Wednesday 16 March 2016

Vista Express, Mumbai

This is a review pending for quite some time now thanks to the Big Pendrive Meltdown I experienced last week,the one where hundreds of my beautiful photographs vanished overnight *sob sob*. However, after praying to nearly 356 different deities and giving free food to more than 1 bona-fide tech nerd, I have managed to recover a little bunch. Lo and Behold, now I can review Vista Express the way I wanted to,replete with pictures. Meesa so happy :D

First of all, thank you to the kind peoples at Vista Express for considering me worthy to be given a free feast. And what a feast it turned out to be. I was fortunate enough to get 2 meal boxes which I shared with my sister :)

First came the Cottage Cheese Shashlik Box with Cottage Cheese Shashlik, Rice, Pepper Sauce, Cheese Cigar, Apple Waldorf Salad and Walnut Brownie. I am a Paneer fanatic. Give me Paneer in any form and watch me transform into a dancing monkey, provided of course that it is soft and melt in mouth and delicious :) Here,it was! Big juicy chunks of Paneer marinated in spices, me likey a lot! I hardly gave 1 bite to my sister :D Rice (I think fried rice) had these little pieces of corn which gave a delightful burst of little sweet flavor and went exceedingly well with the pepper sauce. Only thing is that the pepper sauce was a bit more salty than I liked. I am too sensitive to salt so I always prefer less salt in my food. My sister was fine with the salt level but perhaps they can decrease salt in the sauce and give one extra sachet of salt in the box? 

Anyway, Cheese Cigar was the absolute winner. The cheese inside these crunchy rolls simply oozed so warmly, I could have a whole box of it at one go for lunch :D Apple Waldorf and Walnut Brownie were great. Not too sweet. Just perfect. And for someone like me who is partial to anything that tastes sweet, couldn't have asked for a better box. 

Then came the Red Thai Box with Red Curry, Steamed Rice, Schezwan Noodles, Momos and Gado Gado Salad. This is my sister's favorite who loves Momos and Thai Curries. The curry here was amazing, just the right kind of Thai Curry, with the flavor of coconut milk, lemongrass and the aroma that we all love. But again, I would love a little less salt. Again, I am saying this as a personal preference. The curry went perfectly well with steamed rice but on its own, I found it a bit more salty than I would have liked. Mind you,my sister did not find anything wrong but I am just a bit too sensitive to salt levels :D Today, when almost everyone has high BP problem, I think we should be feasting on less salt :) 

Anyway, Schezwan Noodles were good, looked dry at first sight but this box also had a little sachet of sauce for the noodles, together they were absolutely explosive. Momos looked and tasted amazing. Nowadays, we see momos almost everywhere but at many places,they serve dry or overly oily ones. Not here! Full of crunchy veggies, full on flavor, my sister gobbled up the momos. The Gado Gado salad was good too,something new and crunchy. I just missed something sweet in this box. But then, I am the sweet lover in the family. My sister loved the box as it is. She is not too finicky about sweet whereas I need a little piece of sweet after every meal, so there :)

The meal was packaged very carefully,no spillage of any kind. It was delivered within 20 minutes of me receiving the confirmation message by a very polite gentleman from Scooty. All around scores for punctuality, packaging, freshness of food. Most importantly, each box is perfect for 1 hungry person and the price point of Rs. 179 for Red Thai box and Rs. 249 for Cottage Cheese Shashlik box is perfectly value for money for the quality and quantity. Raising a glass for better lunch times from now on with Vista Express :) 

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