Thursday 30 August 2018

Vedge XPRS R City Mall Mumbai | Multi-Cuisine Vegetarian Gourmet Family Feast | Food Review

Located at R-City Mall food court, Vedge Xprs offers pure vegetarian multi-cuisine delicacies. It was a pleasure trying out some of their offerings yesterday (we actually ended up trying enough to put a dozen elephants into a food coma :P) We had loved being to Vedge last year and this time was no different either.

Clean layout of the kiosk, lots of green to emphasize vegetarianism, I have to make a disclaimer here that please take out the misconception of 'vegetarian food is not tasty' right now. Their menu has got something for everyone and barring a few missteps, everything is really delicious. Priced in line with mall food courts' pricing policy, not cheap, not expensive. Quantity of each main course dish is enough for 1 hungry person, that's good. Special word for staff, they are extremely polite, helpful and service is fast

Started with beverages-

REGULAR MOJITO, PEACH MOJITO - Both were very refreshing and flavorsome, loved Peach more, 

FRESH LIME SODA SWEET - Very homely, not very sweet, good, 

VANILLA-COFFEE SHAKE - Good for strong coffee lovers, sister is a coffee-addict,she loved it,

CLASSIC CHOCOLATE SHAKE - MUST-HAVE for any chocolate lover, not very sweet but very very flavorful, 

CHOCO-HAZELNUT SHAKE - Sweeter than classic chocolate, hazelnut flavor could be a bit stronger but my sweet jaw loved it anyway :D

And then came the barrage of food -

FRESH DAHI BHALLA MATKA CHAAT - Loads of curd, dahi bhalla, pomegranates, sweet chutney, all in a matka, I liked it but mom found it a bit bland, can be made spicier, 

RAJASTHANI RAJ KACHORI - MUST-HAVE, Crispy kachori with mix of chutneys, dahi, little spices, loads of sev, pomegranates, absolutely loved it, just what a chaat-lover wants (I inherently like sweeter things by the way), 

CRISPY COTTAGE CHEESE TOSSED IN BLACK SESAME SAUCE - My sister liked it a lot, she is more into Indo-chinese cuisine, this one had big paneer blocks in dense black sesame-soy based sauce I suppose with some chopped veggies in there. I found it a bit saltier than needed but I am too sensitive about salt levels anyway, 

PERI PERI SPICED PANEER PIZZA -My whole family LOVED it. My dad would reorder this whenever we are here next :) Very Indian tadka of flavors, good mix of sauce and cheese, nicely baked, don't compare it with high-end authentic Italian gourmet pizza versions and just enjoy :P, 

BAKED PINK SAUCE PASTA- Another MUST-HAVE, nothing to do with high-end gourmet Italian anything. Cannot expect that for this price at a food court either :P What it IS is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. Generous layer of cheese on top and loads of pasta in tangy (on sweeter side) sauce underneath, it was a pleasure licking this one off the container ♥, 

VEG KOLHAPURI- TANDOORI ROTI Combo- My dad's FAVORITE. He loves Veg kolhapuri and this was pretty close to authentic, quite spicy, generous portion of vegetables and spicy-tangy gravy and delicious soft tandoori roti. 

PANEER TIKKA MASALA- BUTTER NAAN Combo- This was a bit of disappointment. While Butter Naan was amazing, the gravy was actually quite similar to Veg Kolhapuri! Just there was addition of 2 big soft paneer blocks. It was still tasty enough on its own but should taste distinct from other gravy.

VEDGE BIRYANI with Raita-Papad-Pickle - Nice :) Good biryani, this is the same level of biryani that many high-end restaurants serve. Meaning it is actually very good when considering this is in a food court (where one does not expect the same quality as a proper restaurant!) Good quantity, good mix of spices and veggies (and that kevda essence that seems synonymous with biryani at 90% of places :P) and THANK GOD, I did not find any elaichi :D, 

HOMEMADE PANEER PARATHA with Raita-Pickle - MUST-HAVE. Generous stuffing, soft, flavorful, did not want to share it with anyone :D 

Overall, just a few little bit of tweaks here and there is needed, but we absolutely LOVED being here and my family whole-heartedly recommends Vedge Xprs for a delicious meal :) 

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