Wednesday 7 September 2016

Forest Essentials Lip Scrub Cane Sugar | Beauty Find | Product Review

Scrubs are one of my most favorite beauty products and you can see I have used multiple scrubs for face as well as body before zeroing down on my favorites from VLCC, Himalaya, Auravedic. But never before had I used lipscrub! 

Scrub for lips? Well, being endowed with horribly weird skin, mostly dry like a desert, I have also had the pleasure of battling chapped,dry and arid lips all my life. I have used Vaseline lip balm for as long as I remember, also tried Lotus, Nivea, Maybelline lip balms, before coming back to Vaseline which is the only thing that seems to heal my lips more than other balms but then I realized that my lips were also getting darker :(

Forest Essentials Premium Elegant Luxury Beauty Brand

This is when I browsed around and zeroed down on Forest Essentials Lip Scrub Cane Sugar and Lip Balm Sweet Narangi to exfoliate and heal my lips and bring back their natural color :)

  Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Organic Lip Scrub Beauty Review

Like all Forest Essentials product, Lip Scrub Cane Sugar is also available in its offline stores and online websites such as Flipkart, Amazon,Jabong etc. for Rs. 475 for 8 grams. Claims to exfoliate and smoothen lips with Ingredients like Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Kokum Seed Butter, Cane Sugar, Vitamin E, Organic Beeswax, Grape Juice and Sweet Orange Peel Oil. Packaging is extremely elegant and travel friendly like all Forest Essentials products and Quantity is enough to last more than a month even when used everyday.

Forest Essentials Leading Indian Beauty Blog Product Review

On opening the cute little tub, sweet fragrance of orange/grape envelops us and lingers around without overwhelming. The texture is grainy but not rough enough to hurt the lips, rather I just apply it all over, leave it for 15 minutes and then lightly scrub the lips. It immediately takes care of the chapped areas, smoothens them and hydrates too so no need of applying a lip balm immediately. I do it at night everyday and I feel like it is healing my lips from inside as I do not see any chappiness any more! Throughout the mornings, I keep applying Forest Essentials Lip Balm Sweet Narangi that I feel is taking care of the darkness of my lips (will review it next). I feel that this Lip Scrub and Lip Balm work beautifully in tandem in exfoliating, healing, de-pigmenting and moisturizing my lips.

  • Forest Essentials is premium brand using purest natural ingredients
  • Classy, travel friendly packaging
  • Works as claimed - Heals, Softens, Exfoliates
  • Lasts a long time as only a little is required each time
  • Sweet fragrance,not irritating at all
  • No lip balm is needed after using it, moisturizes wonderfully
  • Makes perfect base for putting on lipsticks
  • Expensive! People who make DIY scrubs at home can make this quantity at half the price but I don't find this a con personally,I like the convenience of having this at hand :)

Recommended- YES! Though it is expensive, it is quite effective and convenient and works wonderfully on chapped, dry lips. Rating is 4.5/5 :)


  1. Richa I have tried so many lip scrubs from different brands including FE lip scrubs but now I diy my lip scrub and the result is almost the same so I think it is not feasible to shell out money on something that I can prepare at home.Do try out to make a lip scrub at home and you will notice that the results are the same.The FE lip scrubs are quite good otherwise . Nice review.

    1. Yeah, the price points are the only thing about Forest Essentials that give pause..I am such a lazy bum when it comes to DIY projects, that's the only thing that I need to rectify :D

  2. I love making a DIY lip scrub but I would love to try this one soon :)

  3. Good review. Love this forest essential lip scrub review.

    1. Thanks Vidya, it is a staple in my beauty bag too :)


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