Tuesday 2 August 2016

Arya Bhavan | Matunga Mumbai | Authentic South Indian Feast | Food Review

Matunga is THE place to be when it comes to authentic south Indian food. I have, like almost everyone else in Mumbai, visited almost every eatery here at least 5 times over past decade. It was on a recent Sunday morning when some of us friends decided to have an early breakfast meet here and I realized I have not reviewed any eatery here :D So starting with Arya Bhavan today.

Get up early as the hustle bustle in this area starts from 5 AM onwards and here too queue can be seen after 6.30-7 AM :) No ambiance to speak of, there are chairs and tables which are a task to fit into if you are a hippo like me. Not kidding. The flab tyres around our waists are not conducive to comfortable seating here :P It is basic, clean, small and functional with the funda of 'Eat, Pay, Go' in full force. There is AC here which is a plus point when compared to most other places. Maybe that is why the prices are a bit on the higher side and when I say that I mean a Dosa being Rs. 80 instead of Rs. 55-60 at Cafe Madras :P On its own,it is still very value for money. We 5 friends had a hearty breakfast within Rs. 650, seriously pocket friendly business peoples!

We tried some hatke items from the menu, starting with Thaat Idli & Coin Butter Idli (both were soft,buttery,fluffy), Kanchipuram Idli (looked beautiful but no taste at all,absolutely bland,like a big blob of steamed dough), Rasam (delicious,hot,spicy), Appam (soft and melt in mouth), Onion Rawa Sada (Crispy,Yummy,Real repeat value) and my personal favorite Masala Uttapam (a great light meal item for a light eater!) & Rawa Biscuit (cheesy Taco Dosas, beat that!). Other than Kanchipuram Idli,everything else was brilliant, especially the accompanying sambhar and chutney :) 

The menu boasts of many other items like Pav Bhaji, Sandwiches and so on, but I think coming here warrants a feast of authentic south Indian delicacies and that is what I am going to stick to and recommend too :) 

All Pictures Credit : Prachi Shailendra Photography 


  1. looks so yummyyyy....I love south Indian food :)

    1. It is absolutely delicious that too at value for money price points :)

  2. I have been here. Being southIndian loved what I ate there. Jhakkas :D

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    1. That is high praise coming from an authentic source indeed :D


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