Thursday 25 August 2016

The Bayview Restaurant | Marine Plaza Mumbai | Pizza Fantastica | Review

Having already been to the amazing Mediterranean Food Festival here some months ago, it was a delight to be back to taste some fantastic pizzas in the company of stellar foodies. Ambiance remains as lovely as ever, stunning views of Marine Drive beckon. Staff is polite and efficient and mood is relaxed instantaneously. And prices when compared to the quality is quite reasonable too. Nothing to complain about on any front :)
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The Bayview Restaurant

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We also ended up relishing some dishes from their generous lunch buffet spread which was fantastic as always with delicious salads and main course providing health + taste on a plate, with desserts providing the perfect finish. I love how well planned their menu is, it has usual comforting dishes like Paneer, Pulao, Indian breads as well as something unique like Thai Curries, Lasagna, Koftas, Ratatouille and so on, so literally something for everyone :)

Thanks to Chef Kshitiz Shekhar for generously creating a hearty mix of Pizzas for our bloggers team. The Pizzas are thin crust, with a distinct crackle and snap that thin crust lovers adore. I tend to yo-yo when it comes to pizza crusts. Years of exposure to Domino's and Pizza Hut made me loathe thick/pan crusts, but now I find them comforting. Thin crusts have their own magic too :)

Where to have best Pizza in Mumbai

The flavors we had the honor of tasting were Margherita, Provencal Verdure and Piri Piri, each one exquisite.

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When it comes to Margherita, I always thought how can a simple spread of Tomato Sauce, Cheese & Basil be delicious? This is perhaps the first place where I have loved Margherita Pizza so much, I guess the magic is in the flavor of the sauce & cheese as well as their proportions, it is absolutely spot on. I don't remember asking for a second slice of Margherita before in my life, but I did here :D

Best Vegetarian Pizza
Where to have best vegetarian pizzas

Provencal Verdure is my personal favorite with Asparagus,Zucchini and Spring Onions providing it with crunch while Olives, Tomatoes, Cheese make it dense & juicy. My pizzas need to be huge on flavors without being too spicy or bland and this is the one that makes me go WOW on the parameters :)

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Spicy Vegetarian Gourmet Pizza

Piri Piri is the love of life for spice lovers, each slice endowed with a smoking fiery amount of Spicy Tomato Sauce, Capsicum, Tomato, Spring Onion, Olives & Chili. My sister adored this, being the perennial spice lover of the family :D

I haven't been to Italy,so no idea how authentic pizzas are made. But a fellow blogger remarked that these pizzas are quite close to the ones she had in New York in terms of flavors and textures. They certainly tasted awesome and we can see us going back here with friends/family, relishing each slice while staring at the Arabian Sea. Pizza Fantastico indeed :)

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