Thursday 11 August 2016

Unicity Matcha Health Supplement | A Powerhouse Of Nutrition | Review & Recommendation

Green Tea is all the rage, Matcha makes it even better :)

Today's information age is choc-a-bloc with advice on incorporating Green Tea in our daily routine for boosting metabolism, energy enhancement, detoxification, glowing skin, weight loss, improves immune system and so on. I have tried Green Tea too since my mom gulps a big cup down everyday and the only way I can spend some time chit-chatting with her is if I partake in a cup too :P So even though green tea tastes like poison to me, I grin & bear it (things you do for family :D)

Matcha Green Tea

Why drink Matcha Green Tea

Matcha? What is that?

In past couple of months though, I have had opportunity to delve deeper into the world of mystical teas and found out, mainly thanks to Tea Trails that tea indeed has different levels of authenticity and mostly what we get in the form of tea bags is not the original,authentic, beneficial stuff that we should be putting in our bodies. It was here only that I drank a mild green Matcha shake that I surmised was a kind of green tea from Japan. It tasted grassy, much like wheatgrass and that made it stick out in my mind.

So when I got a chance to taste Unicity Matcha I was ecstatic :) I was going to delve deeper into something healthy. On probing a bit,I found out that this is actually much better than green tea. 
Why? Because it contains more antioxidants and all the good stuff that green tea has. 
How? Because it is basically the whole green tea leaf instead of just a part of it!

When we drink Green Tea, we are brewing a part and then throwing away the rest, Matcha is ground whole green tea leaves that we need to mix in water and drink directly,throwing away nothing :) So in effect, 1 cup of Matcha = almost 10 cups of Green Tea when we compare the benefits! These leaves are also grown and nurtured in a special way. No wonder Matcha is believed to have been used by Zen priests to achieve an energized as well as calm state of mind. Who wouldn't want to Zenergized now :D

Unicity Matcha

Matcha Green Tea Review

Matcha Green Tea Benefits

Unicity Matcha is a health supplement, a blend of Chi-Oka Matcha with Pomegranate, L-Theanine, Guarana and a host of other goodies, providing us with a wide variety of nutrients such as Dietary Fiber, Chlorophyll, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Antioxidants. A pack of ready-to-use sachets = just cut the sachet, mix in 250-300 ml of water, drink = Life is sorted :)

The moment I opened the first sachet, I felt like a cow about to guessed it, grass :D Or rather, a hippie who is about to roll his first cigar made of..grass :D Matcha is a green colored powder which looks,smells and feels like wheatgrass powder. So all you peoples who have ever made fun of those raw foodists or hippies or cows, steel up your hearts. Don't throw it away and mix it in a tall glass of water just like I did.

About 20 seconds later, a faint citrus-y smell started to float around. Oh well, what do you know, this is not pure grass, it actually smells okay. About a minute of frantic stirring and there was this gorgeous glass of my very first matcha drink at home. Looked just like those health-freak- raw-food- vegan-diet-kinda shakes celebrities drink to keep looking like 20 at the age of 50 (along with little help from Miss Botox, but I digress :D) It actually looked like a beautiful smoothie but I was still apprehensive about its taste. 
How to make Matcha at home

The Taste Test

Totally expecting it to taste like melted grass, I took a sip. And boy,is it delicious :) This is the perfect case of what you get is very different from what you see :D Throw away all your pre-conceived biases and take a sip of this beautiful citrus-y health drink with a mild aftertaste and smell of something grassy. Usually, something healthy is supposed to taste atrocious but I genuinely loved this and have no qualms in having it everyday. I guess because of the blend of Pomegranate & Ascorbic Acid, the Vitamin C is masking the naturally leafy texture of Matcha which is perfectly fine with me. Why should we have to sacrifice taste at the altar of health? :D

The Big Benefits

So there you go, a beautiful and refreshing concoction that delivers a host of health benefits. Ofcourse this comes at a price as 10 sachets in 1 box cost about Rs. 1000. But take a look at its benefits and then decide if this is worthy or not for-
  • Super blend of Anti-oxidants (137 times more than other green tea or black tea!)
  • Anti-ageing benefits as it protects against cell damage
  • Improving immunity
  • Enhancing energy,mood & concentration
  • Boosting Metabolism
  • Providing Selenium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, B-Vitamin Complex, Chromium and Zinc
  • Overall promotion of health,well-being and vitality from inside
Unicity Matcha Health Nutrition Powerhouse

Powerful Antioxidant Matcha

I have been told by some of my friends who have been to Japan and China that a major reason of long lifespan of people living in some of their islands is their diet, of which Green Tea (the authentic stuff,not the left-over found in teabags) is a major component. And it IS expensive. It is worth it to spend a little extra for something that boosts us from inside. Come to think of it, we spend so much on cosmetics/personal care brands which claim to put antioxidants in our creams/ shampoos/ powders and apply them on our skin to look good from outside. Why not spend a little extra to boost our energy,vitality and glow from the inside? :)

Personal Testimony 

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

I have started having Unicity Matcha once every alternate day and trust me when I say this, in past 6 days alone I have felt more energy and concentration at work compared to earlier. No, it is not an overnight miracle but I feel better. I no longer feel sleepy during afternoons either, maybe because of the caffeine in Matcha that does not give a rushing high like coffee but a calm sustained energy throughout the day (those Zen priests sure knew what they were onto!) I am surely bringing Unicity Matcha as a friend in my daily life. I hope all of you join in too. Here is a toast to our continuing quest for health!


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