Thursday 29 September 2016

Let Kids Be Kids Without Any Fear With Godrej Good Knight 100% Natural Fabric Roll-On | Health Lifestyle Parenting

When Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi vouch for the need and efficiency of any product, you sit up and take notice, which is exactly what we, the press and bloggers of Mumbai did, when Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. announced its foray into outdoor and personal repellent category under the flagship brand of Good Knight.

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Mosquitoes wreck havoc in all our lives and Godrej Good Knight has been an essential part of all our childhoods. With changing times though we need to be aware of all kinds of new-age problems, the biggest one right now being the alarming number of Dengue and Chikunguniya cases. Not many people are aware that these mosquitoes actually work in daytime, unlike the ones that spread malaria and work at night!

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This obviously creates a huge problem, especially for all parents. How to protect their kids when they are outdoors, playing or even going to school? As it is, modern lifestyle and cramped spaces in our megacities have robbed our children of their childhood for the most part. Where are the open playgrounds? Where is the herd of kids shouting at the top of their voice while playing kabaddi, kho kho, cricket, football, tennis or literally, doing any outdoor activity? And for those kids who really want to do so, the danger of mosquitoes lurking around gardens, trees, roadside pipes, air-conditioning vents etc. is too high for the parents to let them go. Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi both reminisced about their own childhoods, which actually mirror all of ours, where they spent most of their time just going out and enjoying all sorts of games with their friends for hours but alas, our kids of today barely have such an opportunity.

Godrej GoodKnight 100% Natural Fabric Roll-On Bloggers Meet

Dr. Mukesh Sanklecha, Consultant Paediatrician at Bombay Hospital, also focused on this aspect that kids need to stay kids without any fear. This is where 100% Natural Fabric Roll-On becomes important as it needs just 4 dots to be applied on clothes to provide complete protection against mosquitoes for 8 hours. This is the only one of its kind product that can be used even on small kids, even kids with skin allergies, since it never comes in contact with the skin. It has no overpowering smell and is extremely value for money with a bottle costing just Rs. 75 which will last a month when used every day for 2 kids. It is now available for purchase at supermarkets as well as online on websites like amazon :)

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So now, there is no excuse for taking children’s childhood away from them. Let them be kids, without any fear at all :) This ad brings across this point splendidly!


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