Sunday 25 March 2018

Roots & Herbs Kesar Radiant Skin Men's Ubtan Review | Natural Ayurvedic Formulation | Beauty Review | Lifestyle Blogger India

Roots & Herbs Kesar Radiance Enhancing Skin Ubtan, an ubtan worth checking out.

I got friends. Some of them are incapable of reading labels accurately. More specifically, one certain friend (who shall remain unnamed, I am looking at you M :P) who got me a Men's Ubtan as birthday present!

When I got Roots & Herbs Kesar Radiant Skin Ubtan, the first thing I noticed was 'Men's Face Ubtan' written clearly over the label and immediately dashed off an email to them on facebook asking if it was suitable for women's skin too since there was no way my father would ever use it on his face! I was totally prepared to throw it away (without my friend ever knowing it) but these good peoples told me it would not harm my skin as it is completely natural. I decided to carefully give it a try.

So first I tried it on my hands as a ubtan mixed with curd and saw that it did not lead to any kind of itchiness, rashes or allergies. After 3 days I decided to try it on my super sensitive, combination-dry, acne prone skin too. It was not a bad decision :)

Packaging of Roots & Herbs Kesar Radiance Enhancing Skin Ubtan is quite elegant and full of information on its natural ingredients as well as effects, it is also very travel friendly. Its Ingredients list is full of natural Ayurvedic as well as exotic herbs such as Saffron extract, Ghrit Kumari extract, Kapoor, Rose Petals, Licorice extract, White Sandalwood, Nutmeg extract, Fig extract, Manjistha, Almond oil, Vitamin E oil and more. Claims to even tone complexion, removing tan & blemishes, remove dead skin cells to impart smooth & clear skin. I have not seen it anywhere in offline stores but it is available online on Amazon for Rs. 980 for 100 gramsQuantity is good enough to last for 2 months as a little goes a long way.

For my facial skin, I have almost exclusively relied on Ayur Face Packs + Forest Essentials Tejasvi Ubtan as well as Narangi & Nagkesar Ubtan. So I was not sure of  Roots & Herbs Kesar Radiance Enhancing Skin Ubtan doing anything better. My expectations were at their lowest but to my surprise, this ubtan met them all and then some :) I don't know why I had never seen this brand anywhere or seen any advertisement for the same too but I am happy my friend introduced me to Roots & Herbs.

On their elegant tub it is clearly written that they do not use parabens, SLS, mineral oil, artificial colors, artificial perfumes, silicons, alcohol and are completely against animal testing. On opening the little tub, it looks like any ubtan, has a herbal smell. It is supposed to be used with an activator but I used curd as usual to make a paste.

Due to presence of camphor, it feels cool on applying which is great for Indian weather. It is clearly written on the tub that it should not be dried completely (I guess because then it will suck out all the moisture from skin) and I always let it dry midway and wash it off. On washing, my skin feels deeply cleaned and pores look smaller

Most importantly, even though it is men's ubtan, it has not done any harm to my facial skin even though I have used it everyday for almost a month now. It makes my skin feel smoother and softer and I like using it during evenings as it calms my skin after a hard day's work :) I cannot say that it has magically even-toned my skin but natural Ayurvedic products take some time to show long-lasting results (on the tub also it is written use regularly for 6-8 weeks to see solid results). So I am going to use it for more time and hopefully it will also even-tone my skin. As of now, I am really happy with it and am tempted to try more products from Roots & Herbs :)

  • Full of natural potent Ayurvedic ingredients 
  • Lasts good long time as small amount is needed 
  • Devoid of any harmful ingredients and 100% Indian Vegan Beauty Brand
  • Even though it is formulated for 'men's kin', does not harm women's skin too :)
  • Suits even my ultra sensitive skin, no allergies or pimples 
  • Makes my skin deeply cleaned, soft, smooth 
  • Calms skin, feels cool and reduces inflammation

  • Not easily available, I got it as a gift, bought by my friend from Amazon

Recommended -YES! Even being a men's ubtan, it has suited and worked well on my skin so I am going to try more ubtans and products from Roots & Herbs :) Rating is 4.5/5

Monday 19 March 2018

Khadi Sweet Almond Oil Review | Skin & Hair Oil | Beauty Review | Lifestyle Beauty Blogger India

Khadi Sweet Almond Oil, a must-have in every beauty bag.

For my super sensitive, combination-dry, acne prone, occasionally patchy and occasionally oily skin, there are very few oils that work in making it glow without clogging the pores! Khadi Sweet Almond Oil is definitely one of them. 

I had used another brand of almond oil once about 4 years ago when I had gone to a bargain beauty store with a friend and just picked it up on a lark. It worked quite well on my skin (facial as well as body) but at that time my skin was not very acne prone. When I started getting angry pimples outbreak I stopped using all oils. But now in past year my skin has been behaving very erratically so I decided to incorporate Khadi Sweet Almond Oil in my beauty regime :) 

Packaging of Khadi Sweet Almond Oil is very basic and it does not feel very travel friendly either, especially its flimsy cap which is the same story for all Khadi products I have bought. Its Ingredients list simply says Sweet Almond oil. Claims to prevent blackheads, acne,  hairloss as well as deeply soften and moisturize both hair as well as skin. It is available in Khadi stores as well as online on Amazon for around Rs. 600 for 210 mlQuantity is good enough to last for 2-3 months as only a couple of drops are needed to apply it on skin as well as hair,by mixing it with other oils/face packs/body scrubs.

I have found Khadi Sweet Almond Oil to be quite natural, does not have an artificial smell, it is neither very thick nor very runny, looks golden but when applied it does not have any tint. 

For my facial skin, I rely mostly on Ubtans and Forest Essentials Tejasvi Ubtan as well as Narangi & Nagkesar Ubtan are my favorite with most amazing glow, smoothness and softness imparted to my skin. So how I use Khadi Sweet Almond Oil is adding a couple of drops in my ubtan + yogurt mix and apply it on my face for 15-20 minutes every alternate day. 

I also make body scrubs/packs with multani mitti, besan, curd and add a couple of sweet almond oil there also. Both ways, I have seen that my skin is left moisturized perfectly, my skin is not patchy nor is it stretchy or extremely oily. This is best for combination as well as dry skin. Maybe very oily skin will not like this moisturizing aspect.

Similarly, for hair, I use it in conjunction with castor/olive/coconut oil and my extremely dry + frizzy hair likes the combination, I have seen reduction in hairfall as well as the itchiness on my scalp. I am also taking biotin supplements but my hair feels better so I know these oil combinations are also playing their part in caring for my hair :)

I have tried using Khadi sweet almond oil as a body massage oil too but my body skin is extremely dry so I actually prefer using other heavy duty lotions or creams such as Forest Essentials Nargis Body Cream. The good thing is that this sweet almond oil gets absorbed quite quickly and does not leave a stain behind on clothes. For mildly dry skin, this is a great massage option, especially during summers when nobody wants very creamy body lotions. 

  • Feels natural and pure :) 
  • Lasts a long time as a small amount is needed 
  • Khadi is pure Indian brand, rooted in our villages, so feels good to be a part of this swadesi movement :) 
  • Can be used on facial skin through ubtans or home made scrubs, same for body and on hair too. Completely multi-faceted.
  • Suits even my ultra sensitive skin,no breakouts or pimples 
  • Leaves my confused + problematic skin baby soft, smooth and moisturized
  • Have to say that after using it for over a month, I feel like my pores are clearer, not clogged at all.
  • Quite effective on arresting hairfall and making hair shinier, less frizzier, especially when used in conjunction with other oils
  • Quite easily available offline as well as online on Amazon, Nykaa etc.

  • Very oily skinned beauties might feel it too heavy on their face
  • Packaging is not good, cap is very flimsy and not travel friendly at all

Recommended -YES! One of the few products that is a timeless classic and can be used in multiple ways to keep skin healthy :) Rating is 5/5

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Parisien Pattiserie | Exotic Vegetarian French Desserts In Mumbai | Food Review | Food Photography

Happy to have been here for a review session recently :) Just cross the road from High Street Phoenix main entrance and walk straight for literally 2 minutes to reach this cute little patisserie. Very small place, more of pastry-cake-macaroons-chocolates pick up place, it has been decorated nicely to give little Parisian feel. 

Staff is very polite and the display instantly gives a premium feel as it is not loaded with usual chocolate/ black forest/ red velvet/ mix fruits cakes, pastries and puffs. Rather beautiful and unique offerings make up the display. Prices are indeed on higher side, but each delicacy is made of quality ingredients and has unique flavor profile, so prices seem well deserved for gourmet feel and taste.

We started off with LE BRESIL TROPICAL - Pineapple Compote with hint of Mango and Coconut Mousse presented in a Martini glass in layers, this is just the kind of light and refreshing dessert that we would want on a hot summer day, the only complaint is that it got over very fast :P If you do not like very sweet dessert, go blindly for this.

Next up FRENCH FRAMBOISE - Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Ganache, Berry Compote & Chocolate Sponge, this is perhaps the prettiest one and also a must-try. Be aware, it is dense and every mouthful probably contains 50,000 calories (or so it will feel in the gym later :P) But honestly, the combination of chocolate and tangy raspberry is beautiful. Not tooooo tangy, but enough to make it memorable and look at that red color, isn't it inviting.

Now, the chocoholic in me is shouting happily about COCOA NOIR - Truffle & Chocolate Joconde, Pate Sablee filled with Nuts, I hardly shared it with my sister because CHOCOLATE baby :D Oh and the crunchiness of nuts and the biscuit at the bottom, have all the layers together-soft and spongy and crunchy, I am gonna have this again and again.... 

Finally, my sister's most favorite TARTE AUX FRAISES - Multi layered dessert consisting of French biscuit, Strawberry Gelee, Mint Mousse cubes garnished with Pistachio, a melange of fresh flavors. Perfect for hot afternoon, this one is light + tangy and that hint of mint in the end is explosive to say the least. 

There were more inviting and one-of-a-kind desserts on display that we will have to come back for, including yummy fresh cakes that made me wish I had a birthday this week. Definitely a must check-out place for all dessert fanatics :)

Monday 12 March 2018

Loreal Paris Clay Mask Review | Pure-Clay Exfoliate & Refine Pores | Beauty Review | Indian Beauty Lifestyle Fashion Blogger

Loreal Paris brings a good face mask for all skin types.
While I was on a beauty buying spree couple of months ago, I was very focused on getting products specifically for pore care i.e. cleaning pores, refining them, dealing with blackheads et al. I got a gem in Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask and Loreal Paris Pure-Clay Exfoliate & Refine Pores Mask was also bought in the same spree.
Since my skin is combination type and leans more towards dry than oily, I decided to go with Exfoliate & Refine instead of Purify & Mattify which seems to be geared more for oily skin types. Loreal Paris products have in the past not done any miracles on my skin but since almost every beauty blogger I know was going gaga over these little clay mask bottles, I decided to give it a spin too :)

L’OrĂ©al Paris Pure Clay Mask Exfoliate & Refine Pores has 3 clays namely Kaolin + Montmorillonite + Moroccan Lava Clay along with Red Algae as its major Ingredients. Packaging looks good, colorful, but the little jar is bulky and not very travel friendly. Claims that Loreal Pure Clay Mask Exfoliate & Refine Pores addresses dead skin cells as well as dirt & oil build up to reveal polished, pore minimized and smooth complexion. Quantity is very less compared to price and even though only a little is needed every time, it will still get over in less than 3 weeks if used thrice a week.
Bought it from Amazon for Rs. 638 for 48 grams.
Opening the jar for the first time was a little disappointing since the quantity is so less. But only a little is needed to apply all over the face. The texture is creamy, color is beautiful coral (reddish-brownish), it spreads over face easily, hardens over 10 minutes after which I use warm water to wash it off. Minute exfoliating particles give deep cleaning to skin while washing it off.
My sensitive skin did not find anything allergic in the ingredients. My skin was left smooth though it did not do any magic on pores to shrink them but atleast face was deeply cleaned and it felt baby soft. I would say, this should be used before going out for a wedding or party because it immediately cleans skin deeply without making it dry and gives a nice glow. It also makes skin smooth to put on any makeup like magic so works like a primer in that sense :) Overall, happy with the product as it mostly does what it says.

  • Does what it claims
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • Exfoliates without scratching skin
  • Does not make skin dry after washing off unlike other clay masks
  • Imparts glow
  • Works like a primer for putting on makeup
  • Mild fragrance
  • Available online on Amazon, Nykaa etc.
  • No magic on pores
  • Not very effective on blackheads (though they do lessen after repeated applications)
  • Very expensive for quantity provided
Recommended- YES. Overall it is a satisfactory product. If they took care of quantity, it would be near perfect. Rating is 4/5.

Sunday 11 March 2018

The Wine Rack Mumbai | Not Just For Wine Lovers | Food Review | Restaurant Review

I am not an alcohol fan. I don't go to nightclubs. I am the boring girl who stays home on weekends re-reading Harry Potter or binge watching Parks & Recreation than chill out with a glass of wine at some happening hot-spot. So how does The Wine Rack figure in my scheme of things? Well, I was here for a review and places like these are of special interest to me. If a pure vegetarian non-drinker like me can find a place (specially targeted towards wine lovers) worthy of repeat visit, then it is worth it. And yes, The Wine Rack is worth it :)

Situated inside High Street Phoenix mall, it is a pretty spacious dining destination with 3 distinct areas. Walk in to a lounge/community table area (they conduct wine tastings throughout the week here), followed by a bar/ high chairs area and finally a proper sit-down fine dining area (dimmed lighting). Unmissable array of over 300 varieties of wine from 35 regions around the world, stacked through entire wall length, clearly shows the core focus. The perceived snootiness of wine consumption is completely waved away here as the casual relaxed ambiance is coupled with quick-on-their feet, always smiling and helpful staff who will make just the right suggestion for your wine and dine needs :-) 

For our review session, we started off with a couple of delicious Red & White Wine Sangrias. Not being aware of even A-B-C of any alcohol based drink, I have no idea which brand of wine it was. My sister vouches that both were delicious. I stuck to Fresh Lime Soda and it was freakishly good so I reordered that :D

Started off with KARARI ROTI, the famous dome-shaped crispy roomali roti people usually have as chakhna with drinks, this one had just the right proportion of butter and hint of red chilli + masalas. If we did not know that we had to taste other dishes we would have filled up on this alone.

My absolute FAVORITE of the evening was CHARGRILLED ZUCCHINI KULCHA, with Pesto, Pine Nuts, Goat Cheese elevating it to another level. Masterchef Sarah Todd has done beautiful fusion of Indian and European elements. It was soft, cheesy, gooey coupled with crunchy and fresh, good portion too. 2 of this is enough to fill up a light eater.

GOAT CHEESE CHURROS served with Truffle Cream and Chilli Sauce were my sister's favorite. I am not into Churros much but these were crispy on outside and real cheesy, flavorful, soft inside and felt like heaven with truffle cream dip. My sister would definitely come back for these.

SHIITAKE-WOMBOK MOMO with Ponzu, Chilli Dip - The usual soft texture of momo was gives a crispy cover and shiitake-wombok filling was extremely generous, loved it. BUT I felt that Ponzu (tangy soy based dip) was very salty and made the momo toooo salty, so I suggest stay away from that if you are over-sensitive to salt like me. Otherwise momo was good.

CRISPY TOFU, ENOKI MUSHROOM, HOLY BASIL all Stir Fried, this is one dish that would not generate much excitement on paper, but together the textures of tofu, 2 types of mushroom and basil are explosively good in reality and the gravy it was presented in was flavorful. Recommended for anyone who wants to venture into something unique. 

HALF & HALF PIZZA with one half of MUSHROOM, THYME, GORGONZOLA, CARAMELISED ONIONS and other half of RICOTTA, PARSLEY, PARMESAN WHITE SAUCE, ROCKET. These will warm the heart of anyone who does not like thin crust pizzas that are in vogue nowadays. Thick crust (baked in-house) sourdough pizzas with generous cheese and decent amount of premium toppings. I loved the crust more than the toppings actually :D

SPINACH, GOAT CHEESE, ARTICHOKE Pastilla- My second FAVORITE of the night, this is one healthy option with generous spinach encased in flaky buttery pastry and just a hint of goat cheese. This is for health nuts because spinach is not fancy dressed up,it is just plain boiled version which will not be everyone's cup of tea. I like that they have got this on the menu. 

For desserts, chocolate lovers can go for CHOCOLATE CHILLI MOUSSE with vanilla paprika anglaise- very dense chocolate mousse, I did not really discern any chilli flavor but the chocoholic in me was happy with dark choco deliciousness. It is actually a meal in itself!
ICED NOUGAT with red wine pomegranate coulis is for light dessert lovers, this is loaded with nuts and pistachio and creamy to the hilt. It might remind you of the best kesar pista kulfi you have ever had, just a much creamier and gourmet version that I would certainly reorder when I am back here.

So you see, even a non-drinker, pure vegetarian foodie like me loved some choicest dishes here. The Wine Rack, while certainly a heaven for wine lovers, is a welcoming foodie destination for everyone (wine lover or not) with a comprehensive menu designed by Masterchef Sarah Todd and don't forget, it is perpetually Friday Night in here, so brings your friends along to relax :--)

Monday 5 March 2018

Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask Review | Korean Beauty Brand | Indian Beauty Lifestyle Fashion Blogger

The ONLY blackhead treatment you will ever need.

Oh my complicated skin. I can probably write a complete encyclopedia on my skin's changing colors :P It was absolutely normal in childhood, then it turned into a desert-level parched in college, then it turned oily and now it alternates between dry, oily, combination, acne prone, blemish prone, sensitive, easily reddened, sun damaged and so on.... Add to the list, perennial blackheads infestation on my nose and a bit on chin! After having tried nearly every scrub available in the market, I have realized that the scrubs are just scratching my skin without having any effect on blackheads at all :(
Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask Review
Enter Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask. Last month I was browsing through some of my favorite beauty blogs and came across tonnes of post about Korean Beauty Products that are apparently the latest craze in town. Innisfree particularly captured my attention with mention of Volcanic Ash that digs out impurities from deep inside the pores and I got Super Volcanic Clay Mousse pronto :)
Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask Review
Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask comes in a compressed can, Packaging is practical and travel friendly. Its Ingredients are mainly Volcanic Ash and Kaolin Clay along with Lactic Acid, Silica, Walnut Shell Powder, Willow Bark Extract and a bunch of preservatives/chemical-y sounding stuff. Quantity is good enough to last 3 months even when used twice a week diligently. Claims to completely remove extra sebum, dust, fill in pores and fine lines, give complete pore care.

Bought it from Amazon for around Rs. 1700 for 100 ml. This is also available in a jar as a clay mask, I bought mousse because it is a bit better for drier skin whereas normal or oily skin can buy the super volcanic clay mask (non mousse) and it will perform the same too.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask Review

This is the first time I have used a product like this and instantly fell in love with it! The product is a grey colored mousse that easily spreads all over the face and hardens into a clay mask within 10-15 minutes after which it needs to be removed with lukewarm water. Little exfoliating bits smoothen the face but the main effect is seen with the combination of volcanic ash + clay that removes all impurities, instantly clears pores and almost magically removes all blackheads as well as whiteheads.

I was not expecting much from it but when I saw my clear face the first time, I was literally dancing with happiness. My face looked as if I just had a professional cleanup done in some salon! My nose was full of dozens of blackheads and after using this just the 1st time, it came down to 3-4 blackheads that are truly deeeeep seated.

My skin is sensitive so there was a little bit of redness on my cheeks since I had used heavy hand pressure while removing the mask but now after using it for 2 months I have understood the importance of using light hand movements and I get no more redness. My blackheads keep coming back but I no longer have to go to beauty salon to remove them and can do it easily at home. Moreover, I find better result with using warm water instead of cold water. My pores feel smaller and skin looks fresher every time I use it and I wish I could use it everyday but that would be overkill so twice a week it is :)

  • Works on blackheads and whiteheads like nothing else
  • Gives beauty salon level clean and fresh skin at home
  • Skin looks healthier with each application
  • Does exactly what it claims, complete pore care
  • Does not scratch skin like normal scrubs yet exfoliates deeply
  • Suits every skin type
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Lasts long time, value for money 
  • Available in Innisfree stores as well as online on Amazon, Nykaa etc.

  • Looks expensive but totally worth it. Still to spend Rs. 1700 on one product might seem excessive to some (But think of all the salon visits it is saving!)
  • After taking out the product, tightly shut the cap immediately or the product will congest the area 
  • Very sensitive skin might get some redness in beginning

Recommend- YES! A million times YES! There isn't a better product for pore cleaning and blackhead removal at home. Forget scrubs and salon visits, BUY IT NOW! Rating is 5/5

Sunday 4 March 2018

Oh! Fudge Mumbai Review | Sinful Dessert Fudge Thickshake Sundae Feast | Food Review

My sister is a fudge fanatic and waits for Lonavala's famous Cooper's fudge to make an appearance at our home like a religious festival :D I had plans of taking her here for a review session but unfortunately our work schedules did not match up. No issues, the generous hosts here got me a bunch of fudge jars to share with my sister at home and then comprehensively review them. So here goes! 

First of all, this is a very small outlet situated inside a general store right at the corner of road of Carter's Blue! Small but warm is how I would describe the ambiance. It is colorful and fun. Main focus is obviously on the merchandise i.e. fudge in a variety of flavors. They use high quality ingredients and honestly everything tastes top-notch here. Service is quick. Apart from fudge in cups/jars, they also have shakes (fudgeshake/thickshake), fudge in a waffle cone and fudge sundae. Basically it is fudge heaven. 

I started off with 'world's thickest shake'. Not being any kind of shake fan myself, I was a bit hesitant to try it but it was fantastic. I got lovely combo of DARK CHOCOLATE + ALMONDS + CARAMEL and the flavor overload (crunchy plus salty plus sweet) was evident in every sip. Truly, thickest-fudge-shake I have ever had, this one is more like a meal and needs to be eaten rather than sipped. Loved it. 

Then I tried a bunch of fudge samples- 
DARK CHOCOLATE + HAZELNUT = Smokey, crunchy 
WHITE CHOCOLATE + PISTACHIO = If you love Milkybar chocolate, this will be your poison 
CHOCOLATE + COFFEE = Coffee lovers, get high on this, sharp coffee tinge in each mouthful 
DARK CHOCOLATE + MINT = Chocolate and mint doing a hide and seek here, I do not like mint in my food/dessert at all, this one is a big exception here, truly re-orderable 
My Favorite NUT FEST with DARK CHOCOLATE + HAZELNUT + WALNUT + ALMOND + CASHEWS = Pure bliss ♥ Nutty, smokey, sinful, the fudge of my dreams basically :D 
My 2nd favorite CHOCOLATE + ORANGE = density of chocolate with acidity of orange and real orange peel bits make this a must-have for unique flavor lovers. 

I ended up bringing jars of Nut Fest, Choco-Orange and Choco-Mint home, shared with my sister and she looooooooved it too. Good thing that these guys deliver all over India so we do not need to wait to go to Lonavala for fudge :) 

Prices are a bit high but looking at the quality, no reason to complain. They are also coming out with new flavors soon so we are all ready to indulge in those. Overall, if you are a fudge lover, this should be your must-check-out place and if you are not, you will be once you check them out. There is something for every tastebud here ♥

Saturday 3 March 2018

Coppetto Artisan Gelato Mumbai Review | Vegetarian Dessert Bonanza Feast | Food Review | Food Photography

Welcome to the gelato paradise that will ensure your new year resolution of dieting goes for a toss like it did for me :P But hey,this is what cheat days are for! 

Located just round the corner from Moti Mahal, an elegant small outlet serving creamy gelato with exotic flavors. Each flavor is made of real gourmet ingredients, so if we choose chocolate we get real chocolate, not artificial flavor. If we want guava, we get real guava in every scoop, not synthetic guava syrup. 

The display looks delicious, each flavor tempting and worth a try. Staff is very polite, helpful, efficient and gelato can be opted for in cups or cones, single flavor as well as half & half. Even small cups are generously filled to the brim so I won't complain about prices, they are reasonable for premium quality. The whole vibe here is positive and luxurious. 

I actually tried every single flavor and honestly am hard pressed to find fault in anything. If I have to nitpick, maybe strawberry cheesecake would be the weakest flavor for me because I could discern the strawberry but no cheesecake, and also the cookies and cream was not very appealing for me. But other than these, I loved literally every single flavor. (Also, taste is subjective so what I don't like may very well be loved by someone else) 

FERRERO ROCHER - Real ferrero flavor, I paired it with Pista,lovely :D 

PISTACHIO- Dear God, the creamiest version of Pistachio, soft and serene, a must-must-try :) 

DARK CHOCOLATE - Smoothest, sinful dark chocolate version of gelato, cannot share with anyone :P I paired it with Amarena. 

AMARENA - Vanilla with Sour Cherries, this was my favorite, a bit tangy, a whole lot creamy, very calorific :D This and dark chocolate together made me go in #foodcoma 

GUAVA SORBET - Remember those childhood days of eating guava slices with chilli powder on top during summer? This is a repeat telecast of that exact taste. Cannot miss this tangy icy delight. I paired it with Kiwi Banana. 

KIWI BANANA SORBET- There was less of banana and more of Kiwi in this, making this a super tangy and sharp flavor, loved it with guava alongside, perfect for scorching summer afternoons. Ensure you are not allergic to tanginess overload when having these! 

HAZELNUT - For those who do not prefer the dense dark chocolate version, go for this milder version. I paired it with Raspberry. 

RASPBERRY SORBET -Another tangy berry-licious flavor, for those trying to ward off summer or needing something lighter than a creamy gelato flavor. Loved the color and punch of raspberries in every bite! So I tried to cut down on my calorie intake by trying every flavor in a half and half cup version, still must have indulged in about 5000 kcal in a single afternoon. 

My initial plan was to just have 1-2 flavors and scoot but once I started trying, just couldn't stop. Coppetto gets my hulk level appreciation for creating this gelato heaven. Hulk Happy. Must Eat More Gelato Here. Over and Out. :)