About Me

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me :D :D :D

Welcome to a page that is all about me :P

Just kidding ;) I always wanted to feel like a megalomaniac (AND use that word, megalomaniac :D) so I did :D 

Hello, I am Richa and as is the way of the world, every name has to be twisted and turned (what else are friends for?!) and thankfully my name has been twisted to Richie Rich by my friends, so that's where the name of this blog comes from. Also, this is my safe, happy place so it is fun to be just Richie Rich here :)

I love my life. Not to say that my life is perfect or anything. I have my share of problems, you name it,I got it, but then this is life. All things considered,I am still living a better life than at least 80% of humanity! Whoa,that is a cause of celebration :D

I love movies, music, traveling, clicking candid photos of places/people/events, shopping, good food, trying new beauty products, spending time with my family, reading books and I thought it was high time I started a sort of online journal to chronicle my experiences with most of these things in my everyday life :)

I am open to new things, I go into every situation with an open mind and that makes my interests eclectic. I enjoy action movies with the same enthusiasm as a good romantic comedy, similarly a day spent at the mall is as awesome for me as a day spent rock climbing and an autobiography of an obscure biologist could very well be as enjoyable for me as Harry Potter :D It puzzles a lot of people,but hey it's my life :D

My skin is weird. My face feels like Sahara desert on most days (made worse by this humidity of Mumbai!) but at the same time,some days it is a complete oil factory whereas my body skin is simply parched 24/7. Similarly, my hair sometimes exhibits characteristics of being dandruff prone while some days it is as dry as a straw and some days it is just limp and oil-ish. AND I get pimples, rashes for no reason on some days while other days are very smooth sailing. So you see, all this necessitates me trying out a 1000 different products in the hope that I find one Holy Grail that would solve all my issues in one swipe. Oh the joys of being a beauty blogger :D 

Food is where I find refuge. There is absolutely no situation in life that cannot be made better with good food. Yes, I am a foodie and an unabashed one at that, AND I am a vegetarian, by birth as well as by choice. So there, my life goal is to travel through the world sampling every cuisine and get the biggest,fattest compendium of vegetarian dishes on this planet :) Strangely enough, I am not that good a cook, but who knows, it might very well change soon!

So you get the gist of what kind of person I am and what you can expect to see here! Also, I Am Verbose. I will use a 1000 words to describe the same thing that could very well be done in 100 words flat :P So you have been forewarned. Sit with a coffee, talk with me and we will have a good journey together. Capiche? :D

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  1. Lovely to read about you Richa, looking forward to reading so much more from you :-)
    Wish you great success in running this ever interesting blg that you have!
    Saabri from

    1. Aww, this is so sweet :) Thank you so much and your blog is gorgeous too Saabri :) ♥♥♥

  2. Great stuff! Hope you keep doing the same! :)


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