Thursday 1 September 2016

Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Roop Nikhar Gulab | Best Beauty Buy | Product Review

Having already used Forest Essentials Tejasvi Ubtan and loved it to the core, I knew I had to use other Forest Essentials products too, each one of which has absolutely charmed me. We all have heard of Forest Essentials as the first name when it comes to Indian Luxury Beauty Brands and having used some of their fantastic products first hand, have to agree with it :) 
Forest Essentials Facial Exfoliator Natural Ayurvedic Organic Skincare

This is not just marketing fluff, this really is a divine brand with authentic Ayurvedic Beauty Recipes which we should all prefer instead of feeding our skins with chemical cocktails.

 Natural Ayurvedic Organic Beauty product Review

Forest Essentials products are premium and available at their beauty stores, on their website and even on Flipkart, Amazon but availability could be an issue, just like with Just Herbs products as these have to be crafted with natural ingredients in batches :)

  Forest Essentials Natural Ayurvedic Beauty Product Review

Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Roop Nikhar Gulab is available for Rs. 825 for 50 grams. Claims to impart smooth,soft,glowing skin and porcelain complexion with Ingredients such as Rose Flower Powder, Orange Peel Powder, Neem Leaf Powder, Turmeric Powder, Saffron Flower Extract, Camphor Leaf Oil in Ubtan form. Packaging is elegant travel friendly jar and Quantity is enough to last more than a month even when used everyday :)
 Indian Ayurvedic Luxury Beauty Brand Forest Essentials Award Winning Products

Ubtan is one of India's oldest Ayurvedic beauty tool to exfoliate and smoothen skin. Forest Essentials Ubtans are very authentic in terms of texture and ingredients. Roop Nikhar Gulab Ubtan has a very strong fragrance of rose, very pleasing and refreshing but maybe too strong for sensitive noses. Very little is required to make a paste with aloe vera juice, milk or curd depending on skin type. I mix it with curd and it is quite difficult to get proper consistency that will stick to skin for long duration. Very grainy texture which means sensitive skin should not rub it vigorously or it will leave behind scars/red marks. 

Leave it on face for half hour, wash off and it does leave behind smooth skin,pores are a bit shrunk and I also feel that it works on blackheads and whiteheads (not deep ones, but superficially yes!) There is no magical effect but using it over one month has definitely smoothened my skin and imparted a glow. No porcelain complexion though but softness is definitely visible :)

  • Forest Essentials is a premium luxury brand using purest ingredients
  • Beautiful Rose fragrance
  • Imparts glowing, smooth and soft skin
  • Works a bit on superficial blackheads & whiteheads
  • Tightens skin and shrinks pores a bit too
  • Turmeric gives cleaner complexion over extended usage
  • Mixing with curd makes it moisturizing for dry skin
  • Lasts a really long time as very little quantity is needed per usage
  • No porcelain complexion observed
  • Texture is very grainy and can hurt sensitive skin if not careful
  • Rose fragrance might be too overpowering for very sensitive noses
  • Mixing with aloe vera/milk/curd is an arduous process to get the consistency just right,not too thick and not too watery
  • Expensive 

Recommended - YES for dry and combination-dry skin, maybe not much for oily skin. Rating is 3.75/5.


  1. Forest essential products burn a hole in your pocket! But I love that they are natural and organic!

    1. Absolutely, they are very expensive but because they have natural ingredients it really works nicely on my sensitive skin unlike many other award winning brands that have so many chemicals :)


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