Thursday 2 August 2018

266-The Wine Room And Bar | Global Cuisine Feast | Wine Dream Destination | Food Review | Food Photography

Prfect for romantic date as well as apt for a night out with friends, 266-The Wine Room and Bar is here to stay :)

Ambiance is relaxed, elegant, modern and favors dim lighting; staff is extremely helpful and service is fast; the menu is choc-a-bloc with international flavors, geared with enough adjustments to appeal to Indian palate, prices seem fair when looked at quantity as well as quantity (not to forget,prime location!) and they source highest quality ingredients locally, clearly visible in taste of every dish.

It was a pleasure being here for review session. 

As the name suggests, it is a heavenly place for wine lovers. But I am not an alcohol lover, so cannot comment on what to have and what not to have. What I can say happily is, leave it all to the excellently trained staff, they will suggest just the right wine/ drinks as per your personal preference :) Our host for the evening, Mr. Sagar, got us started on perfect note with the best mocktails and cocktails after we told him what kind of beverages we like. The bartenders know how to weave magic, so trust them.

My sister had a beautiful sparkling wine (I think it was Chandon Rose),

I was happy with my version of Bloody Mary mocktail with just a hint of chilli, followed by a refreshing Kiwi based mocktail,

Mom loved her fruity mocktail concoctions. 

In food, we loved and recommend-


Lotus Stem Crisps - Excellent, could be among the top 3 versions of lotus stems I have ever eaten, crispy, tangy+mildly spicy thanks to gunpowder sprinkle, amazing cilantro dip alongside,

Sweet Potato Crisps - I personally am not a big sweet potato fan but these won me over, crispy, herbed, flavorful, mildly sweet cilantro dip alongside,

Dauphine Potato - Was expecting these to be heavy and starchy, but these deep-fried potato puffs were EXCELLENT, cheesy yet light, delightful.


Caponata on Toast -Anytime perfect snack with eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers atop toast, wholesome, mom especially loved this (and she usually does not like anything with bread),

Arancini - Inclusion of Barley alongside vegetables and cheese, made this healthier than usual, loved it, 

Mushrooms with Black Rice, Soy, Kale - Healthiest of the lot and something to be kept under the heading of 'acquired taste', not something that everyone would love. It has 3 types of mushrooms alongside anti-oxidant rich black rice and kale providing a bit of bitterness while mild tanginess of soy envelops it all. I thoroughly loved it as I am very much into healthy ingredients, I like bitterness on my palate, so this was delightful for me. I would re-order it.

Veg Polenta - Unexpectedly good. Spongy base savory cake topped with hearty amount of corn, tomato chutney, cream cheese, complete medley of flavors. Mom said this was her favorite appetizer, a thumbs up from the toughest food critic I know,so clearly a MUST-HAVE here :)


Eggplant Involtini - Roasted sliced Eggplant rolled around parmesan cheese, tomato sauce, pine nuts, amalgamation of flavors, the most dominant being tangy. Must-Have for eggplant lovers, I personally do not like them much, however this was good :) 

Fettuccine - Ask the staff to suggest the special pasta of the day, we were suggested homemade Fettuccine in pumpkin sauce preparation, it was simple but among the BEST PASTA ever, did not take us much time to wipe this plate clean. Simplicity is the key, absolutely stunning flavors, MUST-HAVE.

Gnocchi Gorgonzola - Homemade Gnocchi in Cream sauce, a bit too starchy, we could not finish this one, were absolutely full by now. Good one though but need something to cut through the heaviness.


Dark Chocolate & Olive Oil Mousse - Darkness of chocolate, lightness of olive oil, faint inclusion of Himalayan pink salt, P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N.

Saffron Panna Cotta - For those not enamored with chocolate, go for this one, light on the palate, refreshing, simple and unforgettable, another thumbs up from mom, keep this in MUST-HAVE category too. 

All in all, pretty close to a perfect foodie destination in the area. Bon Appetit!

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