Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March 2016 Fab Bag : More Power To You!

Every Fashionista and Beauty Lover in India knows of Fab Bag. I had been hearing about it for at least a year now. 'You must try out a Fab Bag', 'Fab Bags are the best', 'I Love my Fab Bag' and so on and so forth are just some of the reactions I came across. But somehow, always resisted the urge to give in to the temptation. Primarily because I have been lucky enough to get many beauty products as either prizes in various twitter/facebook contests or my friends have gifted me huge hampers/vouchers on my birthdays *touch wood* and many times,I got beauty products staying in my closet for months before I used them :) So I thought, 'Hey what will I do with a Fab Bag' :D But March 2016 was finally when I succumbed and got myself a Fab Bag subscription. I am blaming a rush of endorphins on account of some really great news on my career front one fine day in second week of March which made me go, 'I am going to give myself a little treat now' (also because I managed to use up all pending beauty products :D). And Fab Bag turned out to be the perfect treat!

Fab Bag is indeed a bag/beauty box, a beautiful and unique bag filled with samples and full sized beauty products from the field of makeup, skincare, haircare and occasionally jewelry and accessories too! These are handpicked by the wonderful peoples of Fab Bag themselves. Just need to go to the Fab Bag website and book a subscription for either 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Price ranges from Rs. 599 for 1 month to Rs. 4999 for 1 year, so if you are cautious like me and just want to test the waters before swimming, go for the 1 month subscription like I did. I went through a friend's referral link and got a 10% OFF so essentially I paid just Rs. 540! You can save 10% too if you go via my referral link HERE-> Fab Bag :) 

Now how do you ensure that you get the best products in your bag, suited to your skin? You make an account and log in on the website and there is a beauty questionnaire that you fill up. This Beauty Questionnaire has questions about your skin type,hair type, your product preferences, color preferences, problems you face etc. etc. which help the awesome peoples at Fab Bag make a judgement as to what products are good for your skin and what isn't and that is how they ensure to send you a perfect beauty bag filled with goodies customized for you.

Now the best part about Fab Bag is that every month,the bag has 1-2 full sized product and 3-4 sample products. The full size products by themselves are worth Rs. 500-600 or even more! So the cost of subscription is covered there only. Thereafter the sample products from different brands are enough to last 1 week-10 days and help us make a decision on whether to invest in the full sized product or not. So it is triple benefit-We get MORE than what we paid PLUS we get to try out wonderful products from premium International + Indian brands as a bonus AND we get to keep a cute little bag which can be used as a travel pouch, as a party bag, as a makeup kit and well, imagination is the limit :)

So I subscribed to Fab Bag sometime around 2nd week of March and then started waiting patiently for arrival of the bag itself which was delivered within 2 weeks. Meanwhile, I checked out some reviews of March Fab Bag by other beauty bloggers and saw that there was a Sugar Lipstick, a Nailpolish and samples of Wella Shampoo, Conditioner Plus Suganda Neem & Green Tea Face Mask and such other products. I am not that big on makeup and focus mainly on skincare & haircare. But my sister loves makeup. So I planned on giving the lipstick to her and just wanted to get good beauty products for myself. I seriously think that peoples at Fab Bag have hidden powers to read minds because when I got my Fab Fab, I was in for the biggest,most pleasant surprise of my life! I got these products-

SUGAR Lipstick Breaking Bare (Full Size worth Rs. 599) - My sister loves this shade. She has been shrieking with happiness all day :D

Suganda Neem & Green Tea Mask (Sample) - Just started using it and my sensitive, problematic skin loves it so far! Will last me 5-6 uses more easily.

Natural Bath & Body Clay Mask & Whipped Cream (Both Samples) - Mask for face and Whipped Cream for body, again just used it for 2 days and my skin loves it! Will last me another 4-5 days.

Votre Face Serum (Full Size)! Say whaaaaaaat! I got a full sized, much sought after, much loved Votre Face Serum worth Rs. 1670! As I said, I was hoping to not get nail-polish or any other makeup product since I don't use them much. I would have been happy with Wella shampoo/conditioner samples too but I was secretly hoping for something more geared towards skincare and VOILA! I have no idea how they read my mind but they sent me the perfect product :) 

I am especially pleased because all these products are perfect for my skin. If you have read my blog carefully,you will know that I have the most sensitive, problematic skin that breaks out without any reason. I have come to accept that I will have to keep searching for my holy grail products for a long time and now that I have seen how carefully Fab Bag takes care of our special skin needs, I think this will be my numero uno source for the best products out there. I need something to soothe and calm my skin and the samples I have received plus Votre Serum are geared to do just that! How can I ever thank them enough :)

Now just look at all that I got. I paid less than Rs. 550 and got products worth almost Rs. 2550. Is this a good investment or what? :D 5 Times Returns! If only our banks gave similar interest rates on our investments! It just shows the commitment of everyone at Fab Bag to give us the best bang for our money as well as products that really are useful for us. I am sold and I am never going to wonder again how so many people are such big fans of Fab Bag :)

More Power to Fab Bag :)


  1. Hi Richa.I too love the fab bag,its a surprise pack that we get each month but I am highly disappointed with their delivery service.I booked my fab bag for march around 10th March and I still have not received it.I maiked them twice and they said it has been stuck in Sales tax office and it will take 3more days but I am still waiting for it.Gr8 detailed poat.Loved ur blog.

    1. Oh,that's bad! Have you tried contacting them on twitter/facebook? This was my 1st fab bag so I don't have any personal experience of conflict resolution with them but for all other brands I have had problems with,I have found that they reply faster and work faster if we contact them on social media, maybe because they don't want negative publicity which is what happens there. So do try putting your complaint up there,I am sure it will be resolved very soon :)


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