Tuesday 21 February 2017

#FBAIsoiree With #FarziFeast | Farzified Fun | Gastronomic Experience

Having already been Farzified at Farzi Cafe last year, it was a beautiful stroke of providence to be back here for a fun-filled FBAI Soiree in the company of many accomplished food bloggers,masters and connoisseurs of Mumbai very recently. Farzi Cafe has already made its name when it comes to delivering top-notch gastronomic experience to food lovers and this experience was no different. This place is actually one of the earliest where I started my food blogging journey and will always retain a special place for this fact, along with the realization that my mind was opened to all new avenues, experiments and experiences offered in modern global culinary scene right here!

It was a bright sunday afternoon when the who's who of Mumbai culinary scene descended upon Farzi Cafe, its dark elegant interiors welcoming everyone, rocking music and extremely polite + helpful staff ensuring everyone having a gala time. A round of drinks and cocktails made its way to everyone's hands, my favorite Farzi Tina being my companion, perfect for those like me who are not much into alcohol yet wanna get a bit tipsy in its lemony-vodka concoction. There is no room for complaints about small portions or high prices here when dining here is an experience in itself, in fact it is actually value for money compared to many other similar experimental places. For starters, Upma-Mozzarella sticks were pretty nice, crunchy and savory, with a tangy chutney elevating their flavors. 

Moving ahead, I really loved their tangy take on Paneer Tikka with Lachha Paratha, lip smacking dish that I actually cleaned myself (apologies to my fellow foodies who waited to get a taste :P) They also had Wok Tossed Veggies in a Peanut based gravy which was wholesome, crunchy but a bit bland-ish when it came to flavors, I loved the Dhaniya Kulcha they served alongside!

Wholesome Mushroom Biryani and very authentic, very soul satisfying BisiBele Bhaat with Asparagus were lovely main course options for us veggies, easy to fill up on one's quota of veggies everyday if it is served like this!

Oh I know, you all are waiting for a glimpse into the dessert section, where indeed the best is saved for the last. Farzi Sundae is one big jar of extremely rich happiness, needs to be devoured by 3 hungry hulks at least, the twist being Malai Rabdi used in place of regular ice cream to make this a decadent treat. Mind you, if you do not have a sweet jaw like me, you might find this too much after a spoonful itself. I happily devoured an entire jar full of about 30,000 calories :D 

What everyone will love for sure is their Ghevar Rabdi with Saffron Foam, another decadent treat with a twist, this one is a bit less sweet but equally flavorful, and the one dish our table kept reordering at least 5-6 times :D

Need any more motivation to land up at Farzi Cafe anymore? Go get farzified now!

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