Monday 15 August 2016

Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Narangi & Nagkesar | Best Beauty Buy | Product Review

Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Tejasvi is one of my most favorite beauty products ever, the one product I can blindly trust any day and one of my personal Holy Grail products :) Tejasvi Ubtan motivated enough to try out Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Narangi & Nagkesar since I believe in rotating our beauty products yet not switching to complete chemical cocktails :D 

Award Winning Beauty Forest Essentials

Available in Forest Essentials stores as well as website and also on Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong etc. at Rs. 775 for 60 grams, it is a luxury brand for sure!

Best Beauty Product Review

Claims to lighten & brighten skin and impart softness & radiant complexion with Ingredients like Orange Peel Powder, Marigold Flower, Licorice Root, Ashwagandha, Neem Leaf powder, Brahmi Leaf powder, Camphor Leaf oil and so on. Packaging is elegant, sturdy and travel friendly with Quantity enough to last almost 2 months on using thrice a week since very little is needed for each use :) 

best beauty product for sensitive skin

After Tejasvi Ubtan that gave instant glow, smoothness and softness to my skin and had almost a miraculous effect, I was not sure if anything else could surpass it. Narangi & Nagkesar proved me wrong and suited my skin even better! Just a little is needed to make a solid paste with yogurt and it smells divine. Just like fresh oranges :D Apply on face for 20 minutes,it dries and starts itching at which point I wash it off. It deep cleans and even takes care of most of the blackheads. Most of the bumps, little pimples on the skin are also taken care of and skin is left smooth and baby soft. I also noticed a more even tone within 3-4 days of using it. That is why I used it everyday for almost 1 and a half months even though it is suggested to use only 3-4 times a week :) 

I need to use a light moisturizer after this as my skin alternates between oily and dry but oily skinned people would love this! Absolutely love the clean feel on my face without it going dry, the brighter look, the glow and that baby-softness! It does everything that it claims and more, now this one is my Holy Grail Beauty Product and I alternate between this and Tejasvi Ubtan to keep my skin problem free. 

  • Trust and Purity of Forest Essentials Luxurious feel on usage Divine fragrance, refreshing orange-y :) 
  • Lasts a long time as a small amount is needed 
  • Travel friendly packaging 
  • Perfect cleanser + scrub + mask at the end of a day to clean,refresh & rejuvenate 
  • Suits even my ultra sensitive skin,no breakouts or pimples 
  • Leaves skin baby soft,smooth,deep cleans 
  • Takes care of blackheads & whiteheads too (except the most deep rooted ones!) 
  • Oily skinned beauties need not use a moisturizer after this! 

  • Expensive, not a con for me because of its divine quality but I am sure many people would prefer to directly apply orange juice with multani mitti so this is one point for them 
  • Dry skinned beauties need apply a moisturizer as it sucks out everything from skin,all dirt and gunk and even all the oil! 
Recommended -YES! One of the best beauty products in India,that too so natural,so luxurious, so elegant, especially for combination & oily skin types :) Rating is 5/5 for me :)

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