Wednesday 14 August 2019

PLAY The Lounge, The Orb, Andheri, Mumbai | Modern Unwind Destination | Food Review | Restaurant Review

refreshing new energetic restaurant/lounge in The Orb Chalet, Play is quite playful in its ambiance, food and definitely, its drinks! So, getting straight into everything I had:


1. JORDAN SANGRIA (served in an Orb! *star eyes* – usually, I hate Sangrias. Fruits with wine is not the best combination for me and that’s why when they suggested to me to try this particular drink, I was a little hesitant, but they assured me that this will be different from any other Sangria I may have had earlier, and they were right! This is blissful. It wasn’t the regular concoction, but had infusions of mulberries and raspberries too and was frothy at the bottom, making your palette feel velvety with every sip. I LOVED it! 

2. POPCORN SHAKE – this too was heavenly, sweet, popcorn-y and creamy. Must-Have.

3. SEX ON THE BEACH – Actually the best one I’ve had ever. This is a simple cocktail, which many places end up messing up coz of the ratio of vodka to the fruit infusions (many a times they end up using more of orange for some reason), but they made is so perfect, I loved it.

4. SNAKE & LADDER (their signature cocktail, a must try after food) – So this one was my personal favourite. It can serve as a palette cleanser and a digestive I feel. Made with a combination of cucumber and basil in Gin, it was served in unique way in a red dice.

5. ALPHA CHARLIE – This was quite average, If they reduce the amount of ice crush here,this has the potential to be amazing. Just quite decent if you like a strawberry crush with a hint of vodka.


1. FLAMING PANEER TIKKA – Soft and supple paneer, perfectly marinated with bhut-jolokia hot spices and served with pudina chutney on the side

2. MUSHROOM BAKLAVA – A surprisingly amazing starter. It was served in a heel-shaped wooden container, placed on steps corresponding to the slant of the heels – made of minced wild mushrooms with goat cheese wrapped perfectly in phyllo pockets. Super yummmmm!

3. JALAPENO CHEESE CROQUETTES – Round balls of jalapeno and cheese. You just cannot go wrong with this soul-satisfying item. And they take the satisfaction a notch higher with their 3-cheese dip. MUST TRY.

4. CHILLY PEPPER COTTAGE CHEESE – This is the taste you want when you crave classic paneer chilli dry, loved the way they served it in the cute blue pan.

After so much of amazing food, we barely had any space for the main course, but they recommended we taste a few items. NOTE please that in case you’ve ordered something that you cannot finish, they do not parcel the food. I do wish they gave take-aways for our leftover food. Simply because, for example, had I gone there, not on invite, but as a regular paying customer, and I wanted to taste a few main course items, but one of them turned out to be not very good for my taste, but my sister at home would have loved it, in that case, being a paid customer who paid for that entire plate of food, I would have liked to carry it back home with me, and also eliminate food wastage

Anyway, moving on to some main course items we tried:


1. QUARTERED PIZZA – Thin crust, very average honestly. The spark among the toppings was missing.

2. MAC N CHEESE PASTA – American style, crusty on top and gooey cheesy below that top layer, but bland for me. If you like very authentic American mac n cheese, this is for you.

3. MUSHROOM RISOTTO – Was amazing. I NEVER order risottos but this came as a recommendation from them, and I loved this one! Must have, if you like mushrooms, and if you like risottos.

4. SPINACH & RICOTTA CANNELLONI – As yummy as it sounds. Favourite among main courses. 


BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE – Easily the yummiest menu on the item for any cheesecake lover like me. I was super full still since this was just so amazing, I finished all of it.


The pricing of Play is surprisingly good, very affordable as per the area and the kind of service you get here. Staff is super friendly, trust them when they recommend their best items. The decor is funky, pretty, bright and energetic with good music and a game corner too with dartboards. Some people may find that the tables are slightly higher than expected. But overall, the ambiance is LIT :)

Thumbs up and recommended from this happy hippo.