Tuesday 16 August 2016

Curry Me Up | Fantastic North Indian Food Delivery | Review & Recommendation

Molecular Gastronomy. Contemporary Fusion. Abracadabra. 

Kulcha. Paratha. Paneer. Chole. Tandoori. Gravies. Phirni.

When given a choice between the above two sets for everyday meal, we Indians would choose the 2nd one. It is OUR food. The curries and gravies and hearty mix of veggies,spices,grains,meats in unbeatable combinations. That is what makes our soul burrp! World cuisine and fusion is fine once in a while but we keep coming back to the satisfaction of digging in some fine gravies and tandoori rotis. That's our DNA. 

Curry Me Up is thus on a goldmine both in its idea and execution. It is a delivery only kitchen serving lip-smacking North Indian & Mughlai food, having already established its base in Versova, opened up a new branch at Chandivali, Powai from where I was honored to try some fantastic dishes.

The menu is vaaaaaast, with umpteen choices in Starters, Main Course, Rotis, Rice, Dessert and also a separate Health Section. Foodie love :D Portions are HUGE, enough for Hulk himself! Their idea is to make every meal more enjoyable by ensuring sharing between friends/family. Trust me when I say this, 1 Biryani and 1 Curry would be enough for 3 hungry hippos! Exceptional Value for Money. Also, delivery done dot on time with the outlet updating me via sms from the point order was placed to it was dispatched. Very efficient, the whole ordering process and yes, the taste ensure that every customer will become a loyal one :)

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Achari Mushroom and Paneer Tikka are perfect starters for a memorable meal, with huge soft chunks of Mushrooms & Paneer respectively,marinated perfectly, each portion actually enough for a really light eater as a complete meal :D

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Paneer Butter Masala, a favorite staple curry of us Indians was the pick of my office colleagues with the gravy giving that feel of having cooked the traditional way on low flame,retaining a rich texture instead of just jamming it with spices and ofcourse melt-in-mouth Paneer pieces.

Read more about food delivery

Read more about food delivery

Veg Kadhai was my personal favorite with lovely mix of Paneer & veggies such as Capsicum, Carrots, Beans in the famous yellow gravy. Dal Makhani paid homage to the ultimate Punjabi way of making excellent black daal. All of this enough for an army of 4 hungry hippos! 

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Mirchi Paratha India

Garlic Naan India

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All the curries & gravies went amazingly with the soft Roomali Roti, wholesome Garlic Naan, Spicy Mirchi Paratha and Flaky,Crispy, my favorite Mughlai Paratha. In fact, Mughlai Paratha is good enough to be munched on its own :)

Paneer Pulao India

Vegetarian Indian Rice Dish

Oh, Paneer Schezuan Tikka Pulao came in this huge portion fit for 4 people and has to be the best pulao I have had in recent times, again the huge soft chunks of Paneer, perfect mix of spices in fragrant long-grain Basmati Pulao. Absolute heaven. Surprisingly,it was very light on the tummy too, despite looking like a heavy Biryani-kinda dish! Extra points for that :)

When we say authentic Indian food (curries/gravies) we talk about the mix of spices, veggies & ofcourse oil/ghee. Curry Me Up takes care of all of that in the heartiest way possible. There is no magical abracadabra, just hearty food in massive quantity to be shared with everyone around. My office colleagues have bookmarked Curry Me Up their ultimate go-to for soul satisfying North Indian food for personal as well as party catering purposes. I am sure I will be ordering from them again & again too :)


  1. I want to order too again and again :( Man these look Swadisht...Indian Meal any time :)

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    1. Satyavachan :D Indian meal is what our soul wants, baaki toh aate jaate rahenge but ye spicy, oily, deliciously Indian food toh baar baar chahiye :D


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