Friday, 5 August 2016

Oasiss Desserts | Matunga Mumbai | Food Review | Desserts Parlor Review

Knowing my hulk level preference for desserts, it won't be a surprise to know that I spent an evening having desserts for dinner,right? Well, because I did :D That too in company of some awesome bloggers whom I admire a lot :) Venue was Oasiss Desserts at Matunga East and agenda for the evening - hog out with as many desserts as one could!

Situated at King's circle, a landmark in Mumbai, Oasiss Desserts is quite a known name in the locality. A bright and delicious outlet filled with 100% Vegetarian goodies like Cakes, Pastries, Chocolates, Ice Creams, Brownies, Fondues, Sundaes and recently launched Waffles, it has a very small space with table-chair setup too to accommodate 4-6 people who would like to sit and relish their dessert goodies in peace. Prices are comparable to all other dessert parlors around (pastries at Rs. 60-100 per piece, Cakes at Rs.300-900, ice creams at Rs. 40-80 per scoop depending on flavors and so on).  

We decided to start the evening by attacking almost everything in sight!

Classic Waffles with Maple Syrup and Butter is what every waffle lover looks for - warm, fresh, fragrant, not too sweet, dense and rich in texture with that caramel-y buttery goodness just making every mouthful a WOW experience :)

Sindulgence Waffles with Dark and White Chocolate was easily the winner of the evening, again warm and fresh but this time the juxtaposition of different chocolates made it irresistible.

Nutella Waffles and Madagascar Brownie Waffles are also worth trying, the first one with its White Chocolate Chips and the second one with its rich dark Brownie base bringing different varieties of sweet goodness to fore. I suppose these flavors will appeal more to kids, Nutella and Brownies being perennial favorites for that age-group :D

I would add a word of caution here-be careful if you are in the habit of jabbing the waffles with the plastic forks provided alongside, they might break and you may ingest the little pieces of plastic accidentally. Be very very careful while using those forks, not only here, anywhere!

The waffles alone were an overload of sugary sweetness, but I don't pride myself on being a hungry hippo for nothing :P Still had some steam left to go ahead and try out some chocolates, pastries and ice creams. They make a lot of innovative flavors in-house which are worth giving a try.

Among chocolates, Paan and Orange flavored (soft-centered) ones were really good while brownie based pops Twin Brownie Jujubes felt like something I can easily overdose on :D Among pastries, a special shout out to Salted Caramel Diskette,little balls of delights, I suppose these would be great hits at any birthday party. Among the ice creams, my sister and I loved the Rose Gulkand and Coconut + Lemongrass flavors. Sound unique? Taste even better!

See what I mean about having desserts for dinner? When the spread is so good and varied, who is complaining? Certainly not the motley bunch of us foodies who enjoyed it :)

All Photos Credit : Prachi Shailendra Photography

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