Tuesday 7 August 2018

Green Village Cafe Mumbai | Healthy Delicious Vegetarian Vegan Keto Diet Food | Food Review | Restaurant Review

With every passing day,it warms my heart to see so many new eateries sprout up with the aim of providing delicious AND healthy food. When the invite to review Green Village Cafe arrived in my inbox, I was extremely excited to be here to partake in some healthy food. But on reaching here, got an even bigger pleasant surprise. Met the very passionate and enthusiastic owner family who explained to us that their aim is twofold-

1- Providing delicious, healthy food made fresh with organic ingredients, every recipe caters to Indian palate, including special dietary concerns such as gluten free, vegan and keto! They do not use maida, artificial flavors, white sugar, preservatives and such, only real ingredients, real taste. 

2- Most importantly, this project came about with an aim to help our farmers. We have been reading about unfortunate spate of farmer suicides for so many years now. The folks behind Green Village Cafe aim to help them by sourcing fresh,organic flours, vegetables etc. from them as well as a percentage of profits from this cafe will go towards making their lives better. How cool is that!

Ambiance is true to the name, completely green and beautiful. Nature is represented amply, there is a definite positive vibe in the air. They are still adding elements to the interior decor,so it should look even more beautiful in near future. Staff is very helpful, polite and suggests best dishes. Prices might seem a bit on the higher end but worth it in terms of quality as well as quantity.

Everything we tried was undoubtedly delicious and full of nutrients-

GREEN MINT SMOOTHER- Mint + Jaggery + Lemon, it might feel like Jaljeera at first but is a bit different, refreshing.

RELAX ROCKTAIL - Ginger + Lemon + Honey, MY FAV ♥ Strongest hit of ginger in every sip, smashing flavor.

CUCUMBER CHAAS- Mom loved this one, Buttermilk + Cucumber + Herbs, probiotic heaven :D

LEMON ICED TEA- Organic Green Tea + Jaggery + Lemon, refreshing and very different from usual packaged 'iced tea flavor'.

PUMPKIN SOUP - Wholesome Pumpkin + Walnuts to give little crunch with in-house bread made from almond flour, altogether the BEST soup we have tried in a long while. Can have a gallon of this everyday. MUST-HAVE

VEG MEXICAN BOWL- Brown Rice + Kidney Beans + Bell Peppers + Mushrooms + Zucchini, mainly had the tangy tomato flavor running throughout, loved the avocado slices on top, mexican food lovers can try this, or if you really love tomato based dishes,

FUSION SAUCY PENNE - Penne in Pink Sauce + Zucchini + Baby Corn + Broccoli + Parmesan Cheese, really good pasta, wholesome and filling, had hearty portion of vegetables,

EXOTIC PUMPKIN RISOTTO - This is the STAR DISH ♥ You will be missing much joy in life if you don't try this. Brown Rice Risotto with Pumpkin + Spinach + Feta Cheese. I have had good risotto earlier but this is hands down THE BEST RISOTTO I have ever had. My sister does not like risotto one bit and once she tasted this, she was not willing to share it with me! Trust me, ignore the words 'brown rice, pumpkin' that usually give a not-so-tasty-vibe and just go for it. MUST-HAVE to infinity :D

For dessert, they did not have an egg-less dessert on the day we went so I could not try anything which was the only slight disappointment we had. My sister tried their Classic Brownie which was delicious but had an egg-y taste that we don't enjoy. But it is okay, keeping the dessert section on our wishlist for next time :)

Overall, excellent idea, pretty awesome execution, green village cafe is definitely recommended to all foodies, health freak or not.

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