Saturday 1 September 2018

Sweet House Cafe Ghatkopar East Mumbai | Vegetarian Multi-Cuisine Soul Satisfying Food | Food Review

Strolling in the area with sister and mom, discovered this little cute cafe. Vibrant ambiance, happy vibes, games like Uno for playing with friends and a very innovative menu, can seat around 30 people at one time. We saw dishes like Volcano Melting Pot Pasta and Waffles Pizza on the menu and immediately were intrigued. There are classics on the menu too –burgers, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, pav bhaji, parathas etc. etc. HUGE menu, loads of choices.
There was a small birthday party going on the day we went so there was a lot of noise and celebration, service was a little slow in the beginning but then picked up, no complaints :) Staff was very helpful and friendly. Most importantly, the owners themselves were taking care of customers and taking feedback.

Started off with a round of drinks, sister went for CLASSIC COLD COFFEE while I went for COCOA CAPPUCCINO. Cold Coffee came in very watery and did not taste like coffee at all. Sister sent it back, they reworked on it and brought a good version. Brownie points to them for immediately taking care of the situation professionally. My Cappuccino was good, strong, would like more of cocoa flavour but it was just sprinkled on top of foam, it was still nice and gave a bitter-ish tinge to the drink (that I personally like). Mom had Masala Chai and found it decent.

Next we tried GUJARATI DAHI KACHORI CHAAT. It was DELICIOUS. Sweet and savory, very flavorful, a bit tangy too, medley of kachori and dahi and sev and chutneys, it was so good we wanted more of it, increase the quantity please :D
Then PESTO PASTA SALAD was DELICIOUS  too. Creamy, wholesome, well-done pasta, good quantity of bell peppers and olives, will reorder for sure.
Finally, WAFFLES PIZZA, the STAR of the evening! Light waffles with crunchy stone-cooked base loaded with sauce, cheese and bell peppers. It was on the sweeter side, tasted so good that we couldn’t stop eating it. This is the kind of soul-satisfying food that draws people repeatedly to any place, absolutely lovely.

And for DESSERT, we had their MELTING POT CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE with layers of brownie, oreo, chocolate mousse, served in a pot, all warmed up. Chocolate extravaganza, it is their BESTSELLER and for good reason. Need 2-3 chocoholics to finish it and it is pure heaven in every bite. RECOMMENDED!
Overall, we would say that food here is reaaaaaaalllllly good with distinct flavours, fresh ingredients and good innovation too. This is a place where everything is created keeping in mind locals’ taste preference. People here won’t come for gourmet fare but for cheesy, saucy, explosive flavours and that is what is provided here (and it is a Guajarati locality so every dish sorta has that Guajarati touch, fair enough, it is delicious). Prices though are on the higher side and beverages were just decent. We would definitely come back here for dishes like waffle pizza and to try more such innovations on their menu :)

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