Friday 29 July 2016

Cream Centre | Lower Parel Mumbai | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Cream Centre Veg Restaurant is one of Mumbai's iconic brands. Yes, despite being pure vegetarian :P I know a lot of people find it impossible to fathom that there are people who choose to follow a vegetarian lifestyle and a pure vegetarian restaurant can actually be superhit. Without getting into a veg vs non-veg debate, let us see why cream centre works. In a nutshell, they work because they provide perfect environment for families (including utterly noisy children!), soul satisfying calorie laden food and staff that treats everyone like family :) I have been to Cream Centre multiple times over the years and this visit last weekend was thanks to a gift voucher they had kindly sent over for a complimentary meal.

Cream Centre is all about comfort and everything from the ambiance to food proves that comfort is paramount. Plush seating, spacious, apt for conducting huge Rajshri productions style family gatherings, elegant color combination and use of mirrors plus art works on the walls, walk in and sink in.  One look at the menu and it has got something for everyone -from Nachos, Pizzas, Pastas, Sizzlers to Tandoori Items, Chaats and Brownie Sundae. Bolo, kya khaoge? :D Everything is made with an Indian twist, full emphasis on taste, so don't walk in expecting wood-fired-oven pizza or authentic pastas! Almost everything has cheese and/or tomato sauce in excess, making it quite impossible to resist = danger for calorie counters but heaven for the rest of us foodies who treat every day as cheat day :P

We started with Mint Mojito and Strawberry Ice Cream Soda both of which were refreshing. Ice Cream Soda is actually a meal in itself,so watch out. 3 people are needed to finish off 1 tall glass that they serve :D Spring Vegetable Soup with loads of crunchy Veggies & Paneer cubes was a good beginning to the meal, actually hadn't expected soup to be this good here :) 

Tandoori Subz Wonton and The Big Nachos were chosen by my sister,both of them lovely starters. There was nothing even remotely chinese about the wontons with them being slathered in cheese but as I said, do not look for authenticity here :P It was melt in mouth,good enough for us. The Big Nachos is one of the bestsellers here and is a complete meal for a light eater. Filled to the brim with huge Nacho chips, Cheese, Beans, More Cheese, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Onions, More get the point. This one is drool-worthy. Both were a bit on the sweeter side (most of the dishes,especially starters here are!)

Main Course was Hyderabadi Hare Masale ke Kofte with Lachha Paratha, chosen by my mom. Absolutely amazing soft Kofte made with Paneer and Veggies dunked in this rich creamy spicy green gravy (just like Palak Paneer) that went perfectly with crispy thick Lachha Parathas. My mom was happy,this was her favorite combination of the night. 

We were stuffed to the brim with all this and decided to end our delicious supper with Brownie Fudge Sundae which was another meal in itself! Take a note peoples-anything that comes in a glass here is HUGE so order 1 if there are 2 people to share it :D Well, when it comes to dessert,I never need any help and so I did have the most here too, what with Vanilla Ice Cream, crumbled soft Brownies and Chocolate Fudge Sauce making me happy with each bite. Yummy!

Prices here are a bit on the expensive side, but since the quantity is so generous and quality so good, it doesn't pinch at all. I have been here so many times and never once has a hearty meal for 3 people crossed Rs. 2000. That is pretty awesome especially because I always love seeing the children run around, families talk without any care in the world (you might even see some LIVE marriage talks in progress :D) and great personal service. On this particular day,we reached a bit late so our reserved table was gone, still the staff went ahead and opened up a portion of the closed section for us (it was reserved for a big party later on) and never made us feel rushed. So, when the food is good, ambiance is good, service is good, why won't we make a visit here again & again :) Absolutely recommended

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