Friday 18 March 2016

VWash VWoman Of The Year Event 2016 - Breaking Stereotypes

The perils of relying on technology shook me in the BIG Pendrive Meltdown 2016  but happy to report that now it is almost under control :) Meaning, now I have access to most of my important photographs related to some really important events of the past several months. A small victory and a big lesson when it comes to technology. One of the most important events I had the good fortune of attending was the VWash VWoman Of The Year 2016 organized on International Women's Day 2016 at The Lalit, Mumbai

I know a lot of people often say, 'What is the need for celebrating a special day for women?' I agree, in an utopia :) In a world where every human is recognized and appreciated for being who they are instead of marginalized in any way,we would not need to celebrate special days for anyone! But of course,we need to be realistic and look at the very real fact that celebrating different days dedicated to different facets of society brings about a marked change in their recognition and improvement/progress :) VWash VWoman of the year event took cognizance of the fact that there are many brave women out there who dare to break the established mould of 'what women can' and 'what they can't' and become torchbearers for everyone in the society. These are real everyday heroes who inspire us without putting on a cape!

The women achievers who were felicitated for being lighthouse for all of us are working tirelessly for betterment of society in different areas. While Rajani Paranjpe has been bringing education to the grassroots level, Geeta Sridhar has been caring for 28 cancer afflicted children as her own,earning her the nickname of Geeta Maa! While Anuradha Kedia has co-founded an online news portal with a difference and Swati Bedekar has spent a lifetime spreading message of menstrual hygiene among rural socity, Rajani Pandit has become our very own Sherlock Holmes,the first woman detective of India! The common message all these powerhouses give us is that each one of us is capable of changing the world,we just ought to take that first step and stick to the route,no matter how many hardships we have to face. Other important thing to note is a crucial misconception that women can only manage one thing at a time whereas all these ladies have shown how perfectly capable we all are of juggling our personal, professional and philanthropic lives without a misstep :) In a society where many girls are still not allowed to go to schools or make any important decision of their lives themselves, these women are showing a path forward,indeed!

A live interaction one-on-one with the ladies proved to be a master lesson in life,rife with their personal anecdotes, inspiring one-liners and some hilarious moments too! I especially loved the session with Rajani Pandit where she encountered the witty and filmy ways she has cracked some cases. In truly Bollywood movie style, she worked as a maid in a suspect's house for months altogether gathering evidence against her in a murder case in one of her first cases as a detective! Imagine that :D She does not look like James Bond (a fact she is in fact proud of since that gives her the ability to meld in anywhere and do her work) but her sharp mind, extraordinary observation powers, intense courage have helped her become the numero uno inspiration for everyone else (not only women!)

The brilliant eye-opening sessions with the fantastic achievers was capped off by a LIVE comedy show by Neeti Palta,one of the foremost Indian women comedians, who had us rolling in the aisles with laughter with a funny take on every topic from parenting to Indian weddings to gender relations and more! It was the most perfect way to leave us wanting more and wait for the next edition of this amazing event that is doing a lot in dispelling rigid notions + provide a benchmark for where we want our society to go next-a place where the mind is without fear and the head is held high :)

Thank you VWash!


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