Sunday 6 March 2016

Grandmama's Café, Lower Parel

Having been a regular patron and fan of Grandmama's Cafe, Dadar, it was a very pleasant surprise for me and my sister for being invited to the preview lunch at its Lower Parel branch today afternoon. Having had fantastic experience at its Dadar branch every single time,we had high expectations here too and they surpassed every single one of them! Well, this was just a preview lunch so they are still managing kinks and by the time they open up,it will all be sorted. In any case, my sister and I are easy-to-please foodies,but still there was no space for us to complaint at any point :)

We could order anything a-la carte from the menu so we started off with Belgian chocolate shake, Peanut butter-banana shake, small plate hummus with pita bread, small plate mac n cheesegrandmama's special pizzasaffron risotto, mushroom soup, rustic tomato soup. Yes, I know it is a lot :P But we both were working till late last night,woke up late this morning AND did not have patience to cook a breakfast,so yes,we were starving :P 

Belgian Choco Shake is a bestseller and comes recommended by the staff too. Creamy, chocolatey, dense, it is a must have. It also suffices as a mini meal for a really light eater. Peanut butter-banana shake actually had more of banana and less of peanut butter,they can increase that amount BUT the main thing is it tasted as wholesome as if our mom had just made it in her blender! Truly, it tasted just like milkshakes that our mom used to make during our summer vacations! Beautiful :) 

Now coming to soups-mushroom soup is a dense bowl of mushroom and butter. It is THE bomb when it comes to a mushroom lover like me! My sister doesn't like mushrooms and she tasted it and simply pushed it towards me. AND then 2 minutes later, she comes back to taste it! I mean, this is what sisters do :P :P :P Well, it is a taste that grows on you :D Brilliant! Tomato soup is the star dish here as per my sister. None of that artificial flavoring that we get in packaged soups. This was pure roasted tomatoes soup with garlic and herbs, so dense, such amazing texture, so beautiful, it was like opera on our tongue :) Even if someone doesn't like soup at all, RUSTIC TOMATO SOUP at Grandmama's cafe will make them wanna marry it, it is that good! 

The small plates are good enough for a light eater and if you are in a group of 4-5 friends, just order 3-4 small plates for a good snack time :) Hummus with Pita bread was good, a bit heavy for me but nothing lacking in terms of flavor at all. Mac n Cheese (ask for it classic) was brilliant. My favorite, absolute smashing. 1 Spoonful is all it takes to go back to childhood. There is a reason Mac n Cheese is every child's favorite dish worldwide and the reason is right here. This is how your serve happiness in a plate :) I have actually never tasted mac n cheese in my childhood but in past 10 years, tasted it at quite a few places and the one at Grandmama's comforts me like nothing else. 

Saffron Risotto was great too, another simple dish with no unnecessary frills attached. The pizza is another must have in my opinion- with a thin crust and caramelized onions, bell peppers, olives as toppings, there was no way I was gonna share it with anyone else (ask my sister for proof :D) 

Today being the very busy preview lunch, the service was a tad slow at times. Too many people, too much hustle bustle, feedback to the kitchen going in all the time and all that jazz. BUT just when we were getting a little restless, in comes a complimentary Open Faced Mushroom sandwich and Mushrooms on Toast (STAR DISH!). Service takes the cake. Even at Dadar branch, we have seen super prompt and efficient service and today again we experienced the same warmth, the same smiling faces, prompt and jovial service. The pattern of making customers feel like they are at home stays the same which I feel is the USP of Grandmama's :) The best part here is how they have conceptualized the menu with every dish focusing on one core flavor or ingredient and giving it full attention. So there is no dish where something overpowers anything else. Quantity and Quality wise, it is complete value for money and the ambiance, well, everyone knows the top notch ambiance here which simply forces us to relax forever and never leave :) 

Oh,they also serve alcohol. I am sure that is an extra star right there according to a lot of gluttons :D My sister had a small Vodka with Sprite, must have found it good, was grinning all the way :D

A complete winner on all counts. Lower Parel, Grandmama's is here, have no fear :D 

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