Thursday 31 March 2016

Sigree Global Grill, Powai, Mumbai

After my family's beautiful experience at Barbeque Nation on my mother's birthday, I thought it would be pretty impossible for any other buffet place to top it. Buffet places in general also give people an idea that somehow they 'do not take food seriously' or it is too much like an 'Indian wedding with a mish-mash of a 1000 dishes,none of which taste authentic' and other such grouses. Well, Sigree Global Grill dispels all these notions with a swift wave of its culinary and service magic and how! It is now one of my most favorite dining places EVER,right there with Barbeque Nation :) 

Go to Hiranandani Gardens, Powai which is in itself an architectural marvel sort of place. Then go to Ventura building which also houses Pizza Express, Chili's, Aromas Cafe. Take an elevator to the 1st floor and walk in to the paradise named Sigree Global Grill. The ambiance is spectacular and it is so spacious. Large groups walk in without a moment of hesitation and watch the amazing staff arrange the chairs & tables as per personal preferences within minutes :) A special note to the staff who are omnipresent to refill water, mocktails, clear the plates, provide fresh cutlery, without hovering around, and doing everything with a refreshing smile, from good afternoon to goodbye.

Start with the culinary adventure of a lifetime. When they say 'global grill', they mean global grill :D The cuisine here on offer is a mix of everything best from all over the world. So there is Tandoori Paneer, Mushrooms, Spicy Potatoes, Marinated Pineapple and Corn on the grill. Every single one of them is scrumptious and enough to put us in a food coma :D Tandoori Paneer were a bit high on salt,yet I ended up having them twice, that's how incredibly soft and flavorful they were! The starters' parade continues with Dim-sums, Pizzas and a Bread + Nachos Platter with Dips. Dim-sums were a bit dry from outside while inside the filling was delicious. Bread & Nachos were brilliant and went so beautifully with the dips. Pizzas, Oh boy, these little crunchy pieces, I could not stop having them. Simplicity is sometimes the best reward and these pizzas prove that! Simple toppings on a thin crust baked to perfection. Pure LOVE.

Move on to the main course and don't forget to order the brilliant range of pastas/noodles that they make as per personal choice :) Penne in Pesto sauce is lip-smacking. The main course parade has the usual suspects of Veg Biryani, Paneer, Veg Gravy, Steamed Rice, Thai Curry, Naan/Tandoori Roti. I love how they have taken the best dishes from different cuisines and provided perfect attention to preparation of each one of them. The Biryani is not just another prank played on vegetarians by providing Pulao :D It IS Biryani, yet it is not overpowered by Kevda essence that a lot of dining places resort to. Absolute WIN. Paneer gravy is mildly spicy, paneer itself is melt-in-mouth soft and has these adorable chunks of Capsicum and Tomatoes. Steamed Rice and Thai Curry are absolutely spectacular. That aroma of lemongrass... well the fans of thai curries know exactly what makes them addictive and THIS here is very authentic version of the same :) Oh, there is a wide spread of Salads, Papads, Sauces, Chutneys to go with it all..and for people like my sister who simply cannot choose, Oh are you in trouble here or what :D

Finally, we come to the Dessert counter. Assuming that one is built like Hulk (I am) and has an equivalent appetite (I do), there is still space in tummy for some heavenly treats waiting for us here :D For those who have already slipped into food coma, I told you to not eat for 2 days before going here, didn't I? Oh,I didn't. No worries, I am saying so now :D Go here like a starving person with enough space in tummy for 2 elephants or forget being able to taste everything on offer :P Okay, back to desserts. A choice of Pastries, Mousses, Fruits, Ice Creams with several garnishes. How can it get any better, especially since everything tastes really incredible. Chocolate Pastry and Mousse are dark and sinful, Red Velvet Pastry is decadent, Fruits are fresh and delicious, Ice Creams are soft and taste heavenly with Chocolate Sauce and Choco Chips :) There is Jalebi and Rabdi too, I liked the Rabdi on its own instead of with Jalebi. My only regret is I am not endowed with multiple stomachs so that I could make a round of this area more than twice :D 

As I said before, the dining experience is made memorable with lovely food & enhanced by the amazing service, spectacular ambiance and foot-tapping vintage retro-hits like 'Video killed the Radio Star' and 'Sugar, Honey Honey' filling the air :) And they simply hate wasting food and have taken steps to ensure nobody does, how cool is that! All this for just Rs. 630 (Vegetarian)! No wonder Sigree Global Grill constantly wins all awards for best multi-cuisine buffets in Mumbai. The only thing the management can do to enhance the experience? Establish a room with king-sized beds on premises where we can rest for an hour or two after Hulking it out :D 

Needless to say, 5 Stars all around :) ♥♥♥♥♥


  1. Loved your post!! Really great experience and while reading it i felt that i was there with you. Enjoyed all with your views only!!

    1. That's so sweet :) It is a beautiful place and for a foodie like me, heaven :D *Psst,your blog is awesome too,suits your chatpati personality* :) ♥


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