Tuesday 9 August 2016

Indizza - The Delivery Kitchen | Worli Mumbai | Home Delivery Review | Food Review

Foodies rejoice as a brilliant home delivery service named Indizza is in town :) 

A bevy of delicious choices for North Indian food lovers, pretty authentic and value for money as portions are gigantic. Lucky enough to have tasted some of their newest offerings which came securely packaged in spill-proof microwavable containers (replete with chutney and pickle) delivered piping hot within 40 minutes by an extremely polite delivery man. What more could one want? :)

Mushroom Noorani Tikka is the result of combining luscious mushrooms, generously marinated and stuffed with delicious oozing cheese. No mushroom lover should miss this.

Paneer Lazeez almost led to a stampede on my dining table as my sister and I tried to hog it all alone :D Soft Paneer generously slathered in a sweet-ish creamy gravy, this one hits all the right notes if your palate is as attuned to sweet-ish gravies as my family's is :P It goes amazingly well with their offerings of Indian Breads.

A special note for the Breads- we had Chilli Cheese Naan, Amritsari Kulcha and Stuffed Kulcha, each one of which was exquisite. Looked and tasted just like Naans and Kulchas one gets in Punjabi dhabas, that hearty feeling of having Fresh, Soft, Plump, generously stuffed, delight-in-every-bite rotis from Tandoor intact. I would have to say these are the best I have had in a long time :)

Finally Punjabi Chole Biryani with its generous chunks of Chole incorporated in fragrant, mildly spicy Biryani with lip-smacking caramelized onions was the perfect way for us to end our meal. Again, I could practically see a Punjabi grandma making this on her chulha, that's how homely good it was. 

Nothing was extra oily even though it is all a hearty meal and sufficed for a full lunch for 3 hungry people. It has made us excited to try out the rest of their menu which is the ultimate mark of success for any venture. Indizza is definitely WOWzza :)


  1. Lol! Seeing these dishes I am hungry now :D Wonderful review Richa :)
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    1. I am getting hungry just looking at my own post again :D Paapi pet :D

  2. Its midnight and I am hungry now ! :D
    Drooling over all your pics. Delicious post Richa :D


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