Sunday 14 August 2016

Rainbow Rasoi | Exotic Gourmet Homemade Meals | Home Delivery Powai Mumbai | Food Review |

No matter where we are, ultimately our maa ke haath ka khana/ homecooked food is what satisfies our soul, so agree all the foodies :) How about some gourmet dishes prepared fresh, with all natural ingredients, no added colors/preservatives/flavors, served with the same mom's homecooked meal feel? That is exactly what Chef Radhika Ichhpuniani endeavours through Rainbow Rasoi - presenting a rainbow of colors and flavors, inspired from the kitchen secrets & recipes learnt from her mother, flamed by her passion for cooking, serving pure vegetarian meals cooked the traditional way on flame or oven,not frozen & reheated in a microwave :) 

It was thus an honor to be able to taste some of Rainbow Rasoi's offerings for breakfast on a lazy morning at office :) It is easy to order meals at Rainbow Rasoi's website and Chef Radhika is always there to help anyone out regarding which dishes to choose, how much portion to order and any other queries regarding delivery location,timings etc. A pleasure ordering in from Rainbow Rasoi, amplified by the superlative food. 

We had a hearty breakfast meal with portion of each dish enough for 2 people. Packaging is very secure and spill-proof, delivery was done dot on time at 9.30 AM.

masala aloo sandwiches

Make vegetarian sandwich

Delicious Masala Aloo Sandwiches were the perfect start to the day, crunchy, crispy and filling. For those who love a healthier start, go for sprouts with tomatoes,onions and capsicums which an office colleague on raw food diet loved :D

Health Food

Juicy grilled pineapples and apples were decent fruity addition to the mix, my sister would have liked them to be a bit less sweeter, but no problems from my sweet jaw as it was marinated perfectly and gave a sweet-spicy kick :D

Grilled Apple Pineapple

India Methi ke Parathe

The star dishes would have to be succulent Methi Parathas and Paneer Bhurji with Pav. Absolutely authentic Methi Parathas with very little oil stole my heart while my sister relished the soft minced Paneer which would make even hardcore non vegetarians convert to a vegetarian breakfast :)

Indian Vegetarian breakfast

India vegetarian breakfast delivery

The best part about the food is how fresh and natural it all is, not a hint of anything having been added artificially to enhance the looks or taste, it feels wholesome and I would definitely come back to taste everything else Chef Radhika has to offer. In fact, looking at her website and the wide array of dishes that she offers-from Rajma Chawal to Pasta and more, it seems like a long party ahead for all foodies in Powai and surrounding areas :D


  1. Wonderful review, Richa :) I have never tasted Methi paratha and grilled pineapple :( they seem mouthwatering ya! Time to order some of these :)
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    1. Oh then you have to have to haveeeeee tooooo try them out pronto :D

  2. Methi parata and grilled pineapple, Would eat them everyday :D They should ship it nationwide lol Delicious food :D

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