Saturday 6 August 2016

If it is Tea Time it ought to be Typhoo Tea Time | Beverage Review

When John Sumner, a grocer from Birmingham, started selling Typhoo Tipps Tea in 1903,he probably had no idea what a goldmine his sister Mary had struck who had used tiny tea leaves instead of large ones to concoct up a cure for her indigestion :) Soon a legend was born, the first pre-packaged branded tea made from freshest and best tea leaves,carefully bypassing the stems (which leads to ailments like indigestion) and ensuring customer loyalty with focus on quality and variety.

British Tea Brand Typhoo

Typhoo (Chinese meaning in part = doctor) is today an iconic British label popular in more than 50 countries with 12 brands and over 400 products in its kitty including specialty teas and 100% organic caffeine-free fruit infusions. They have also launched the first globally certified environmentally sustainable teas to be marketed across India with the seal of Rainforest Alliance. Isn't it heartening to see someone doing an important bit in protecting our future? :)

Typhoo Tea India

When I got a chance to try some of Typhoo's iconic offerings, who was I to say no? As someone who never really latched onto tea despite being born to parents who practically drown in it every morning, I felt my family would be able to give a comprehensive review of Typhoo's exclusive flavored tea range and fruit infusions. As it is,there is nothing better than a cup of hot tea to enjoy watching the dance of monsoon during the rainy season in India,is it? :)

Tea India
 Best Tea Brand India

My parents were the guinea pigs for trying out the Adrak Chai and Masala Chai. My dad loves his tea strong while my mom is all about the spices. Surely enough, the rich-bodied blend of premium Assam Teas with heart-warming ginger punch was my dad's favorite (it is darker in color,just a bit). My mom was thrilled with the authentic flavor of Masala Chai with premium tea infused with Clove, Ginger, Cardamom and Cinnamom. In her own words, 'This is the blend that satisfies the soul for any true Indian' (I do feel sometimes she feels like disowning me because I do not share her passion for tea every morning :D) 

Both my parents take their tea with milk and sugar,so they made Typhoo Adrak and Masala Chai too the same way, after infusing the tea bag for just about 4 minutes. Will they repurchase it? YES. They love the authentic flavors, the color, the full-bodied rich texture and the appetizing fragrance :) The prices are very reasonable for the quality too at just Rs. 195 for 25 tea bags.

Delicious Fruit Drinks

Tea Industry India

how to cure cold with tea

The story is just half-over folks! My sister and I tried the fruit infusions- Orange Spicer and Lemon & Lime Zest and absolutely loved them. Orange Spicer is made with orange fused with hibiscus, clove, ginger and cinnamon which I suggest as the perfect natural herbal blend especially for those who are prone to catching cold and cough. Just a cup of boiling water, infused the tea bag for 3 minutes and the golden brew warmed my throat with a tangy sensation. This is going on my must-buy monthly list.
Typhoo Tea

Typhoo Tea India

My sister who is more of lime & lemony person has taken a liking to the Lemon & Lime Zest flavor which is milder yet refreshing thanks to fusion of lemongrass & rosehips. She actually brews it the same way, chills it and adds a spoon of honey to sweeten and enjoy it like iced tea, except this feels much healthier :) This is one of the ways to freshen up instantly at office, she says! 

We love the multiple ways in which Typhoo's offerings can be enjoyed, whether hot or cold, with or without milk, with or without adding sugar. The bottomline remains that they are healthy AND tasty. I can't help but imagine how Mary would feel today. Proud I hope. After all, it is not everyday one gives birth to a legend :)


  1. wonderful post Richa. I feel like trying one myself even though just like you I'm not too keen on tea. :)

    1. Thanks Manas :D Try the fruit infusions for sure even if you don't like tea :)

  2. not a fan of tea but i think i would like to try a few

    1. I am not much into tea either, though recently I have started paying attention to Green Tea because of the much talked about health benefits :) I suggest go for their fruit infusions, they are tasty and refreshing!


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