Monday 4 July 2016

Garnier Ultra Blends Launch | #BlendedWithLove | Beauty Review

Every beauty addict and fashionista in India has a special bond with Garnier,specifically with their Ultra Doux range we all were in love with till last decade. It was also my first brush with serious hair care products. I had just entered high school and my perfectly obedient mane suddenly transformed into the most unruly, obnoxious hay of stack perched upon my head (continues till date) and Garnier Ultra Doux was the first that managed to make it semi-manageable. 

So when Garnier launched their Ultra Blends range recently and very generously sent me a hefty hamper, I could only look up to the heavens and say ‘Thank You’ to the hair Gods :) 

Luck shines at us as we are living in very progressive and aware age. More and more people are turning towards natural and holistic lifestyle, having seen first-hand the dangers of consuming chemicals in myriad forms, yes, even through our beauty products. Hair-care industry too has been having this huge debate about presence of chemicals such as Parabens in the products with quite a few studies about the long term hazards of using them. However, mere mortals who are not much into scientific mumbo-jumbo either do not understand or do not have any option. Most of ‘natural/organic’ products (be it beauty or otherwise) are either too expensive or not easily available in stores around us. We all know the positive effects of using only the purest brands but what to do,where to find them

How about a brand that is easily available, promises luxury at affordable prices and is walking the natural bandwagon effortlessly? Enter Garnier Ultra Blends. #BlendedWithLove just for us! 

Haircare fortified with natural ingredients, extracts and potent formulations WITHOUT using parabens, aimed at targeting different hair problems. Olives to combat dryness, Rich Lavender & Royal Jelly to fight hairfall, Rich Almonds & Soymilk to provide protein nourishment, 5 Precious Herbs to revitalize and Blackberry & Henna to bring back shine. Sounds too good to be true? Take a look at the gorgeous hamper for yourself :)

Now I got this hamper 6 days ago and the different formulations have been tested by my mother (normal hair, plagued with lifelessness), my sister (oily hair, suffers hairfall) and yours truly (curly dry hair, very lifeless, frizzy, no shine). We have used them once or twice and made up our minds just about a bit, more thoroughly of course will happen over a month or so. 

Garnier Ultra Blends Intense Repair Shampoo with Soy Milk & Almonds for Damaged Hair – Mildly fragranced, a little goes a long way, makes hair soft and easy to brush through. My extremely dry hair needed conditioner after this but my mom and sister didn’t and absolutely loved the silky feeling. I also think it has made my scalp calmer and reduced itching that I am almost always besieged with! 

Garnier Ultra Blends Revitalizing Shampoo with 5 Precious Herbs for Healthy Hair Everyday – Lemon, Eucalyptus, Henna, Green Tea and Aloe come together to make this very mildly green haircare product, again mildly and pleasantly fragranced, makes hair soft and strong. Within 2 washes we can feel a bounce in our hair, it is definitely noticeable. My extremely dry hair needs conditioner but not needed for normal or oily hair/scalp. This one is really mild and needs a bit more to bring out all the gunk from hair. Absolutely wonderful for everyday wash,doesn't make hair feel like a haystack.

Garnier Ultra Blends Anti Hairfall Shampoo with Royal Jelly & Lavender for Breaking Hair, Prone To Fall – Clearly my personal favourite of the 4 variants in the hamper, Royal Jelly reconstructs and strengthens while Lavender soothes, beautifully fragranced, even my extremely dry hair gets really soft without using any conditioner! I let my hair air dry and then brush it and I swear I can feel my hair getting silky smooth with each wash. The fragrance also lingers for a long time and I have actually hijacked this bottle, my mom and sister have used it just once and loved it too. 

Garnier Ultra Blends Nourishing Shine Shampoo with Henna & Blackberry for Dull, Dry, Lifeless Hair – This is my mom’s favourite as her lifeless hair has gotten volume and shine with this variant. Has the most beautiful longest lasting fragrance and a beautiful mild pink color too. Again, a little goes a long way and the smoothness and shine imparted to hair is visible within 2 washes. This one is however not fit for my really dry hair as it dries it further. But works wonderfully on my mom's normal,lifeless hair. A winner for her, I am sure my mom would love to use it for a long time. 

With even this limited trial run, Garnier Ultra Blends Range has got 100% Thumbs Up from my family. The reasons we are all saying YES to this are
  • Garnier going the No Parabens way, bringing something mild and pure our way, Yes Please! 
  • Mildly formulated with natural ingredients that have ancient wisdom inherent in them
  • Divine fragrances that last really long and give a salon/hairspa like feeling 
  • Really reasonable price points – available at just Rs. 55 a bottle that will last more than a month on using every alternate day 
  • Easily available everywhere, need not search for it in special salons or duty free shops at airports 
  • Variants targeting different hair issues, making it easier for us to choose the best ones for our needs 
We are going to continue using the range over next month or so and I will be updating the final results afterwards. Meanwhile, the fact that Garnier Ultra Blends has brought about a mini revolution in the field of beauty & haircare is something to be admired. Do try out the range and let me know which one is your favourite :)


  1. Even I heard Royal Jelly is good, waiting for the review :)

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    1. It really makes hair soft and silky, my personal favorite :)

  2. I have used the Soy Milk and Almonds shampoo and it's great.

    1. That's great Sonali! It has also helped in calming my itchy scalp :)

  3. I am very excited to try the new ultra blends range

    1. Surely do that Anamika and let us know how it fared for you :)


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