Wednesday 17 August 2016

The American Joint | Healthy Delicious Organic Vegetarian | Food Review & Recommendation

Health is the buzzword. We are always looking for ways to incorporate more nutrition in our lifestyle without compromising on taste. The American Joint is creating a better world by providing healthy delicious organic vegetarian food that still provide a lip-smacking taste kick to all us foodies. It was an august occasion when our hearty bloggers gang was hosted by them to sample some of their new launches as well as perennial bestsellers.

The American Joint

Located on the 1st floor of Capital building in the plus Bandra Kurla Complex, this medium sized joint promotes a green theme through & through. Every dish is made here from scratch, with pure organic ingredients, grown in season without using anything harmful or artificial. The menu is a fusion of Indian & American elements presenting a delicious fusion of organic,sustainable living which is evident in usage of energy-efficient lighting & reclaimed wood in the restaurant as well as bio-degradable packaging used for their deliveries. All this comes at quite pocket-friendly prices,negating the myth that if it is organic,it will be out of reach for the masses!

Watermelon Cooler

Awesome Cold Coffee

We started with drinks, standouts being Watermelon Lime Spritzer (so refreshing without being overtly sweet), Lemonade (homemade, subtle, lovely) and Cold Coffee (creamy,beautiful, not heavy or watery, just perfect). Oreo Shake comes a close second reserved for Oreo fanatics,we just found it a tad tepid. Tell the staff to make your drinks as you want, personalization is possible :)

Mountain of Nachos Mumbai

Mountain O' Nachos is a bestseller for all the good reasons, fresh juicy veggies & beans slathered in heavenly creamy queso sauce on top of tortilla chips that they fry after we place the order! That's how fresh they are! Every dish here in fact tastes different and better because they make it unique. Good to eat. Good for our bodies.

Pita and Hummus

Go for Hummus To You if you love something cooling for your stomach like I do, this wholesome chickpea Hummus served with warm Whole Wheat Pita Triangles is one healthy snack.


Organic Quesedilla

Organic Vegetarian Delicious Burger


Veggidilla is a pretty authentic yet innovative version of Quesedilla, replete with smoked veggies that lend a delicate gourmet touch and Chilli Cheese Burger is recommended for burger lovers who don't want to taste another one of those over-cheesy calorie laden burgers! I loved the mildly spicy potato patty, the gooey yet light cream cheese, fresh (not frozen) veggies and wholesome burger. Different from all the burgers I have ever tasted, an acquired taste maybe, definitely worthy of trying out :) Even the fries served alongside are crispier & tastier.

Spicy Organic Pasta

Paneer Sandwich with Bhaji

Vegetarian Sandwich

For those who want a serious Indian touch to their food, go for Paneer Masala Melt & Indian Spaghetti. Spicy mix of Veggies, Cheese & Paneer with Bhaji make Paneer Masala Melt the perfect dish for those who love the street-side sandwiches & Pav Bhaji while for those who like Pasta, Indian Spaghetti brings a version with signature spicy Indian masaaledar touch, something my sister loved to the core :)

Nutella Waffles

No meal, organic or otherwise, is complete without hearty desserts. We noshed on Nutella waffles,fresh,warm, gooey, decadent and Ferrero Nutella Mousse which frankly should be kept in a museum till eternity so that future generations could taste it too! It would be a crime to not have this. If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Bandra Kurla Complex, whether running away from Godzilla or going for a dream date with Katrina Kaif, trust me, run to The American Joint, have this and you will die a happy soul. If only they served this mousse at those UN meetings, we would achieve world peace within 5 seconds :D THAT'S how good this is. 

Ferrero Nutella Mousse

Tasty Food? Check.
Prompt Service? Check.
Health + Nutrition Scale Balanced? Check.
Fresh, Flavorful, Organic? Check.
Good Portion For An Individual? Check.
Commendable Effort in Propagating Sustainable Living? Check.
Taking Care of Our Wallets & Not Ripping Us Off? Check.
Repeat Visits Justified? Check.

The American Joint ticks all the right boxes and then some. May the journey to health through taste flourish forever. Carpe Diem!


  1. Wheat pita with hummus for me. Nom nom. Place looks great :D Love the organic yet tasty concept.

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    1. I know right! It is different but when it comes to health, why compromise :)

  2. Wow amazing concept, would love to see something like this in my city too.
    Yummy pictures. Delicious post. :D

  3. Replies
    1. I love the ones here too, they are different since organic food tastes a bit different from the usual stuff, but they are good for health and definitely tasty :)


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