Tuesday 28 August 2018

L'Paan | Traditional Indian Digestive Desserts In Artisanal Avatar | Food Review

Ah, the joy of having paan at the end of any meal...

I have seen my mom reminisce about the same. I myself have not been a paan lover, have had some versions of meetha paan maybe a decade ago but honestly it is not something I am inherently attracted to. My parents on the other hand have spent a lot of their youth in places like Calcutta, Benaras, so when they reminisce about some awesome paan, well they reminisce about something legendary :)

So when I got a chance to review some paans from L'Paan, I said yes just to know what my mom talks about. 3 types of Paan arrived really promptly packed securely and very hygienically in a peppy yellow little cute box. Promise of natural fresh ingredients in making these classic Indian digestive desserts was mentioned alongside other details on the box. No choona, No soopari, No kattha, No preservatives or artificial color in these paans, rather they have top-notch delicious spice mix that can be enjoyed by everyone.

CLASSIC/ORIGINAL THE PAAN - Mix of rose petals, cardamoms, cloves, dates, spices mix, this was VERY REFRESHING and it had generous amount of mint in there too, I felt it was very cooling on my palate, very strong punch of flavors.

CHOCOLATE PAAN - Traditional paan with chocolate truffle covering, the chocolate crust made all the difference in making this a MUST-HAVE. Maybe they can increase some chocolate quantity inside the paan to make it absolute heaven for chocolate lovers :D But otherwise too, pretty good and my sister's favorite. 

MEGA PAAN- Regular Paan loaded with cashews, almonds, raisins additionally with regular spices mix, the name made it sound like it would be huge in size but it was regular sized, the main difference being generous addition of dry fruits to the paan making it feel very rich, gourmet. My mom really liked this one and would like to definitely reorder it :)

As I said, I am not a big paan lover. It always conjures up soopari-choona version and I have stayed away from those. So I don't really have any pre-conceptions of how a good Paan should be or how should one judge a good paan's quality. But here, I enjoyed the offerings of L'Paan and so did my mom and sister, so I really do not have anything to complain about. Do try these as a modern twist on traditional Indian Paan :) Recommended!

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