Tuesday 1 March 2016

Top 10 Oscars 2016 Red Carpet Fashion Favorites

I don't claim to be the biggest or wisest Fashionista around. But I do know a good thing when I spot it. And what better place to spot the best and the brightest of the fashion world than at the Oscars Red Carpet? :) The Who's Who of the biggest entertainment elite walk this place, own it and give us all major aspirational + inspirational goals. 

I am a movies maniac and always more interested in who is winning the award and who isn't. I kid you not, I get bets going on every year with my friends on who should win vs who will win (keeping in mind all the politics, if you know what I mean :P) and am so happy that this year all my favorites won! I was betting so heavily on the movie Spotlight winning,it would have broken my heart if they did not. And of course,the whole world was praying for Leonardo di Caprio to win it,weren't they :D If he did not win this year,I think next year there would have been a mass boycott of the Academy and nobody would have seen the Oscars :D 

Anyway, still, the lure of the Oscars Red Carpet is a different thing altogether and here I present my personal Favorites. Mind you, I am not very knowledgeable about the technical terms of the cuts and pleats or fabrics and colors, but I just go by what seems elegant, classic and dignified because that is how I like my fashion. Oh, and comfortable too :D

Cate Blanchett is royalty personified. I think she is one of those consistently well dressed ones. I cannot remember a single event where her fashion sense doesn't inspire a WOW from everyone. She carries herself so elegantly, definitely my favorite. Look at the sublime color, that utterly feminine way it drapes her, the stunning work. Magnifico :)

Olivia Wilde is stunning and makes even risque look so elegant :) I am not much for skin show but I am biased towards Olivia who is one of my personal favorites as an actor and a person. This look is so clean and well put together,cannot help but admire it.

Charlize Theron scares me. No,seriously! There is something about her beauty that is lethal :D Of course I do not know her personally and she could very well be the funniest person to be around but honestly,she has this 'do not mess with me vibe' which really is a compliment. This dress demolishes the myth of 'never wear red on the red carpet' and also makes Charlize Theron look scary,in the best way possible. Scary good. Scary talented. Scary strong. Yeah, THAT scary :D

Naomi Watts is another one of my personal favorites all rounder. Good actress, Good wife, Good mom, Good person. And every year,she again displays a consistently good fashion sense. Never too risky, always elegant, always well put together. If I had to pick one dress to wear myself on Oscars red carpet,I would probably choose this because not only is it beautiful and gives that mermaid illusion, it looks comfortable. Wear it and walk around. Chill. (I would probably look like female hulk in this gown so that is probably the reason I am not wearing it and she is :D)

Sofia Vergara. Enough said. Such a solid Princess Gown. Rich, Luscious, Elegant, Feminine, Soft. Perfection :)

Margot Robbie made me rethink my position on 'No bling' because she carried this off so well. Statuesque is the word here :) 

Emily Blunt wore my mom's favorite look of the night :) My mom loves this shade of pink and when she pointed this out,I realized that while this is something that gets overpowered by bling or bolder colors on the red carpet,this is actually a classic look. Very soft and beautiful, she looks ethereal.

Brie Larson who gave the performance of the year in the movie Room wore this outstanding dress. I say outstanding because it literally helped her stand head & shoulders above everyone else. Nothing about this is predictive. She made sure  to choose a look that would be instantly recognizable and unique, some smart lady she is :)

Alicia Vikander with another outstanding ensemble that doesn't give a WOW factor on first look but after a couple of looks,it really instills itself deep in the mind! Sunny and bright,something not seen on a red carpet usually, it makes her look like a character out of Alice in Wonderland or a musical comedy, something that retains her individuality and unique personality. Like the spirit, gal :)

And finally,how can we forget our home girl Priyanka Chopra! I had met her very briefly a long time ago,when her movie Aitraaz had just released. I was at Mumbai airport waiting for my flight to Chennai when she walked in and stood just by my side for 2 minutes. I liked her,so I said hello and complimented on her performance in the movie and she gave me the biggest,sunniest smile and said thanks before dashing off for her flight. She had no 'beauty queen' air or attitude and even in that brief encounter, I knew she would be someone to watch out for coz her winner personality just shone! I kept telling everyone in my family that one day she would be an International star,she really has it in her, and today she is :D My family still teases me that I should be telling her I am her lucky fan or something :P Anyway, let's appreciate the quandry she must have been in. Because in this world, you cannot please everyone. No matter what she would have worn on the red carpet, people would criticize her. Either she could wear an Indian saree or lehenga and get criticism for being too Indian on an International platform or wear an evening gown and get criticism for not being Indian enough! We see this happen every single time whenever any of our heroes go on an international platform. I think she made a perfect choice with this dress. She stood out, it is beautiful, contemporary, intricate, feminine, flirty, accentuates her personality. A winner on all counts. You go girl :D

Source for all pictures: Popsugar 

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