Sunday 21 August 2016

1Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen | Scrumptious Pizzas & More | Food Review

Pizza has to be a synonym for happiness. And when pizzas are this good, super duper happiness! A mildly rainy day when my sister and I finished our work earlier than usual and decided to make it a early dinner date at 1Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen at Matunga followed by a movie. Good life :D 


Arts Mumbai India

Arts Pizza Place

1Tablespoon Pizza Matunga Mumbai

Situated opposite Sahakari Bhandar in Matunga, it is a very small pizza place, primarily a delivery kitchen, with a cute outdoor seating for just about 15-20 people. There is ample provision for safety from rains, so don't worry about getting drenched even during monsoon. Warm reception by the staff and we were set for a gala time. 

Dinner Rolls

Cheesy Dinner Rolls

Started off with a very subtle and refreshing Raspberry Iced Tea, neither watery not artificially sweet. Cheese Stuffed Garlic Dinner Rolls was our next choice and it was scrumptious, filling, cheesy, nom nom :D Among pizzas, my sister and I zeroed down on Blowing Fire & Farmer's Market respectively. Thank goodness they have the option of making a half & half, so we got 4 slices of each. 

Vegetarian Pizza

Delicious Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza

Farmer's Market with Capsicum, Onions, Mushroom & Corn was just the way I like my pizza - wholesome, while Blowing Fire was elevated to a different level due to presence of soft Tandoori Paneer, it was fiery, just the way my sister likes. The proportions of cheese and toppings was good and 1 pizza is enough for 2 light eaters :) 

The pizzas are handmade and come in 2 crusts options -Artisan which is what we had, it is thicker (plump and soft), we liked it because it felt like comfort food in the cold rainy season. Next time we will try the Italian crust which is thin and crispier. In any case, we will be back and not only for pizzas but for the pasta too which in my opinion was the star dish! 

Delicious Vegetarian Pasta

Best Pasta in the world

I love white sauce pasta more, so does my sister. But this evening since we were already having so much cheese, we decided to go for red sauce and hence chose Penne Arrabita. Now usually Arrabita is this really spicy tomato sauce, but here they make a very unique one with a tangy,sweet-ish tinge, it really gives a whole new dimension to the dish! Imagine a Pasta with every mouthful leaving behind a hint of honey-mustard kind of aftertaste. I am perhaps not explaining it well, I suggest have it and judge it for yourself :) We in fact ended up asking the staff how do they make this sauce so flavorful since we felt like taking it home in buckets :D 

So there, a cute little pizza place, excellent service, an unexpected surprise and a delicious dinner where 2 people get bursting stuffed in less than Rs.1000, good value for money. Memories that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 1Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen ticks all the right boxes...and then some!


  1. Loving the sound of the taste of the Pasta and I also like that they have a half half option. In my city there used to be a place like this, homely with capacity of 20 people, sadly that place closed down. These type of places have a charm of their own :)
    Great clicks :D

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    1. Absolutely! It feels like being in a different world sitting here :) And the half and half concept is a life saver for foodies :D

  2. Love this half half concept and it looks so yumm :)


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