Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Indulgeo Essentials Squalane Skin Hydrator Review | Rose Oil Natural Hyaluronic Acid Variant | Repairing Skin Barrier | Beauty Blogger | Beauty Review

The one product that changed my skincare game forever - Indulgeo Essentials Squalane Oil i.e. Squalane Skin Hydrator ❤️ 

Feb 2020 onwards I have been battling issues like rosacea, acne outbreaks, inflammation, and from April 2020 onwards, full on damaged skin barrier, meaning unbelievable amount of inflammation and outbreaks and redness on my cheeks and actually all over face. I am fed up of how my skin is behaving all of a sudden. All my life I have had pretty nice naturally glowing skin with minor skin troubles now and then...but now *sigh*.

Anyway, I started researching like crazy and came across all sorts of suggestions from skin experts, dermatologists, beauty bloggers... 
Stop exfoliation (done!), 
Stop picking on pimples (done!), 
Stop using tonnes of beauty products (done!), 
Start using ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, ceramides, peptides...

Oh boy, so much to learn and be confused about! 

Squalane oil kept popping up as an ingredient to soothe and hydrate skin as well as repair the skin barrier. So I looked around and found this offering from the famed brand of Indulgeo. They are famous for gold-based oils but I have never been interested in pricey or gold-flake-based products, but now, with Squalane, I got no option but to buy it. And I did!

Packaging of Indulgeo Squalane Skin Hydrator is quite travel-friendly. Simple green glass bottle, that is not good news for clumsy hands, but be careful and it is all good :D

Ingredients list is pure squalane that is 70% olive derived and 30% sugarcane derived. Well, this is the Rose Oil variant so it must also have some rose essential oil though it is not mentioned in the ingredient list on the packaging.

Claims are nothing short of miraculous, in fact, it makes me wonder why we did not hear of this earlier! Squalane is similar to Squalene that is produced naturally in our body but its quantity decreases as we age. This Squalane mimics natural sebum, controls oil production, works at a cellular level, helps in conditions such as acne and eczema, helps in collagen production and aging gracefully, is exceptionally hydrating even for oiliest of skins since it is so natural...etc...etc...

Availability of Indulgeo Squalane Skin Hydrator, like other Indulgeo products is quite good on its own website, Nykaa, Vanity Wagon, as well as on Amazon :)

Quantity of this 30 ml little bottle is enough to last 2 months even with daily usage of 2 times since only 3-4 drops are required every single time for entire face.

Usage - AM as well as PM, just 2-3 drops are needed after water-based moisturizer and before oil-based or heavy moisturizers. 

Effect - My facial skin is combination-dry, ultra-sensitive and acne-prone and as I said, I got this exclusively for the research that said it will help me in repairing my damaged skin barrier :) 

❤️ I actually got squalane options from 2 other brands also, and I sent them DM asking about the method to apply this, as in should I use it in conjunction with something else because I was focused on repairing skin barrier. Only Indulgeo replied on instagram, others ignored, so points to them for customer service.

❤️ They said I should use it after water based products (such as toner or facial mist) and before oil based products or moisturizer. I found this strange because it's an oil...but I thought okay,let's try...

❤️ It is expensive no doubt. But I got it at 25% discount from Vanity Wagon. And this has rose oil as natural hyaluronic acid, so I got squalane + hyaluronic in less than Rs. 1100 and it lasted me 2.5 months on daily application (Already ordered 2nd bottle)

❤️ My routine for the first 15 days after receiving this- cleanse face with Himalaya neem face wash, spray rose water, put squalane just 4 drops all over face, finish with a layer of lacto calamine.

❤️ After 15 days I introduced Tribe Concepts Kumkumadi Tailam + brightening cleanser before squalane, and finish with Deyga Organics beautifying serum.

❤️ Either way, Indulgeo Squalane Skin Hydrator calms my skin down immediately, gives a soothing silky finish, hydrates and plumps my skin. For the first 15 days when I used it alone, it did immense work in my skin repair, as evident by pictures.

     Before                                          After a week

I. Love. It. 

Even now my skin has its own share of problems but it is much much better than it was 6 months ago and I give the credit to all these products-

Deyga Rose & Mulethi Face Pack
Deyga Beautifying Serum
GlamAroma Washed Ghee

Indulgeo Squalane was the one product that immediately showed its results. That is why I regard it so highly, as it gave me noticeably calmer and smoother inflammation-free skin within a couple of days. There is a lot of work to be done but Indulgeo Squalane is definitely going to be my go-to for a long loooooooong time.


  • All I need to say, YES, it worked as expected and in fact even better in helping repair my skin barrier

  • Non-comedogenic

  • Lasted more than 2 months on my horsey-sized face so not very expensive

  • Hydrates skin like nothing else without making it oily

  • Available in Amazon, Nykaa, Vanity Wagon, often at good discounts.


  • Hmm, the glass bottle is not good for clumsy hands :D

Recommended -YES. Want a good hydrating oil? Want an oil that works at cellular level of your skin? Want to repair skin? Want to keep your skin routine simple yet effective? Squalane is good for all these situations. Rating is 5/5.      


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