Friday 11 March 2016

Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream | Beauty Review

For as long as I remember, my mom has had amazing skin, supple and soft. Obviously, age catches up with everyone, still she has really smooth baby soft skin and does not really bother much with hankering after different beauty products. Mostly she uses any generic moisturizer or any cream I buy for her. Luckily, her skin does not react badly to most of the products. Once in a while though she likes to switch up the brands and that is how I zeroed down upon Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream for her to try out about 4-5 months ago :)

I got it from Amazon at around Rs.1100 for 40 grams which makes it quite expensive and it has gotten even more expensive now. Again, it is a premium brand not really available very easily. 

Claims to tighten skin, impart bouncy resilience, even out skin texture, deeply hydrate, prevent wrinkles and make skin look smooth and youthful. Ingredients list starts with Water, Glycerine and then includes a long list on unpronunceable chemicals including parabens and fragrance which does not instill much confidence, to be honest. Packaging is quite bulky and sturdy, fit enough for traveling I suppose. Quantity is ample enough to last 2 months when used once everyday as a little goes a long way :)

Now my mom has a soft corner for natural,herbal, ayurvedic beauty products but I managed to convince her that some chemicals are okay and this is a premium brand so this might be the best anti-ageing cream we have been looking for :D Well, to be frank, she found it to be a decent moisturizer that definitely made her skin glow with regular use but did nothing else in terms of evening out skin tone or preventing wrinkles. She liked how it made her soft skin softer and smoother but over 2 months of using it,the fine lines or wrinkles did not magically vanish :P If not the best, it is definitely a good moisturizer for normal & mature skin. She also says that it made her occasional dry patches disappear so at least that was one magical takeaway :D There is a luxury feel to applying it and the way it sinks in on my mom's face!

  • Premium brand
  • Sturdy packaging 
  • Really nice,long lasting fragrance
  • Made dry patches on my mom's cheeks disappear
  • Did not lead to acne or pimples on my mom's skin, did not clog pores
  • My mom's mature skin liked the smoothness and softness it imparted
  • Gave a glow on regular usage every night before sleeping
  • Good quantity that lasts over 2 months on using everyday
  • Too expensive
  • Decent moisturizer,nothing special about it
  • May not suit oily skin as it is quite rich and may clog pores
  • Long list of chemicals in the ingredients list is simply scary
  • Not easily available
Recommended - Yes,but not as a miracle worker, One of better moisturizers in India for mature skin i.e. people in my mom's age group :) Rating is 3.75/5 from my mom's side.

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