Monday 2 November 2020

Bella Vita Organic NicoLips Lip Lightening Scrub Balm Review | Ultimate Lip Care Product | Beauty Review | Product Review

Lips remain one of the most neglected areas, even for the most ardent beauty buffs. While we spend a fortune on serums and masks and moisturizers and oils for our facial skin and butters and scrubs for our body, we hardly give a glance to our lips other than buying lip balms or lip colors. But thanks to the modern stressful lifestyle, sun exposure, aging, environmental concerns, and other such reasons, we are often reminded of the need to take care of our lips too when they turn pigmented, dark, chapped, dehydrated, and succumb to the vagaries of age/ pollution/ sun exposure etc.

Something similar happened to me, as thanks to pollution and sun damage my lips had become very pigmented at the beginning of this year so I have devoted this year to finding great products for all my troublesome areas, including lips. After a lot of search, browsing through multiple reviews by beauty experts and talking to some of my friends, I zeroed down on Bella Vita Organic NicoLips Lip Lightening Scrub Balm.

Exfoliate, Moisturize, Brighten, it is not everyday you meet an all-purpose superstar product for your lips. Nico Lips by Bella Vita Organic is definitely one such all-in-one-star.

Packaging of Bella Vita Organic NicoLips Lip Lightening Scrub Balm is very cute in a small plastic pot. It is noteworthy that it is shipped in a handy, eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical jute bag packaging.  

Ingredients list includes a delicious mix of natural oils and scrub particles i.e. Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Oats grits, Olive Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Walnut Grits etc..

Claims that this little miracle pot helps exfoliate, lighten, brighten, soften lips in a matter of 4 weeks.

Availability of Bella Vita Organic NicoLips Lip Lightening Scrub Balm is very good online on Bella Vita Organic website as well as Amazon and the 20 gram pot is available for Rs. 399 only. 

Quantity is 20 grams which is enough to last for 2 months at least, even when used once everyday. I have been using this everyday at night for the past 15 days and I have barely used up 1/3rd the quantity, and that too because I am very generous and use it more like a lip mask. 

Usage - Apply lips, massage/exfoliate in circular motion, let it sit for 1-2 minutes, wash/rinse off.

Effect - First of all, look at the gorgeous color! It looks like strawberry pulp, and even smells very tempting. I have a hard time trying not to eat it. It has a delicious texture and feels cool against my fingers, and again I have to remind myself that it is not an edible item. 

I mildly scrub my lips every night with it and then leave it for about 5 minutes before wiping it off. Then I add a thin layer of my fav lip Butter and go to sleep. Mind you, I apply it generously like a lip mask and let the goodness of its amazing ingredients seep into my lips before wiping it off and then it is essential to top off with one's favorite lip balm or butter because it completely exfoliates my lips and leaves it on the drier side.

While I know nothing can or should change the natural color of one's lips (or skin!), it would be nice to get a natural plumpness and pinkishness to my lips and this is why I chose to invest in Nico Lips, perpetually at number 1 bestseller position in Amazon list. It has just been a fortnight and already I can see results. 

NO it has not turned my lips miraculously pink overnight. In fact, I would be alarmed if it did because that would mean inclusion of possibly dangerous bleaching ingredients.

NO it has not turned my lips looking cosmetically enhanced like I have had some artificial plumper or filler added to it.

But YES what it has done is, I can see significant decrease in my pollution and sun-exposure related pigmentation on my lips.

YES it exfoliates and brightens just like it claims, and once I have used it, the lip balm goes on smoothly and I feel my lips are plumped up throughout the day.

Naturally my lips have a brownish-maroon color and I expect Bella Vita Organic NicoLips to bring that shade back to my lips. I am hopeful that in the next 2-4 weeks of continuous usage, I would be able to demonstrate its complete efficacy. As of now, I am really enjoying its texture, incredibly tempting fragrance, the lip scrubbing and masking experience, and slow but distinct decrease in my lip pigmentation.  


  • Organic, free of bad chemicals

  • Delicious blend of ingredients such as rosehip oil, vitamin e, oats, and more

  • Lasts a really long time

  • Looks edible, very tempting texture and natural fragrance

  • True to its claims of exfoliating, brightening, softening

  • After using it, lip balm/butter glides smoothly on lips


  • Be careful while scrubbing or the gritty particles can hurt your delicate lips. This is not a con of the product but something to be careful about. The product works without being harsh on lips.

Recommended -Yes. Bella Vita Organic NicoLips is choc-a-bloc with amazing ingredients and is true to its claims. Rating is 5/5.       

Sunday 25 October 2020

Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Conditioning Hair Masque Review | Organic Keratin Hair Mask Spa Cream | Beauty Review | Haircare Review

Looking for a value-for-money hair conditioning spa-at-home product? Who isn't! After all, we are all dealing with myriad issues of hair fall, hair thinning, itchy scalp, dandruff, frizzy hair, dry hair, dehydrated hair etc. etc. In fact, I don't remember meeting a single person in past couple of years who isn't fed up of all these hair-related issues. No matter what the issue, there is a solution. Check out this Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Conditioning Hair Masque :)

Packaging of Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Conditioning Hair Masque is in a sturdy plastic tub that seems travel-friendly. 

Ingredients list includes a potent mix of goodies such as Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Brahmi, Bhringraj, Onion Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Neem, Keratin and so on. It is free of harsh detergents as well as paraben and sulphate free.

Claims that this Keratin Hair Spa Cream Mask will nourish and condition hair while promoting hair growth, reducing frizz and battling dandruff.

Availability of Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Conditioning Hair Masque is very good online on its website as well as on Amazon and the 200 gram tub is available for Rs. 399 only which makes it affordable.

Quantity is 200 grams which is enough to last for 10 washes on my shoulder-length  curly, frizzy hair which is very veryyyyyyyyy dry. I call it value for money.

Usage - Apply on wet hair after shampoo and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off. Easy-peasy. 

Effect - Thanks to my extremely dry, frizzy, dehydrated hair with itchy, dandruff-prone scalp, I have to be always on the lookout for a great conditioning option. I don't use normal conditioners on my hair anymore because my hair needs extra nourishment every single time and most conditioners don't provide long-lasting results. So I keep flitting from one hair mask to another, but most of the time the results don't last for more than 24 hours. 

Anyway, I bought Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Conditioning Hair Masque from Amazon after hearing about it from many of my friends and beauty bloggers. It is very reasonably priced so I thought that even if it does not work very well, I won't be heart broken. Spoiler alert-This spa cream lets my hair stay frizz-free for nearly 3 days which is an excellent achievement and I am already repurchasing it.

It has a mild herbal fragrance that lingers just for a couple of hours, nothing overwhelming or artificial about it. The texture is very creamy and it spreads nicely on my hair after I shampoo it. I  don't use it on my scalp and use a dedicated anti dandruff shampoo too so can't speak for its efficacy on dandruff. But it does reduce frizz and conditions hair which was my primary motive for buying it. It lets me comb my hair without any tangles in my curly nest. Since my hair is extremely dry and damaged over many years, I am not expecting any overnight miracles but am very impressed with how it conditions my hair and makes it frizz-free.

Thus, I would recommend Bella Vita Organic Keratin Hair Spa Cream to everyone who needs a good spa-at-home-feel within the most affordable price point. It has naturally beneficial ingredients, no harmful chemicals, mild fragrance, creamy dreamy texture and one can even use it for a longer time period for deeper conditioning feel.  


  • Natural beneficial ingredients with mild fragrance

  • Solid sturdy packaging

  • Leaves my dry, frizzy, dehydrated hair conditioned and frizz-free

  • Makes my hair easier to comb and detangles it

  • Results last for nearly 3 days on my hair

  • Value for money proposition

  • Available on Amazon easily


  • No con per se, just don't expect any overnight miracles

Recommended -Yes. Good for my extremely dry, frizzy, dehydrated hair. Rating is 5/5.   

Tuesday 1 September 2020

Indulgeo Essentials Squalane Skin Hydrator Review | Rose Oil Natural Hyaluronic Acid Variant | Repairing Skin Barrier | Beauty Blogger | Beauty Review

The one product that changed my skincare game forever - Indulgeo Essentials Squalane Oil i.e. Squalane Skin Hydrator ❤️ 

Feb 2020 onwards I have been battling issues like rosacea, acne outbreaks, inflammation, and from April 2020 onwards, full on damaged skin barrier, meaning unbelievable amount of inflammation and outbreaks and redness on my cheeks and actually all over face. I am fed up of how my skin is behaving all of a sudden. All my life I have had pretty nice naturally glowing skin with minor skin troubles now and then...but now *sigh*.

Anyway, I started researching like crazy and came across all sorts of suggestions from skin experts, dermatologists, beauty bloggers... 
Stop exfoliation (done!), 
Stop picking on pimples (done!), 
Stop using tonnes of beauty products (done!), 
Start using ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, ceramides, peptides...

Oh boy, so much to learn and be confused about! 

Squalane oil kept popping up as an ingredient to soothe and hydrate skin as well as repair the skin barrier. So I looked around and found this offering from the famed brand of Indulgeo. They are famous for gold-based oils but I have never been interested in pricey or gold-flake-based products, but now, with Squalane, I got no option but to buy it. And I did!

Packaging of Indulgeo Squalane Skin Hydrator is quite travel-friendly. Simple green glass bottle, that is not good news for clumsy hands, but be careful and it is all good :D

Ingredients list is pure squalane that is 70% olive derived and 30% sugarcane derived. Well, this is the Rose Oil variant so it must also have some rose essential oil though it is not mentioned in the ingredient list on the packaging.

Claims are nothing short of miraculous, in fact, it makes me wonder why we did not hear of this earlier! Squalane is similar to Squalene that is produced naturally in our body but its quantity decreases as we age. This Squalane mimics natural sebum, controls oil production, works at a cellular level, helps in conditions such as acne and eczema, helps in collagen production and aging gracefully, is exceptionally hydrating even for oiliest of skins since it is so natural...etc...etc...

Availability of Indulgeo Squalane Skin Hydrator, like other Indulgeo products is quite good on its own website, Nykaa, Vanity Wagon, as well as on Amazon :)

Quantity of this 30 ml little bottle is enough to last 2 months even with daily usage of 2 times since only 3-4 drops are required every single time for entire face.

Usage - AM as well as PM, just 2-3 drops are needed after water-based moisturizer and before oil-based or heavy moisturizers. 

Effect - My facial skin is combination-dry, ultra-sensitive and acne-prone and as I said, I got this exclusively for the research that said it will help me in repairing my damaged skin barrier :) 

❤️ I actually got squalane options from 2 other brands also, and I sent them DM asking about the method to apply this, as in should I use it in conjunction with something else because I was focused on repairing skin barrier. Only Indulgeo replied on instagram, others ignored, so points to them for customer service.

❤️ They said I should use it after water based products (such as toner or facial mist) and before oil based products or moisturizer. I found this strange because it's an oil...but I thought okay,let's try...

❤️ It is expensive no doubt. But I got it at 25% discount from Vanity Wagon. And this has rose oil as natural hyaluronic acid, so I got squalane + hyaluronic in less than Rs. 1100 and it lasted me 2.5 months on daily application (Already ordered 2nd bottle)

❤️ My routine for the first 15 days after receiving this- cleanse face with Himalaya neem face wash, spray rose water, put squalane just 4 drops all over face, finish with a layer of lacto calamine.

❤️ After 15 days I introduced Tribe Concepts Kumkumadi Tailam + brightening cleanser before squalane, and finish with Deyga Organics beautifying serum.

❤️ Either way, Indulgeo Squalane Skin Hydrator calms my skin down immediately, gives a soothing silky finish, hydrates and plumps my skin. For the first 15 days when I used it alone, it did immense work in my skin repair, as evident by pictures.

     Before                                          After a week

I. Love. It. 

Even now my skin has its own share of problems but it is much much better than it was 6 months ago and I give the credit to all these products-

Deyga Rose & Mulethi Face Pack
Deyga Beautifying Serum
GlamAroma Washed Ghee

Indulgeo Squalane was the one product that immediately showed its results. That is why I regard it so highly, as it gave me noticeably calmer and smoother inflammation-free skin within a couple of days. There is a lot of work to be done but Indulgeo Squalane is definitely going to be my go-to for a long loooooooong time.


  • All I need to say, YES, it worked as expected and in fact even better in helping repair my skin barrier

  • Non-comedogenic

  • Lasted more than 2 months on my horsey-sized face so not very expensive

  • Hydrates skin like nothing else without making it oily

  • Available in Amazon, Nykaa, Vanity Wagon, often at good discounts.


  • Hmm, the glass bottle is not good for clumsy hands :D

Recommended -YES. Want a good hydrating oil? Want an oil that works at cellular level of your skin? Want to repair skin? Want to keep your skin routine simple yet effective? Squalane is good for all these situations. Rating is 5/5.      

Friday 26 June 2020

Blue Nectar Briganantadi Conditioner Review | Bhringraj & Shikakai Scalp Anti Dandruff Conditioner Review | Beauty Review | Beauty Collaboration

'Dandruff Begone' is the chant many of us constantly bellow out in hopes of banishing this malady and I am no exception *sigh*. Over the years I have zero down on Khadi Herbals Neem Shampoo as the only shampoo that truly keeps dandruff away from my problematic scalp but it also keeps my hair super-dry. So I am always in need of a good conditioner. This product from the kind folks at Blue Nectar Ayurveda was a god-send for review purposes, an anti-dandruff conditioner.

Packaging of  Blue Nectar Briganantadi Anti-Dandruff Conditioner is in a sturdy blue-hued plastic bottle with pump dispenser that is also leak-proof and travel-friendly. 

Ingredients list includes a potent mix of herbs such as Bhringraj, Amla, Shikakai, Hibiscus, Brahmi, Onion Oil, Vitamin E, Aloevera, Glycerin, all in a 'conditioner base' that is not specified. I am not a stickler for ingredients most of the time but I know there are many who like a complete list of each and every ingredient. I just trust Blue Nectar to give me Ayurvedic base.

Claims that this conditioner works against dandruff, promotes healthy scalp, restores moisture to hair.

Availability of Blue Nectar Anti Dandruff Conditioner is very good online on Amazon and the 200ml bottle is available for Rs. 645 which makes it mid-range luxury.

Quantity is this 200 ml bottle is enough to last 4-5 washes only on my curly, frizzy hair which is very veryyyyyyyyy dry.

Usage - Apply on hair length, not on scalp, after washing and let it stay for 2-3 minutes before rinsing off. 

Effect - I was excited to try this anti-dandruff conditioner from Blue Nectar Ayurveda with an abundance of Ayurvedic herbs such as shikakai, methi, reetha, neelambari, and morrrrrrrrre, especially since I have not yet found the holy grail for my super dry, crazy frizzy curly hair. 

The only conditioners that have come close to making my hair soft for longer times are Himalaya Detangler, Aaranyaa Argan Hair Spa, and Enliven Conditioner. But these also stop working after a couple of months so I keep rotating between them *sigh* Turns out my head gets used to any treatment very quickly and I need to feed it new brands :P

Anyway, so Blue Nectar Briganantadi Conditioner looks beautiful in that classic blue packaging, and has an amazing spa-like fragrance that lingers for whole day, not chemically at all, but naturally appealing. It honestly is the best part about this product, its incredible natural soothing calming luxurious smell. There are no added chemicals, colors, or fragrance in this concoction.

My hair is super-duper dry and curly and horribly frizzy so I need heavy-duty conditioners or hair masks to tame them. This does not claim to work on such dry frizzy hair and it doesn't. It works as a decent companion to whatever anti dandruff shampoo one is using. I always want intense condition from my conditioners and not every conditioner can give it to me...that is the story of my hair and scalp. One thing that confused me-the bottle says it is 'scalp & anti dandruff conditioner' but in usage it is clearly written that 'use only on lengths, not on scalp'! It is quite confusing. Anyway, it is common sense that one should not use conditioner on scalp as it can increase buildup, cause clogged hair follicles, increase dandruff and so on. 

Rather than on my curly frizzy hair, it worked better on my mom's straight fine hair with minimal frizz. I used it twice and yes, it did give my hair some softness and detangled my hair a little bit, it worked way better on my mom's hair. Incredible softness and shine. So this turned out to be a great product not for the beauty blogger but the beauty blogger's mom blessed with normal hair and scalp! 

Thus, I would recommend Blue Nectar Briganantadi Conditioner to those hair types (normal, neither too dry nor too oily, not frizzy, not curly), it is a natural sulphate free ayurvedic conditioner for normal, straight, wavy hair types for conditioning after using drying shampoos. One thing is commendable that it does provide moisture to the hair and makes hair feel healthy but on my hair the results were mild and lasted only for a day. So my quest continues. 

As of now, I am back to using Aaranyaa hair spa and alternating with Himalaya Detangler. My mom continues to use Blue Nectar conditioner and since her hair is shorter and finer than mine, she will use it for 3-4 times more. Win for her, meh for me :)

  • Incredible smell, easily the best fragrance I have found in a conditioner
  • Beautiful, travel-friendly packaging
  • Abundance of Ayurvedic goodness in the form of bountiful herbs
  • Does provide good companionship to any dandruff shampoo
  • Gives decent moisture to the hair, detangles knots 
  • Works best for normal, straight, non-frizzy, or wavy hair

  • Those who want complete list of ingredients will not like the mention of conditioner base
  • Will not work for super-dry curly and frizzy hair, results will last temporarily
  • Seems expensive 

Recommended -Maybe, depending on your hair type. Good for my mom's hair but nothing exceptional for me. Rating is 3.5/5.    

Thursday 25 June 2020

Zilch On Cloud 9 Face Wash Jelly Review | Favorite For Healing Skin Moisture Barrier | Beauty Review | Beauty Collaboration

Welcoming my most favorite facewash in recent times to the fold, Zilch On Cloud 9 Face Wash Jelly :) After Himalaya neem face wash and Just Herbs neem-bitter orange face wash, this is the only one I have come to love with all my heart! From the start, the Zilch brand looks outstanding from all the clutter in the market. Their philosophy is admirable too, with promotion of no BS, no drama, plain simple good stuff for skin. Everything, from their packaging to their website follows this philosophy.

Packaging of Zilch On Cloud 9 Face Wash Jelly is in a sturdy plastic body with flip cap that is secure enough for traveling. It is leak-proof, I tested :D

Ingredients list has many tempting ones like aloe vera, rose water, glycerine, lactic acid, and some minimal chemicals necessary for formulating any product. All good, nothing bad, even on my super-sensitive skin.

Claims to be paraben-free, alcohol-free, sulpahte-free, silicon-free and moisturize even after cleaning face without clogging pores.

Availability of Zilch On Cloud 9 Face Wash Jelly is good online on Amazon, and it is available for Rs. 700 for 200 ml which is amazing. 

Quantity of this 200ml facewash jelly is enough to last more than 2 months even when used twice a day since only 2 drops of jelly are enough for my horsey-size face too.

Usage - Like any cleanser. Take a drop of jelly, spread all over the face for 30 seconds, wash off.

Effect - Apart from the past year that was bad for my health and skin, this year too brought its share of problems. The last 2 months I am battling recurrent acne, inflammation, painful pimples, and I had to devise a complete routine to subside it all. It includes Choonkar Neem Oil, Indrani Cosmetics Anti-Acne Gel and this Zilch On Cloud 9 Face Wash Jelly :)

I have tried quite a few face washes in my life and my favorites are Himalaya Neem and Just Herbs Neem-Bitter Orange, and now Zilch. There is a difference between them, the other face washes are a bit drying, and strong, and in case one's moisture barrier is compromised then it is not good to use very strong products. This is exactly what I am battling right now. Going to soon do a post about compromised moisture barrier. However, for now, just know that it is a painful condition especially for someone with sensitive skin from birth, like me.

This is the first time I have used a jelly face wash and realized how much better it is...

-Glides like softest cloud on skin
-Feels cool and soothing
-Leaves skin feeling hydrated somehow
-I love it so much I leave it like a moisturizer on my face for 2-3 minutes before rinsing off and it still does not dry out my skin 
-Is extremely mild yet cleans my face nicely, leaving it plump and supple

But yeah this is not deep cleaning for those who need to remove makeup. I loved using it specifically because my skin is going through a repair mode after succession of acne attack, inflammation, dryness, I am using only the mildest products on my skin and This. Is. The. Bomb. 

It fulfills all its claims completely, so absolutely recommended, especially if your skin is ultra-sensitive and problematic. I will ensure I have this by my side at all times from now on!

  • Fulfills all its claims completely
  • Cleans without drying
  • Leaves my super-sensitive skin feeling cool, supple, hydrated
  • Huge quantity, makes it value-for-money
  • Helping my skin in healing from intense acne and inflammation
  • Can be considered as pricey in one glance
  • Will not remove stubborn makeup, but does not claim so either
Recommended -YES, a thousand times YESSSSSSS. An absolutely incredible product, use it, your skin will thank you. Rating is 5/5.

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Nilgiri Aroma's Shea Butter Daily Moisturizer Review | Savior For Dry Itchy Inflamed Rashes-Prone Skin | Beauty Review | Beauty Collaboration

We live in amazing times where we get to find hidden gems everywhere. Look at this Nilgiri Aroma's Shea Butter Daily Moisturizer I have fallen in love with over the past month.

Packaging of  Nilgiri Aroma's Shea Butter Daily Moisturizer is in a sturdy plastic bottle with pump dispenser. It is not very travel friendly since once the pump is activated it does not retract easily. It can retract, I tried but it still feels like it may leak. So if you plan on traveling with it, take the product in a different container to be absolutely safe.

Ingredients list includes Shea Butter and Aloe Vera in cream base. The base is not specified but it will have basic minimal chemicals needed for formulating any product, so no big deal. The shea butter component is the majority and it shows its effects on usage.

Claims that this moisturizer is good for itchy skin, dry skin, thick skin, rashes, sunburn, and will give 24-hour hydration for noticeably smoother skin.

Availability of Nilgiri Aroma's Shea Butter Daily Moisturizer is good online on Amazon and the big 500 grams bottle is available for just Rs. 500 which is fantastic.

Quantity is this 200 grams bottle is enough for lasting more than a month on applying all over body everyday since only a small quantity is needed for each use.

Usage - Apply all over body or on affected area. Gently massage till the lotion is absorbed completely.

Effect - Simple and straightforward, Shea Butter and Aloe in a cream base, this thick buttery lotion is a god-send for-
Dry skin,

Itchy skin,
Dehydrated skin

A little goes a long way and it is mainly for body use but if you have normal skin with excess dryness or dehydrated patch on your cheeks due to environmental change, you can spread just one little drop of this lotion and see the dry patches disappear overnight. My mom had little dry patches on her outer cheeks and she applied just one little glob of Nilgiri Aroma's Daily Moisturizer and in 2 days her skin is back to normal, plump, hydrated. I have not applied it to my cheeks since I am already battling dirty painful acne outbursts and trying to minimize the usage of products on my face.

It does not have any added fragrance, just a very mild nutty Shea butter smell that wears off after a while, but it's moisturizer capabilities go on for atleast 12 hours even on my super dry skin..AND it soothes cracked heals too! I apply it liberally all over my hands and feet and it takes some time to get completely absorbed. But once it does, it makes my skin feel plump, hydrated from inside.

Living in Covid times, we are all washing our hands multiple times throughout the day and it left my hands too in a very rough state. But using this lotion through the past month has completely healed all the rough and dry patches on my hands and I cannot praise it enough. Everybody knows about the magical effects of pure shea butter and this moisturizer has it in droves.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one to death and will recommend to everyone.

  • Filled with pure shea butter goodness
  • True to its claims, gives long term hydration and noticeably smoother skin
  • Perfect for removing dry patches overnight, providing skin with smooth nourishment and protective cover from environmental factors
  • Will work on face for normal dehydrated skin too that is not prone to acne
  • Very value for money
  • Works on stretch marks too, noticeably lightened effect in a fortnight
  • Works on cracked heals almost overnight
  • Makes skin healthy in long term, my hands and feet feel moisturized all the time now
  • Those who want complete list of ingredients will not like the mention of cream base
  • Will not work on face for those with super-sensitive acne prone skin but it does not claim to either

Recommended -YES, a million times YES. A value-for-money product for everyone. Rating is 500/5.