Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The Chimney Factory | Street Food From Hungary | Dessert Extravaganza | Food Review

With love from Hungary!

Tunnel shaped cones, baked golden, resembling earthen chimneys, filled with all sorts of delicacies ranging from cheese to banana slices and whipped cream - this famous street food from Hungary has now entered Mumbai. Come to The Chimney Factory at Pali Hill, Bandra and indulge in a variety of sweet + savory chimney cones that bring international taste with a twist for Indian palate. Offering cones in flavors ranging from Paneer Bhurji, Hummus to Chocolate Brownie,Cotton Candy and everything in between, The Chimney Factory is a small but delightful must-visit foodie destination.

Ambiance is quirky, the glow-in-dark wall that is adorning many instagram posts right now is the main attraction of course. Service is fast, staff is extremely helpful and will suggest the best (so many choices!), prices might seem a bit higher but are totally worth it for excellent gourmet taste.

We loved being here and sampling these for our review session-

-- (Savory) MAMMA ROSSO- Assorted Vegetables in Creamy Tomato Sauce, it had tangy + cheesy + wholesome feel, like having pink pasta in a cone (that's how I can describe it in simplest terms :P), absolutely LOVED it. 

-- (Sweet) TIRAMISU - Oreo Dusted Cone + Vanilla Sponge + Coffee Filling + Mascarpone Cheese + Duet Soft Swirl + Coco Powder Dust, good one for mild coffee lovers, all the elements came together well to give a sublime dessert cone experience.

Tried and LOVED these milkshakes-

-- BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE - Real cheesecake, real blueberries, real flavor, creamy and chunky at the same time, MUST-HAVE,

-- KULFI ELAICHI - Reminded me of my favorite childhood drink made with milk + nuts + saffron...extremely refreshing saffron based drink, another MUST-HAVE, I think every milkshake here must be superb.

There is so much more on the menu I want to try... Charcoal milkshake, Popcorn & Pineapple Cooler, Bubblegum Boomerang sweet cone...can't wait to come back soon and try it all, absolute pleasure being here :)  

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