Wednesday 8 August 2018

Thangabali South Indian Restaurant | Southern Feast For Family | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Thangabali, Kitta the first thing that crossed my mind on hearing that the famous South Indian restaurant Thangabali has now opened at Lokhandwala area. Yes, my family loves Deepika Padukone and Chennai Express movie and No, we are not even one bit embarrassed about that :P

Been hearing good things about Thangabali from some of my foodie friends, but they were all singing high praises mainly about its seafood. As a pure vegetarian, I was apprehensive if they had anything good for me too. Going for this review session made it clear that Thangabali is a clear winner for vegetarians too when it comes to South Indian food :)

Ambiance of Thangabali is simple, colorful, clean and pleasing. Staff is extremely friendly and courteous. Special appreciation for their disarming smiles, polite behavior and fast service. Prices are reasonable for quality and quantity. 

Usually on hearing 'South Indian food', we just think Idli-Dosa-Uttapam because that is what we get everywhere. Here there are many additions and emphasis is given on dishes from Andhra Pradesh, Mangalore, coastal Kerala. Menu is vast and has more non-vegetarian dishes but vegetarians have fair representation too.


SOL KADHI - Leaning on tangy side, kokum + coconut, refreshing
BUTTERMILK - Creamy, cool
STRAWBERRY LASSI - Thick, not too sweet, niiiiiiice
FILTER COFFEE - Mom liked it, strong
GREEN APPLE ICED TEA - Sister loved it, flavorful, refreshing, perfect for hot summer afternoon.


PANEER AJADINA - Soft Paneer chunks in generous coconut + spicy dry mix, (what is known as 'sukka' masala here in Maharashtra,it is mildly spicy), first time we tried Paneer like this and absolutely loved it. Usually our starter paneer choice in any restaurant is paneer tikka and this was just such a delightful surprise :D ♥

PANEER UTTAPAM - Medium Thick Uttapams with generous filling of delicious Paneer Bhurji, smashing dish ♥

VEG STEW & FLUFFY APPAMS - My FAV. Creamy coconut-milk based stew with veggies like carrots, peas, beans and curry leaves and loads of mustard seeds. Felt like drinking it by the gallon :D Very mildly on sweeter side (due to natural sweetness of coconut milk). Appams were a bit thicker than expected BUT extremely delicious with stew. MUST-HAVE ♥


MIX VEG CHETTINAD & MALABARI PARATHA - We tried Malabari Paratha which is basically a distinct cousin of our cherished Lachha Paratha of North Indian cuisine :D it is flaky, layered, crisp yet soft and has a distinct mild sweetness. Went extremely well with Mix Veg Chettinad curry which is mildly spicy. 

TAMARIND RICE - Delicious. Not very heavy on stomach. Again, mix veg chettinad curry went well with this. My sister vouches this is close to authentic as she has had different kinds of rice (including tamarind) at her best friend's house who is Tamil.

Apart from this, we also loved the various chutneys they served on our table, had that fresh home-made taste.


PAAL PAYASAM - We call this Rice Kheer in north. Just like our mom makes it. Rich, creamy, not too sweet, lavishly garnished with dry fruits. MUST-HAVE ♥

CARAMEL CUSTARD- The ONLY time I have loved caramel custard is here! At all other places I have ever tried this, it has come across as unbearably egg-y. But here, none of that, it is a MUST-HAVE, that caramel is the bomb ♥

In a word, Thangabali is Outstanding. 100% recommended. We are already making plans to come back :)


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