Wednesday 22 August 2018

Parabola Hotel Rodas Powai Mumbai | Among Top 5 Foodie Destinations in Mumbai | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Hands down, one of TOP 5 dining destinations in Mumbai for my family. Centrally located, we walked in for a review session to find serenely elegant ambiance with soft music playing in the background alongside 2 LCD screens playing cricket matches. Quite spacious, it offers buffet for lunch and dinner at extremely economical rates alongside an extensive a-la-carte menu with something for everyone. 

The best part, all of this is supplemented with extraordinary level of service. Every staff member, including the Chef himself, gives personal attention to every customer to make their visit memorable. This means they will prepare anything off the menu for the customer too if needed. We saw a lot of regulars walk in and share friendly jokes with Chef. Easy to see why one would want to come back here again & again. Outstanding service.

Oh, also, this is an eco-friendly property and they waste nothing. So dining here is such a feel-good factor too as we end up caring for Mother Earth ♥

We tried a lot of their specials from the menu and buffet and were pleased by everything.


>>> LONG BEACH ICED TEA- Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Gin, Cointreau, Sweet & Sour Mix, Cranberry Juice= strong, delicious, just like my sister likes.

>>> FRUIT FAVOURITE PUNCH- Orange juice, Pineapple juice, Lemon juice = Tangy, refreshing, just like I love it.

>>> GUAVA PUNCH - (I don't exactly remember the name for this), it had Guava and Ice Cream, it was really awesome, perfect as a dessert drink for someone like my sister who is not big on traditional desserts :P


>>> SHAHI SEEKH KEBAB- Wholesome medley of chopped veggies, paneer in soft vegetarian kebab version, perfectly balanced spices, loved.

>>> PANEER RANGEELA TIKKA- (Name could be a bit different,this is what I think the name is!) Paneer Tikka taken a notch higher with stuffing of chopped veggies and big dollop of cheese. Unique and delicious. Soft, will reorder for sure.

>>> YAMS + SWEET BANANA CUTLET - MUST-HAVE. Ask Chef for this for sure. Innovative deliciousness. Yams & bananas cutlet with Guava Chilli sauce alongside. At first glance, it looked like chicken cutlet to be frank and I did not expect it to be so tasty, particularly because I am neither a fan of yams nor of bananas, but this cutlet was sooooooo good. I am salivating just thinking about it ♥

>>> SIZZLER- Perfect dish to order when here with couple of friends, having drinks. Stir fried veggies (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower) in sweet-sour-spicy oriental sauce, served alongside a good portion of perfectly salted crispy french fries, smokey sizzling flavor in everything. Again, personally not a big fan of sizzlers but this was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ♥

>>> MUSHROOMS TIKKA - Much like Paneer Tikka, these were juicy Button Mushroom stuffed tikkas, real good, my sister finished it all :)


>>> LASOONI  PALAK- Real Spinach gravy (not the smooth spinach puree we get everywhere!), this was a heart stealer. MUST-HAVE. Garlic bits all over real, dense, wholesome, healthy spinach gravy. A little bit on bitter side because that is what REAL spinach tastes like. Such home-cooked goodness this one. Enough portion for 3 people.

>>> DAL MAKHANI - Black lentil cooked overnight on tandoor with butter, this one was another WINNER. MUST-MUST-HAVE. One of the BEST Dal Makhani in Mumbai. Really buttery, really smooth, that long-cook flavor shining through, a bit on sweeter side because that is how it is supposed to be :) Such a beautiful contrast with the Palak dish. Went beautifully together.

>>> We tried an assortment of TANDOORI ROTI, GARLIC NAAN, WHOLE WHEAT Garlic Naan and everything was perfect.

Alongside, we tried NOODLES, VEG PULAO, PANEER gravy from the buffet and it was all delicious too. Couldn't find even a single fault anywhere.

What we loved was that everything we tried had such distinct flavors. They do not use the same masalas in all their gravies (which is what happens in many buffets, almost all dishes taste the same)

We could not finish the main course and asked them to be packed for our dad's dinner. Chef ensured that he packed fresh,hot rotis for dad as well as a portion of extra kebabs and dessert alongside the gravies (something he did not need to do at all). Needless to say, dad loved everything and also agrees that this is one of the best dinners he had.


>>> MISSISSIPPI MUD CAKE - Eggless Walnut Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream, amazing. 

>>> GULKAND BHARA GULAB JAMUN - MUST-HAVE. Different from usual gulab jamuns, these had gulkand in the center that made them ah-ma-zing to the hilt ♥

>>> ICE CREAM- Butterscotch & Strawberry with Chocolate Chips, creamy, yummy.

So, Delicious Food? Check.
Beautiful ambiance? Check.
Value for Money? Check.
Out-of-this-world Service by Superb Staff? Check.
Overall, Excellent Experience in Every Regard? Check.

Parabola should be a must-visit destination for every foodie. Bon Appetit!

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