Tuesday 12 July 2016

SIN | Bakery | Patisserie | Hotel Marine Plaza | Mumbai | Food Review

Having already been to Bayview and The Oriental Blossom at Hotel Marine Plaza and loved my experience both times, it was just a matter of time before I fell in love with its bakery and patisserie too. Sin is the physical manifestation of the obsession people born with sweet jaw like me have with anything sweet, Cakes, Pastries, Cookies, Tarts, Breads and more inviting us just like siren used to lure ships with their sweet songs :D

All Photo Credits : Prachi Shailendra Photography

Sin is a pretty small bakery & patisserie located right inside Hotel Marine Plaza,outside the entrance to Geoffrey's. We had the honor of sampling some of their desserts,all of which look and taste like world class Masterchef dishes. Started with Mango Chilly Parfait that had a beautiful mango jelly with mild chilly flavor and chocolate rings to bring that kick of chilly out even more prominently! The sweet-sour-mild chilly flavors simply burst in mouth. An inventive and creative winner all the way :)

Mango Mousse with Raspberry Brule was another smooth creation, a bit too dense mousse for me but the raspberry pieces made it interesting and this is the kind of dessert my parents love :)

Blue Berry Cheese Cake was a mass favorite, so creamy, so soft, so flavorful, not an ounce of artificial taste to it, especially the blueberry compote on top was fantastic, could not stop eating it :)

Hazelnut Mousse Pastry which was eggless as well as sugarless was personally something I loved but it is a bit different from usual mousses. It was not fluffy and creamy but a bit dense, the reason being it is made by mixing chocolate with hazelnut paste. I found it absolutely smashing! My dad who has been advised by his doctor to go for sugar-free desserts is going to love it too,of that I am sure. I have no love lost for the sticky toffee sauce it comes with but that hazelnut mixed with chocolate flavor is yummy in my tummy :D

Finally,if you love Tiramisu, the version here is going to make you happy too. I never took on the craze for Tiramisu anyway, coffee is just not that much my thing. Still, I polished it off here because of moist sponge cake and vanilla creme flavor,not overpowered by coffee :) Beautiful presentation with the cocoa powder dust too!

One look at the menu and it is evident that prices are very reasonable looking at the creativity and quality of dishes. Another look at the display case and I am lost for what to have and what to leave behind :D One thing I am particularly impressed with is even the desserts with eggs here do not have an egg-y aftertaste, which is important for many people who even love eggs but hate that aftertaste. The most delicious desserts are available in eggless flavors which makes me very happy :D I am keeping this as one of the must visit bakeries/ patisseries in Mumbai and calling all sweet aficionados to try it out. You won't be disappointed for sure :)

All Photo Credits : Prachi Shailendra Photography


  1. I am visiting this when I am in Mumbai. It's so dreamy and nomy lol

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    1. Do visit it and do have the Mango Chilly Parfait & Hazelnut Mousse Pastry for sure :) Actually,have everything that catches your fancy :D


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