapaya Fairness & Tan Removal Scrub

On my quest to try new scrubs that could buff my skin and protect it from the onslaught of all the dirt and pollution of this big city life, I stumble upon some not-so-famous brands that turn out to be complete winners! This is one of them :)

After my Biotique Papaya Scrub got over, I was looking forward to something as gritty and hard-buffing for my body,found this at Flipkart for Rs. 375 for 400 grams. The only problem is,I had no idea what is this ‘TBC by Nature’ company? Never heard of it,cannot get any details on the net also,no other beauty bloggers have reviewed them either. Anyway, I decided to take a risk this time :D

Comes in a big tub that is perfectly travel friendly too. Quantity is perfect to last a month even on using it all over body twice a week. Claims include exfoliating deeply and brightening skin with regular usage, and it is perfect for all skin types. Ingredients list has some chemicals along with Walnut Shell Powder, Liquid Paraffin oil, Glycerine, Zinc Oxide, Papaya seed oil, Aloe extract. I was not exactly happy to see the chemicals but then,this much is there is almost every product,so what to do :D

While it says to use on face,I used it only on my body since my face has become extremely sensitive in past 2 years and gets angry red pimples on using most of the products. So I am searching for perfect gentle alternatives. My body on the other hand is so dry and has thick skin so those need different products than my face :D This scrub has loads of tough granules (walnut shell powder I think!) to perfectly exfoliate my body. The fragrance is little chemical-y but just like any other standard scrub found nowadays,nothing bad. The best thing is-It really does brighten up the skin by removing dead skin nicely, exfoliates deeply and takes out all dirt hidden in every pore, leaves skin soft and moisturized. Even my ankles and elbows (the difficult areas which easily get dark and scaly) became soft on using it. Overall, love it to the core :)

  • Claims are correct, does everything its says
  • Does not lead to ‘fairness’ but brightens skin immediately. In India we always confuse ‘brightening’ with ‘whitening’ and that is what these brands do too :P
  • I did not have horrible tan to remove in the first place but whatever little I had,this took care of it within a month *yay*
  • Perfect for whole body scrub and exfoliation
  • Quantity is huge, complete value for money

  • I would not suggest anyone to use it on face, especially sensitive skin. It will be tough on delicate facial skin and will definitely lead to pimples/ breakouts/ scratches/ rashes –unless you have facial skin as tough as a hippopotamus’s skin. Use it on body and thank me later :D
  • No idea about the company, but I don’t care since the product is so amazing :D
  • Availability could be an issue. Get it on Flipkart or Amazon.

RECOMMENDED-YES! My rating is 4.5 on 5 and I am definitely buying it again,once I get bored of whatever I am using right now :P It is a repeat purchase for sure.