Wednesday 14 September 2016

Binge On Without Any Guilt At Foodgasm | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Every once in a while, even a hardcore foodie and non calorie-counter like me wants to detox, but without going on a boring 'diet'. Unfortunately when we say healthy food, we just think about bland tasteless mush most of the time. Foodgasm has taken one of the most trending hashtags on instagram,one that usually denotes something sinful and presents it in a new avatar, one without the guilt of clogging up arteries :)

Situated in the famous ONGC colony at Bandra Reclamation area, Foodgasm is a small outlet which can accommodate 30-35 people in a cute & colorful ambiance. Prices are a bit high which is perfectly reasonable looking at the location & wholesome quality of food. Service is extremely polite and efficient even when the place gets full. Extra marks to them for making everything in-house, whether it be breads, sauces, dips, as freshness in their taste is pretty evident. They also deliver in Bandra, Khar, Mahim and BKC areas :)

Our bloggers table had heard great things about this place from all our friends already and after the welcome drink with chia seeds, we were just raring to explore the menu. Among the drinks, I would recommend the thick and delicious Power Shot with bananas,muskmelon, honey,dates and almonds, the unanimous favorite of everyone. I also loved Sea Breeze with Coconut Water getting a little twist with mint and just a dash of lemon juice. For those sticking with safe basics, Nimbu Soda or Lemon Shikanji are options nobody can go wrong with.

The appetizers and mains in both veg as well as non-veg sections are choc a bloc with options such as Quinoa & Brown Rice, but don't worry, it all tastes superlative. No compromises on the quality and taste of food here, that too without making it over-oily/greasy.

Quinoa Batata Croquette was mildly spicy cutlet with that distinct taste of Quinoa (that I already love) making it better than any other cutlet I could be having this evening :)

Turkish Punjabi is one of the most raved about dishes, a sort of Turkish fried bread with hearty stuffing of Spinach & Cheese inside, again just gooey enough to melt in mouth without having the usual heaviness associated with cheesy dishes.

Pesto-fied Cottage Cheese is basically Tandoori Paneer, always a hearty option on any menu, done perfectly.

Lush Green Kebabs are undoubtedly the star dish without excessive use of chillies,oil or spices that usually makes me stay away from these! Here these were little mildly spicy kebabs to be popped happily with friends :)

Having never had a non veg Kheema in my life, I cannot vouch for how Shakahari Kheema Pav compares with them but I have been told that this veg Foodgasm version is actually better than the non-veg version at many places. It is undoubtedly tasty, think of it as Soya Bhurji, quite delicious, little spicy, served with whole wheat pav to make a complete meal for a hungry hippo like me!

Another star dish would be Baked Pumpkin and Feta Fusili with a creamy pumpkin puree elevating the whole dish to another level. Tastes like a dream. Silky yet light as air.

Usually places with a focus on health food don't seem to have many options in desserts. After all desserts are inherently cheesy,sugary, very difficult to make a good non-calorie-adding version of the same. Foodgasm however offers some splendid options here too.

Raspberry Rhubarb Split is what any tangy dessert lover should order, a hearty portion of mildly sweet Vanilla Short Crust Crumble with citrusy Raspberry & Rhubarb Compote & just a dash of sour cream. My sister loved this one.

My favorite was Bugs Bunny Cake with extremely soft and fragrant carrot cake served warm with ice cream to give a nice hot-cold, dense-light playfulness on our palate :)  

The next time somebody tells me that healthy food is tasteless or when I need a detox without torturing myself with a starvation based diet, I know the destination to head to. Here is to a long life without giving up one of the biggest pleasures of life i.e. good food, thanks to Foodgasm :)

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