Sunday 30 June 2019

Vanilla Beans | Cakesicles Magic | Droolworthy Desserts | Vegetarian Food Review | Loved And Recommended

The moment when you open a box of goodies to see something so beautiful that it inspires anyone to be a professional photographer :D And then you eat those goodies and find out that they taste even better than they look! Ah,the joys of delicious food discoveries :D

Was delivered a box of newly launched CAKESICLES for review by an amazing home baker who obviously crafts everything with abundant love. I tried BROWNIE, RED VELVET and MANGO flavors and cannot decide on which one is my favorite. Each one is handcrafted to perfection and is beautiful enough to display in a museum. Delivery was super fast in very careful packed cute box. Priced a bit on the higher side but trust me, the taste is worth it. Even my mother, who does not like baked goods at all, LOVED these and said she would love to try more flavors :)

Cakes baked and shaped like popsicles, making them convenient to carry around and quantity enough to suffice as a meal = cakesicles for you. BROWNIE is the flavor for dark chocolate lovers, not too sweet, not bitter, just perfect for those who want a lingering cocoa touch alongside the density of brownie. Heavy on the palate. I LOVED it.

RED VELVET is the one for those like my sister, a coating of white chocolate encompassing the decadent red velvet, so a sublime beginning and an elegant finish is what you get here.

MANGO was the most surprising one. We expected a plain mango flavor, instead we got a nutty touch on the outside with a marvellous sponge base inside. My mom bit on this and asked, "is it made of mango sheera?";, and then very next moment she exclaimed, "no, it is a sponge cake, but it is so yummy!".; Again, must remind you, my mom does not like cakes, pastries, croissants and any other bakery items, but she wouldn't stop eating this one :D It is different and very Indian in its flavor, have this one if you want to be surprised. It is also the sweetest of the lot.

Looking forward to trying other flavors from here soon :)