Friday 22 May 2020

Sage Apothecary Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Mud Mask Review | Smytten Haul | Beauty Review

Sage Apothecary Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Mud Mask was a part of samples I chose from Smytten... I chose the sample because I was looking forward to detoxifying my skin and cleaning my pores after a particularly stretch of bad skin including rashes, inflammation, acne outbreaks. Most of my sample choices from Smytten were terrific and my skin loved them and I am looking forward to trying their full sizes such as the Votre whipped clay mask and Fuschia Charcoal Mask.

Packaging of  Sage Apothecary Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Mud Mask is simple, a round little transparent plastic pot.

Ingredients list is full of famous ones like bentonite clay, charocoal powder, aloe vera, walnut shell, tea tree, and peppermint.

Claims to deep cleanse, detoxify, bring out all the dirt from the pores while simultaneously nourishing the skin.

Availability of  Sage Apothecary Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree 3 in 1 Mud Mask is decent on online sites such as Amazon or Smytten App. Full size 100 grams available for Rs. 419 which is proper enough for the quantity.

Quantity of this 30 gm sample from Smytten was enough for 4 uses all over my neck and elbows.

Usage - No such instruction on the sample pack. I am assuming it is supposed to be used like any other mask. Cleanse, tone, then apply this in a uniform layer, let it dry, wash off thoroughly.

Effect - As I have used many other clay masks, I had such big expectations from this one too. But this was such a horrible product fail for me :( I thought it would be a Mud Mask like the Fuschia one or Aroma Magic one. But when I opened the little pot, I saw little scrub particles, enough to give my super sensitive skin micro tears..and especially right now I cannot take any chances with such abrasive products...I have used many such products when I was in college and I feel they have made my skin super-sensitive over the years (my fault, for getting sucked in good marketing by big companies and using scrubs every alternate day!)

Yes it is a mud Mask and it is a SCRUB also, best for people who have strong non-sensitive skin and love scrub exfoliation. They should really change its name from mud mask to intense exfoliator since the granules are really big. So I was not using it on my face at all. I used it on my neck and as an exfoliator for my hands. Because thank God, my body and neck skin is not as sensitive as my facial skin.

Overall, I don't really like this product or would recommend it unless someone wants a good exfoliator for their face or neck and their skin won't tear with these big abrasive granules. It left my neck and hands squeaky clean after exfoliation and washing off, but I cannot under any circumstances use it on my face.

  • Free of silicons, parabens
  • Deeply cleanses, exfoliates, leaves skin squeaky clean
  • Available on Amazon, Smytten 
  • The exfoliating granules are too abrasive, not for my sensitive and rashes-prone skin
  • Name is misleading-it says mud pack but it is an exfoliating pack

Recommended -NO. Not good for all skin types and would be too harsh on most people's facial skin. Rating is 1.5/5.

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash Review | Smytten Haul | Beauty Blogger | Beauty Review

Plum is one of the most talked-about and raved beauty brands in India for past couple of years. I had seen its products and multiple reviews from my fellow beauty bloggers but was not sure which one product to pick from their wide range :D When I saw this Pore Cleansing Face Wash from Plum at Smytten as a sample, I thought, BINGO! I can now try this iconic product that seems to be one of the favorites of every beauty blogger :)

Packaging of Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash is very travel-friendly. The simple but beautiful white colored tube has an ultra-tight screw cap that needs full force to open :P

Ingredients list includes Organic Green Tea, Glycolic Acid, and Cellulose Beads and claims to have no soap, no parabens, no SLS, no bad chemicals, and no animal testing ever.

Claims that this face wash is suitable for combination skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin and will banish clogged pores, clean pore-clogging dirt and oil, giving refreshed and healthy skin.

Availability of  all Plum products is very good online on Amazon, Nykaa, Smytten, Flipkart. It is one of the best online brands visibility and availability wise :)

Quantity is this sample tube is enough to last about 10 days when used everyday on face and neck since only a small quantity is needed. I am sure that the full-sized 75 ml tube will easily last one and a half months.

Usage - Like any face wash. Apply on damp skin, massage, rinse off, follow with a moisturizer and sun protection.

Effect - My facial skin is combination-dry, ultra-sensitive and acne-prone so this seems like a good product to try. When I bought the sample from Smytten, I did not pay attention to the fact that it has mild cellulose beads for daily exfoliation. When I finally paid attention to it on the tube, I was worried since my skin breaks out in rashes, redness, pimples if I use any harsh substance/exfoliator on my face. But my worries were needless :) 

The beads are veryyyyy mild and do not tear into my very sensitive skin. Of course, I would suggest anybody with a sensitive skin to use this face wash and any beauty product with any exfoliating beads in a very careful manner or it will definitely scratch your skin. I used it carefully. I applied a thin layer on my damp face, let it sit for 1 minutes and then gently, very lightly massage it and rinsed it off. 

Yes, as per it claims, it completely cleaned my skin, all oil and dirt was gone, my face felt refreshed. From a face wash, I honestly cannot expect anything more. I have not seen any miracles on my acne marks but it is not within the purview of any face wash. 

For miracle results, we need to invest in better moisturizers, serums, oils, lotions that can work on our skin for hours on end. Nobody can get miracles from a face wash that sits on our skin for 1 minute at most.

Overall, I am happy that I tried it, it is good for oily and combination skin but dry skinned beauties will feel their skin turn very dry after using it. So they should choose something else from Plum range of goodies :)

  • No SLS, soap, alcohol, harmful chemicals, and no testing on animals
  • True to claims, leaves skin refreshed and cleans pores
  • Can be bought from Amazon or other online e-commerce sites easily
  • The exfoliating beads may be bad for veryyyyyyyy sensitive skin

Recommended -YES. Just be sure that you are using the exfoliating beads with a light hand and do not have dry skin. Rating is 4/5.    

Thursday 14 May 2020

Votre Multi Vitamin Rejuvenating Whipped Clay Mask Review | Luxury Vegan Ayurveda | Beauty Review

Votre is a luxury brand I often saw on Nykaa, Amazon, and even tried the much-raved Votre Face Serum some years ago and quite liked it. But since I have very sensitive and problematic skin, I do not prefer to invest in expensive products before trying them out and confirming that they don't give any allergies to me. So it was perfect when I saw Votre Multi Vitamin & Rejuvenating Whipped Clay Mask 30 gms sample on Smytten, I could first try it out and see if it suits me.

Packaging of Votre Multi Vitamin & Rejuvenating Whipped Clay Mask is simple and elegant, a curved little plastic tub with secure lid. Votre has sublime packaging and design.

Ingredients list is full of tempting ones like Avocado, Papaya, Strawberry, Sweet Orange, Pomegranate, White Clay, Fullers Earth. Basically it is similar to a fruit pack with clay.

Claims to provide essential vitamins, hydration to the skin, repair it, keep it smooth and irritation-free.

Availability of Votre Multi Vitamin & Rejuvenating Whipped Clay Mask is easy on all online sites such as Amazon, Nykaa, Smytten, Flipkart and pricing is on luxurious side with 50 gm retailing for around Rs. 800.

Quantity of this 30 gm sample from Smytten was enough for 8 uses on my big face :D

Usage - Take required quantity in spatula or spoon, apply all over face and neck, let it dry or semi-dry and wash off. For cold weather or dry skin, wash after 5-10 minutes and apply moisturizer.

Effect - As I have used many other clay masks, I know many of them can be very drying for skin as clays deep cleanse the skin and take out all the oil from the pores. For very oily skin, it may be a blessing but for dry skin, or combination skin, or dry weather, it can be very drying and may lead to redness, rashes, inflammation too. It can be very severe for sensitive skin. 

That is why when I saw 'whipped clay' I wanted to try it because it gave the impression of being fluffly, creamy, and not drying like normal clay masks. And as per my expectation, it is a creamy-textured mask. I cleansed my face and applied it all over in a thin layer and let it semi-dry. It did not feel stretchy dry at all and left my skin smooth, clean, hydrated when I washed it off. 

The first time I applied it, I let it dry completely because of which I saw little red blotches on my cheeks and then I realized my mistake. Then onwards I only let it semi-dry, never completely dry. And my skin always feels extremely soft, extremely smooth, and extremely bright after I rinse it off. It takes a little bit of effort while rinsing off, but that is true for most clay masks. As per general rule, it is important to always follow up with a good moisturizer. Overall, it is a winning product for me :)

  • Vegan, Natural, Organic, Ayurvedic ingredients
  • Leaves skin soft, smooth, hydrated
  • Creamy texture, good for skin that does not tolerate normal stretchy clay texture
  • Available on Amazon, Nykaa, Smytten etc.
  • Expensive
  • If you let it dry completely, super-sensitive skin may get redness or rashes

Recommended -YES. A good face mask with great effect on all skin types. Rating is 4.5/5.

Monday 11 May 2020

Fuschia Activated Charcoal Detox Face Mask Review | Natural Handmade Skincare | Beauty Review

One of the ingredients making the biggest splash in today's global beauty industry is Charcoal. Everybody is talking about it, everybody is raving about its deep-cleansing and detoxifying properties, every brand is launching charcoal-based beauty and skincare products... I have also used Mamaearth C3 Face Mask and Aroma Magic Charcoal Face Mask and loved both of them. 

So when I saw Fuschia Detox Face Mask Activated Charcoal sample at Smytten, I had to try it, more so because I had no clay or charcoal-based beauty product in quarantine and needed something for deep cleansing.

Packaging of Fuschia Detox Face Mask Activated Charcoal is a typical little plastic tab with a secure lid. It feels pretty travel-friendly and compact.

Ingredients list is goodness personified with Rose Water, Kaolin Clay, Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Bentonite, Charcoal Powder, Clove Oil, Vitamin E.

Claims to deep clean, bring out dirt from pores, tighten pores, and smoothen skin.

Availability of Fuschia Vkare Detox Face Mask Activated Charcoal is easy on all online sites such as Amazon, Nykaa, Smytten, Flipkart and pricing is a bit on expensive side with 100 gm retailing for Rs. 450.

Quantity of this 20 gm sample from Smytten was enough for 5 uses on my big face :D

Usage - Apply like a face mask-it is not written on this sample pack. I am assuming since it is a face mask, it must be applied after cleansing and toning skin :D

Effect - As I have used and loved other charcoal based face masks from Mamaearth and Aroma Magic, I had a good idea for what to expect from this one too. I expected it to stay true to its claims and it completely did :) I slathered a thin layer on damp skin after cleansing with Just Herbs Silksplash or Aroma Magic White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash. Then I let it dry for about 6 minutes and then washed off. It truly deep cleansed pores, not much for pore tightening, but it did leave my skin smooth and bright

It is a nice face mask that has some amazing ingredients for deep cleansing skin, keeping it moisturized, brighten it, and they work nicely together. Though very sensitive skin types like me should not use it more than twice a week or it may lead to redness and rashes on cheeks because charcoal, bentonite are very potent ingredients. One thing that I loved-I had a budding pimple on my chin but I used this mask and it instantly reduced the size of the pimple. INSTANTLY!

And it is essential to always follow up with a good moisturizer. This is true of all clay based or charcoal based masks. Overall, it is a winning product for me :)

  • Has some amazing ingredients for deeply cleansing and smoothing skin
  • Works on my super-sensitive acne prone skin
  • Reduces pimples and breakouts instantly
  • Vegan and free of nasty chemicals
  • Available on Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart etc.
  • A bit on expensive side
  • Super-sensitive skin should not use it very frequently-general advice for all potent ingredients

Recommended -YES. A good charcoal-based face mask for all skin types. Rating is 4.5/5.

Saturday 9 May 2020

Aroma Magic White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash Review | Aromatherapy Skincare Essentials | Everyday Pollution Defence | Beauty Review

Aroma Magic products always seem to be a win for my combination acne prone super-sensitive skin. I have used and loved their-

I saw this Aroma Magic White Tea and Chamomile Face Wash sample at Smytten and guess what, this is the only product I picked up because the packaging looked so pretty :D Well, that, and the fact that I trust Aroma Magic products to be good to my skin. I genuinely feel these products are made with a unique formulation that makes them good for all skin types.

Packaging of Aroma Magic White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash is compact and travel-friendly in a tube with flip-open cap. It is one of the most gorgeously designed packaging with a floral theme :)

Ingredients list is unique like all Aroma Magic products with only good stuff like White Tea, Soy Milk, Protein Beads, Chamomile Essential Oil. It has no alcohol, soap, artificial fragrances, coloring, and no testing on animals either.

Claims to deep clean and lightly exfoliate while keeping skin fresh, relaxed, and also works on preventing aging.

Availability of Aroma Magic Products is very easy on all online sites such as Amazon, Nykaa, Smytten, Flipkart and pricing is very reasonable with the 100 ml sized face wash only around Rs. 150.

Quantity of this 20 ml sample from Smytten was enough for 2 weeks on my horse-sized face. Only a little is needed each time.

Usage - Apply to moist face and neck. Massage and rinse off properly. Follow with moisturizer and sunscreen.

Effect - As I said, I have used and absolutely loved all Aroma Magic products I have used over the years. I completely expected to love this face wash too and it did not disappoint me one bit. It is a light-blue colored gel-textured face wash that lathers nicely without being artificially soapy. It has very few exfoliating beads and I was worried they would scratch my skin but actually they did not. Of course, my skin being extra-sensitive, I used very light hands to massage the face wash into my skin so that the beads did not scratch at all. 

As claimed, it deeply cleansed my pores, and at the same time, did not leave my skin dry like a desert either. In summers, it is perfect for cleansing out all the oil but in winters, like all face washes, it may leave the skin feeling dry. In any case, it is always nice to follow up a face wash with a good moisturizer or gel or facial oil, depending on the skin type. I always do :) 

The only thing is, it claims to work as an anti-aging agent but I am not sure, can a face wash actually do that? Anyway, apart from this little thing, everything else about this face wash is awesome and I shall love to repurchase the full-sized one again and again.

  • Devoid of nasties like parabens, soaps, artificial fragrance etc.
  • Amazing fragrance
  • Value for money
  • Deeply cleanses but does not leave skin dry
  • Works nicely on my super-sensitive skin
  • Easily available online on Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart etc.
  • Some people may not like exfoliating beads
Recommended -YES. Like all Aroma Magic products, it works amazing on my skin. Rating is 4.5/5.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

St. D'vence Aloe Vera Gel Review | Aloe Vera With Vitamin E | Smytten Beauty Haul | Beauty Review

Aloe Vera Gel is one of the best multi-functional health and beauty products in the world that not only keep the skin healthy and glowing but also work on acne, pimple marks, dark spots, allergies, redness, inflammation, allergies, insect obviously every skincare and beauty addict needs to have it in their stash. 

Over the years, I have used and absolutely loved Green Leaf Aloe Vera Gel and Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel because these suit my horribly sensitive skin as well as work on acne spots, allergies, redness and inflammation and so on.

I saw this St. D'vence Aloe Vera gel sample at Smytten website and instantly picked it up since my aloe vera stash was over in the quarantine and while I was waiting for my new Patanjali aloe vera gel order to show up, I needed something for emergency skincare situations :D Yup, every time my skin shows even one ounce of trouble, I go directly for aloe vera gel.

Packaging of St. D'vence Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamin E is a simple tube that is pretty travel friendly and compact. 

Ingredients list is not pure 100% or 99% aloe vera gel. Rather it has a long list including Aloe Vera Juice, Vitamin E, Allantoin, Potassium Sorbate, Purified Water, and some other chemicals. It is free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, phtalates.

Claims to work on all skin types as a cooling gel, a non-oily moisturizer for healthy and nourished skin.

Availability of St. D'vence Aloe Vera Gel is limited in online sites such as Amazon, Nykaa, Smytten.

Quantity of this sample from Smytten was enough for 9 days on my horse-sized face.

Usage - Use it as a cooling gel or non-oily moisturizer.

Effect - My facial skin is combination-dry, ultra-sensitive and acne-prone and my biggest concern, as always with any new product, is that it should not react on my skin and give it pimples or redness. 

I have used and loved aloe vera gels from brands such as Patanjali, Just Herbs, Green Leaf, Herb Life, and hoped to do so with St. D'vence too. And it did not disappoint :) I cleansed my face and put on a thin layer every night before sleeping and woke up to soft skin. 

9 days is not enough time to see if a product is working any kind of miracles on old acne marks, pigmentation, fine lines...but it did provide a light glow to my face so I am sure it will work nicely on all the issues that aloe vera gel works on :) 

It is perfectly cooling and calms my skin, did not give my any redness or rashes or allergies on my super-sensitive skin (yes, even aloe vera can sometimes not suit someone's ultra-sensitive skin). I used it with my face packs such as sandalwood, turmeric, licorice powder, curd and it nicely moisturizes as well as soothes skin.

The only thing is that it has a sticky feel and does not seep in completely in the skin, so I cannot use it as a moisturizer in the morning and rather only as a sleeping pack at night. It is no problem with me but some people do not like such sticky feeling..but then it may also work differently on different skin types, who knows!

  • Cooling gel
  • Works on my super-sensitive skin
  • Works well directly on skin as well as after mixing in face packs
  • Quite value-friendly
  • Not easily available. 
Recommended -YES. I liked it as a cooling and soothing aloe vera gel and it works nicely on my super-sensitive skin. Rating is 4.5/5.