Monday 31 August 2015

Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Shampoo Review

I have weird skin AND weird hair. Read all about it in the About Me section :D Occasional Dandruff,  Itchy Scalp, Dry Hair are just some of the gifts I possess :P So I keep trying to find THE Holy Grail for my hair. So far, haven't found it, but this shampoo comes pretty close, must say :)

I read a lot of reviews about Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Shampoo which said that since normal shampoos contain many chemicals,they actually increase our problems of dandruff/ dry hair etc. and we become trapped in buying these expensive shampoos again & again. It makes sense! Because in childhood, my hair used to be really good and my mother says it was only because she oiled it everyday and used only baby shampoo back then. As I grew up and started using these shampoos and conditioners based on these glitzy ads, more of my hair problems started. Sometimes, Simple is the Best Solution :)

So I got it from a friend who had got it from Flipkart where it is available for Rs. 77 for 100 ml which is very affordable, but it gets over quite quickly. It lasted me just 4 washes, so I need at least 3 of these bottles to last me a month which means around  Rs. 250 per month on shampoo. Hmm, reasonable enough :) I specifically went for Himalaya Herbals brand since I have used many products from them over the years and almost always been impressed.

Packaging is quite sturdy and even though I did no travel anywhere with it,I will say that it would be good for traveling too. Just make sure to keep it wrapped in a plastic pouch in case the cap gives you some ouch :D

Now, Claims of the product include gently cleansing hair making it soft and shiny with a no-tears guarantee. Ingredients include Bengal Gram or Besan, Hibiscus extracts, Khus Khus and some basic mild chemicals which are safe for baby's skin. No parabens or sulphates that I could see. 

There is no Fragrance in the product per se. On opening the bottle,there is that special baby's products smell for some time and it disappears soon after :) Also, the shampoo is as light as water and feels very light too. Really, it is the mildest shampoo ever!

Usually,I dilute all other shampoos before applying them on my hair and scalp but this one is already so mild,I directly applied a little bit on my scalp and messaged. It does lather though not as much as other commercial shampoos. It gives a little messy feeling and in the beginning,I did feel that my hair is not clean enough. It did not give any softness while I was shampooing and rinsing my hair. I decided to not condition my hair and let it dry. Voila! On drying, my hair was perfectly soft and smooth to touch without using a conditioner! The second time,I had applied oil before shampooing and I needed to use this twice to rinse all the oil out of my hair. Even then,I did not apply condition and again got really soft hair :) But this softness lasts only for 2 days. I think that is fair enough. This is a good shampoo for people with dry hair and itchy scalp. I did find reduction in itchiness and mild dandruff too on applying this. Overall I am really pleased and would use this shampoo quite often :)

  • Mild shampoo,safe for baby's delicate skin
  • Really no-tears :D It did get in my eyes and did not irritate it,I rinsed it out pretty fast too :D
  • Has good ingredients like Hibiscus which are good for everyone's skin
  • Leaves hair soft to touch,even without using a conditioner
  • Reduction in itchiness and dandruff 
  • A little reduction in hair-fall too :)
  • Easily available offline in stores as well as online at Flipkart , Amazon etc. :)
  • Since it does not lather a lot, one may be tempted to use a lot to give that 'clean feeling' which makes it get over fast :D
  • If you want celeb like glitz and gloss from your shampoo, stay away! This is a mild cleanser for hair. It will also not work on hair that is extremely dry or dirty due to heavy pollution,I think.
  • Results last only 2 days-which is fair enough I think :D

Recommended- YES! I am giving it a rating of 4/5. I would say,even if you are using normal shampoo, try and use this after every 1-2 months to give a break to your hair from all those nasty chemicals :)


  1. This contains sodium benzoate which can cause cancer if used for long (search google) but unfortunately there is no shampoo in market which doesn't have this :(

    1. It is a pickle :( All the shampoos contain all kinds of ingredients that are harmful to us when used for long, even the ones claiming to be 'herbal' or 'natural' have some or other harmful chemical, in fact the only way to steer clear of all chemicals of any sort is to wash hair with simple shikakai or amla powder like our grandmothers used to, but then, who has the time and patience for that..we are just so used to the convenience of getting everything packed in cute little bottles! *Sigh*

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