Saturday 25 August 2018

Karmik Veda French Rose Clay Face Mask With Rose Petals Review | Vegetarian Handmade Chemical-Free | Beauty Review

100% Chemical-Free Handmade French Rose Clay Face Mask With Rose Petals by Karmik Veda. As soon as I saw these words at and the beautiful picture accompanying it, I knew I had to get it :D

I had landed at Qtrove by chance, because I was craving some homemade chocolate fudge and internet search threw up this amazing website with loads of products across categories of food, beauty, home decor and more, with the main differentiating factor being that these are natural, chemical-free, sustainable handmade products made not in factories but by artisans in batches! Phew, once you land at this website, it is impossible to leave without buying something. 

I just browsing through the beauty section and Karmik Veda products caught my fancy. They looked good and I just bought this clay mask as an impulsive purchase. Somebody was in a mood for self-pampering :D

Packaging of Karmik Veda French Rose Clay Face Mask is very simple, in a round airtight, unbreakable jar that feels travel friendly. Product is filled to the brim. What gives it a unique look is that it comes with a handmade paper attached to the jar with all details about the clay mask while the jar itself is completely devoid of anything other than the name of the brand and its logo. Gives a really beautiful simple yet special and luxurious feel :)

Ingredients list reads a who's who of exotic ingredients that are all good for our skin :) NO toxins, NO preservatives, NO chemicals, NO parabens at all. Yay!

Claims that it will detoxify and rejuvenate skin by drawing toxins out of the skin, reducing inflammation and reducing appearance of pores, acne, blackheads. Also, regular usage might lead to lifted firm appearance alongside helping in reducing wrinkles, age spots, scarring. 

Availability is limited only to online websites like Qtrove that sell such special handmade artisanal products (and Karmik Veda's own website). Pricing is Rs. 599 for 75 grams. 

Quantity is very good, I have been using it twice a week for last 1 month and it is just half empty. Will last 2 months easily because it is concentrated so a little is needed to cover whole face and neck.

Usage - The picture makes it look lighter here. It is actually baby pink in color (looks like pink Himalayan salt). It is suggested to mix it with honey, rose water, curd or any herbal tea and make a creamy paste. I cleanse my face and then make this creamy paste by using curd because curd suits my sensitive problematic skin the most. 

Karmik Veda French Rose Clay Face Mask smells different from usual packs. It is not unpleasant but unique. I can only explain it as some kind of 'metallic' smell, I think the French Clay is what I am describing, it just smells absolutely different from anything else I have used on my face. Anyway, the powder makes a real creamy paste. I put it all over my face and skin and let it dry for 10 minutes and then rinse it off.

Effect - I like it! The claims of Karmik Veda French Rose Clay Face Mask are not some overnight miracles. But they do promise detoxing, rejuvenating, light exfoliation, reducing blackheads, pores and in my experience, they do all this :) My skin does feel smooth every time after rinsing it off, my face does feel firmer, most importantly I have seen it shrink my little acne breakouts immediately. It is too early to say if it works on reducing wrinkles or pigmentation but I am just happy that my face feels softer, smoother and even little angry pimples have calmed down ever since I started using it

There has been no adverse reaction on my face on using it. My skin is ultra-sensitive and with first use I know which product is pure natural and which has chemicals. Karmik Veda French Rose Clay Face Mask is truly natural and chemical-free because every time I have used it, it just gives a luxurious spa-like feel, it slides like velvet on my skin and after rinsing it off I always like touching my smooth, glowing cheeks. It doesn't leave my skin dry but dry-skinned beauties may find it drying (it is clay after all!) and should use a heavy duty moisturizer.

  • Meets claims
  • No parabens, chemicals, toxins, preservatives
  • Handmade, Luxurious, Spa-like feel
  • Does not irritate my ultra sensitive skin
  • Calms pimples and small acne outbursts
  • Gives light exfoliation
  • Makes skin soft, smooth, mildly glowing
  • Can be used by anyone, age/skin type/ gender no bar
  • Made in India brand
  • Not easily available
  • It is clay which might be drying for dry-skinned people
  • On higher price range

Recommended -YES! Karmik Veda French Rose Clay Face Mask With Rose Petals is worthy to be included in regular skincare :) Rating is 4/5.


  1. is indeed a new brand to me..I love vegan products and especially clay based it is a must buy for me...:))

    1. Indeed! You will love it for sure, my sensitive skin is happy with it completely :)


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