Saturday 14 May 2016

Votre Face Serum | Beauty Review

Having heard about facial serums for so long, it was wonderful to actually grab a full size bottle of Votre Face Serum from my March 2016 Fab Bag 'More Power To You' edition! Having had used it for almost a month now, I am ready to give a comprehensive review of the same :)

Serums are considered better than creams or lotions because they have a higher concentration of potent active ingredients, thus rendering them more expensive also. They need to be used in really small quantities too as excess of anything is bad and I have heard horror stories of overuse of facial serum leading to pimples and acne too! Votre is an exclusive luxury beauty brand with tons of positive reviews of many of its products,hence the reason for my uber excitement :)

Votre Face Serum is available on websites such as Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart for Rs. 1670 for 20 ml. Since very little is required, Quantity is enough to last more than 1 month if used once on face everyday (I use it at night before sleeping!)

Claims to brighten the skin & reduce fine lines with the help of Ingredients of Virgin Cold Processed Oils & Herbal Blends. Packaging is elegant but also delicate since it is all glass (including the dropper to take out the serum) so one needs to be careful (especially neanderthal clumsy baboons like me :P)

Votre Face Serum has a very light,milky white consistency and sinks in the skin within 10 seconds on applying. I usually put some rosewater on my face and then massage 2 drops of this serum for increased moisturization every night. In fact,this serum also gives a rose-like fragrance, very mild though :) I do not need to put any additional cream on my face afterwards though very dry skinned beauties will need to! I do wake up to glowing and smooth skin. I can see very faint reduction in some dark spots but cannot comment on fine lines. I don't think any beauty product has the ability to miraculously make wrinkles or fine lines or even blemishes vanish but some products do work slowly but surely. Votre Face Serum seems to be one of those :) I have not experienced any breakouts,allergies or acne attacks which is a relief and overall my skin quality seems to be improving. This is the first time I have used a serum this regularly and results have been quite good!

  • Lightweight formula, sinks in immediately
  • No breakouts or allergic reaction
  • No clogged pores or increase in blackheads or whiteheads
  • Faint fragrance of roses
  • Potent ingredients
  • Glowing and smooth skin observed
  • Skin seems happy and plumped up
  • Not very widely available
  • Expensive (though lasts long)
  • No need to expect miracles within a short span of time
Recommended -YES! Especially for combination and oily skin types who do not mind the hefty price tag :D Rating is 4/5 :)


  1. Dear Richa, Thanks for the Lovely, Detailed Review on Votre Serum, Really Appreciate the Efforts! Very Soon the Product-line will be widely available through luxury retailers across India.
    Amritaa Khurana,
    Trumount Cosmeceuticals.

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  3. I was on the fence about trying a new serum, but your detailed experience totally convinced me to give Votre a shot. The fact that it's like a "drink of water" for the skin had me sold. Your journey from application to the noticeable changes is exactly the kind of insight I look for in reviews. It's like having a beauty roadmap, and I appreciate that more than words can say. facial serum vs moisturizer

  4. And can we talk about the honesty? It's so rare to find a beauty review that isn't just singing praises without addressing any drawbacks. Your balanced approach gives me confidence that I'm getting the real scoop. Thanks for being real and helping us make informed choices. Looking forward to more of your beauty adventures – keep shining! ✨
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  5. Interesting post about face serum.


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