Wednesday 16 March 2016

Why Technology Sucks...

...Or is it just me who always ends up on the bad side of the big bad world of technology because the Tech Gods hate me? :P

I am not a nerd or geek or anyone who loves technology and gadgets more than their parents (Yes,I know a few of that type :P)

BUT I do love technology. I keep an eye out for the latest and greatest when it comes to anything that makes our lives better. 

So an article dedicated to the next generation of microprocessors? I am reading that!
A new way to store our data? I am in!
A new method of transferring data from one gadget to another? Show me how!
A cross breed of phones & tablets,better than laptops? Yes please!

I try not to be a slave of technology but the way this world is changing everyday, especially because of technology and gadgets, I mean, come on, THAT is awesome. I keep an eye out for that. I keep my gadgets well fed and well protected and love them.

That is why it becomes especially painful when gadgets & tech world in general don't show me the same love back.

I run my laptop's anti-virus at least once a week. I have friends who don't do that for months. STILL, their computer runs perfectly for years while mine crashed 2 months after I bought it, due to a freaking virus!

I ran anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware AND installed a firewall on my desktop. It STILL crashed wiping out all my college projects and family vacation pictures. I am now in the painful process of recovering it all back with a software a friend loaned me after hundreds of pitiful pleas and 4 rounds of free food.

And just last week, my 8 GB pen drive with hundreds of pictures of my various culinary adventures got corrupted *SOB SOB* thereby laying to rest my dreams of beautifying my blog with all those saliva-inducing delicious photographs :(

So why, why, whyyyy does it keep happening to me? Why am I doomed to this relentless fear of losing my memories in a snap in this digital world? This was supposed to be a safe place for us. Did we not believe that CDs, DVDs, Pen drives, Hard Disks were our new heavens? Places to keep all our pictures, projects, letters and what not tucked away safely for ages to come? Did we not tell our parents proudly- ''See here, this little piece of technology is powerful enough to hold gazillion data that we could never store on paper around our home?'' Were our parents not proud of us -''Look, there go our intelligent kids saving this world one tree at a time. They do not need paper anymore, they save every important piece of information electronically. How cool is that!''

Cool, my foot!

I know I am not the only one. I have met people who are afraid of moving on with technology because they have been through something similar. Not difficult to understand why many people would rather not jump on the tech bandwagon when all their lifetime of memories can be wiped out literally within seconds by some remote virus/ hacker/ malware/ digital hobo/ crooked little green men/ illegitimate child of a failed alien invasion master. I have talked to bona-fide nerds and the best they could come up with, 'Uhhh..there is an element of luck..sometimes you can do everything right and the gadget just refuses to cooperate..uhhh..' 

Yeah man, Uhhhh is right!

I am so missing good old days where we had physical copies of everything. At least then I could blame someone else for misplacing them. Now I am just doomed to finding good data recovery software to get whatever piece of information I can scrape from corrupted pen drives and crashed hard disks. Grrrr....


  1. Well, you could keep a backup AND a copy of the said backup on another device. So, you'll need two working devices for the operation. That way, even if one of the devices decides that it doesn't like you anymore, you will always have the security of the other one, and use that to make another copy!
    P.S.: A third copy wouldn't hurt at all! :-D

    1. That seems like a lot of work for lazybones like me :D But probably essential too :D


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